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It was on the Thursday morning we set off for another adventure into foreign climes - Yup - west Wales.  Ten cars were ready at 9:30 Thursday for the leisurely drive up through the Brecons to Llandrindod Wells, except Adrian.  He had forgotten to check his oil.  The whole trip was delayed until the Chairman and he had an emergency trip to Tescos.  Saved by the superstore where we they sold oil off we all set. 

The cars spanned more than 60 years of motoring history and looked gleaming and resplendent having all been washed and spruced up for the trip. Ten cars in strict convoy (well, for the first 30 yards - sorry metres for the modern ones.)  After that it was a free for all.  We were heading for Brecon.  Somehow we all managed to find it despite Tonys directions.  Arriving at about noon in the glorious sunshine we all had coffee and then set about getting food. What a shock having to pay 50 pence for 6 hours parking.  After forming a queue at both the ladies and gents we proceeded to hit downtown Brecon.  Poor Brian, Lynn had seen a two tone MGTF for sale. What a stroke of luck it was that Lynn bought the old “It wont fit in the garage” ploy.  Brian was OK buying the car, it was just the repair bills he was frightened of.


Suitably refreshed we all started again driving into the sunset.  After a few hours hard driving the Mgs flat out (36mph) we were passing a pub when we all heard the chairmans voice saying “You for coffee” - at least that’s what he told us he said.  The landlord was in seventh heaven with all those cars pulling in and getting liquid refreshments.

Suitable replenished we set off on ardous last leg of the day - all of six miles.  Nothing could go wrong now surely.  Except we hadn’t planned for Graham B.  It took Graham S 7 miles of signalling to tell him he had missed the turning.  Eventually we all arrived at the hotel and were pleased to see an area had been cordoned off for us.  Quick shower and just enough time to find a pub with “Happy hour”.  Thank God for Peter and Derrick, we had sent them ahead like soldier ants scouting the area,  By the time we came down they had a written report of every pub in Llandrindod - all three of them.

The following morning we all repaired to a hearty breakfast before the days rigours.  Again a convoy for 20 yards, sorry metres.  Off to see some dams in the Elan valley.  Really pretty.  Sue and Trev and Graham and Pam decided to see show us all up by walking to the top of the dam.  Despite a headstart most of us able to beat them.  To be fair, they hadn’t seen the road that allowed us to drive up there!

After this some more stunning scenery towards Devils Bridge.  Once the coffee shop had been swamped with orders of Sanatogen we discussed paying £3,50 to see the waterfall.  We all decided it wasn’t that pressing.  Off to Aberystwith and the seaside.  What a lovely little seaside resort it was.  Luckily we were able to find the only two parking places left in the town so we could see the funicular railway.  Off to top of Constitution Hill and the sights were fantastic.  Rita had said that if you could one way it would be sunny and if you see the other the way it would rainy.  Pity we couldn’t remember which was which so we decided it would be a good day and it was.  A quick visit to Camera Obscura and we were set for the next adventure.

Off we went to Tregarron and picked up two more Mgs and set about going over the mountain road to Abergwesyn. This is used as a rally road and can be done in 13 minutes. We took closer to a quarter of an hour.   The views were fantastic and at one stage it was like one of our normal runs when we picked up another support vehicle, sorry Mazda. 

During the evening meal a chorus of happy birthday was launched for Joyce as it was her 40th I think (well judging by her looks it could have been 35th).

The following day saw us move from Llandrindod to Llandudno. A pretty run up through Mid Wales toward Betwys y Coed where we were met by a blocked road due to an accident.  After a long discussion it was felt we should turn around and try to find a detour. Suffice it to say some were more succesful than others. Some of the group decided to go into Llandudno to meet the local MG club whereas others, after a tiring run up, decided to stay at the hotel.  A very sociable evening was had by all partcipants.  

Up at the crack of Dawn and down to the seafront to get some bracing Ozone. The whole of the promenade seemed awash with classy cars (MGs). There were now 11 cars from Glos MGOC . What a way to celebrate our Chairmans birthday. I didnt realise he meant so much to the Llandudno club. We logged in at the 5 star hotel accomodation and waited for the off. Once the horn went we were sent down the prom and back to show off our cars and then on to the Great Orme. This is the Llandudno version of the Big Sur in California. The Llandudno club had even laid on a goat on the side of the cliff high up. From here past Conwy Castle, one of the prettiest I have seen. A quick refreshment stop at Bodnant Gardens and on to the second part of the trip viewing Snowdonia.

After passing many resevoirs we finished up at the famous Horseshoe pass as it dipped down into our final stop of Llangollan. There we were welcomed by the Llandudno club again and we all collected our finishers awards and checked our lucky route guide number. To my surprize I had won a half bottle of Penderyn Whisky made in Wales. A quick trip into Llangollan to see Thomas the Tank engine and off on a hard earned rest. Except that someone had noticed we were near the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, Llangollen - one of the most breathtaking waterway landmarks in Britain. This magnificent aqueduct carries the Llangollen Canal over the River Dee. At 126ft high it took ten years for Thomas Telford to build, and is truly a spectacular architectural feat. A few brave souls took a walk along it. I stayed at the end as I could get better pictures from there. The Chairman and Secretary kept me company.

One final evening meal and that was us done. A quick chorus of Happy Birthday to John and it was all over.


Tony and Jane had made a great effort and made the trip memorable (despite those quizzes). We all thanked them for their hard work. I would also like to thank everyone who took part in the trip as you are all a great bunch of people




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