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Past Newsletters

This page allows you to see past members newsletters.



June 2012 Newsletter No 50

Adrian, our Secretary, opened the meeting with what he said was some bad news and more bad news.  The bad news was that he and our Chairman were now back from their travels and Sue would not be taking the meeting and that Brian was unwell and Adrian would be standing in for him.  He thanked Sue for holding the fort in May and then introduced our speaker for the evening, Elaine, who is a voluntary worker for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. 

It was a treat for us that Elaine was accompanied by Betty with her hearing dog Tango, who was a delightful well-behaved white poodle complete with his maroon overcoat.  Apparently whilst wearing their coats the dogs are extremely well behaved, but once off they revert to their normal mischievous selves, perhaps some naughty children should be fitted with these coats!!!  Helen, another of the volunteers also came along to help.

Elaine said that the idea was brought back from the USA in the late 70s by the well known vet Bruce Fogle and after the initial funding was obtained ex-police officer Anthony Blunt was appointed as trainer.  Initially the Association used dogs from Rescue Centres (a great deal of them coming from Ireland) but the demand had increased to such an extent that they now breed their own dogs for the purpose.  About 400 dogs a year are provided by two training centres, but still there is a long waiting list.  Deaf people find that not only do the dogs help in practical ways, making them aware of the doorbell ringing etc; they also make their disability visible to others.  It is a long training period for the dogs starting at seven weeks old, where they are socialised and taught basic good manners, followed by more intense and specialised training. 

It was an excellent and interesting presentation by Elaine who is very passionate about the work that is carried out by the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

Adrian thanked Elaine for her presentation and then there was the usual break for the monthly swindle.

After the comfort break the meeting resumed with Adrian thanking Trev and Sue for organising a most enjoyable Sunday Pig Roast lunch at a farm local to Dursley.

Steve Wood’s Teddy Bears Picnic on the 15th July has just one entrance criteria; all those participating must bring a teddy bear to Minchinhampton Common.  No teddy, no picnic!

Adrian asked that the November Sunday lunch he and Rita are organising be brought forward to the 18th  from the 25th as it is their Ruby Wedding Anniversary on the 25th and they are under threat from their family that they are not elsewhere on this day.  So the 18th was agreed with Tim organising the venue.

Although Christmas is some months away, members were asked for a volunteer to take the job on of organising this, but all was quiet from the floor.  Perhaps we will have a volunteer at the July meeting!

We have been specially selected for an invitation to attend a fete at Stanway House, with lovely gardens, to display our MGs, anyone interested to speak to Adrian. 

There were only two people interested, both named Tim, in attending Shelsley Walsh on the 28th July.

Richard Wards evening run is on the 26th June and the meeting place will be the Municipal Car Park at Tewkesbury with the first car away at 6.15pm.

Lawrence asked if members would be interested in having the October Sunday lunch on the SS Great Britain where we would be served in the Saloon by the Steward.  A minimum number of 20 would be required and the cost of the visit would be approximately £10.00 plus the meal.  Some bright spark asked if it included a sail!!  There was a good response to the suggestion.

Pete said that on the 23/24th July there is a meeting at Silverstone to celebrate the 65th birthday of the Y types and in the main marquee there is a stand with the old fashioned garage theme which members might like to visit.

John reported that there are 133 entries for the Caper which is only two weeks away.  He thanked members for the raffle gifts.

The Caption Competition was won by Lynn who was presented with a bottle of wine.

Adrian closed the meeting at 21.55 with a quote which he has applied to our Club:

‘It’s the cars that bring us together but friendship that keeps us together’



May 2012 Newsletter No 49


There were quite a few absentees at the May meeting most noticeably our Chairman and Secretary, Brian and Adrian, who were in the States with their wives for an educational holiday.  The meeting was chaired by myself flanked by heavies, John Rose and Trevor Panter, who are committee members.

Seven cars with drivers and partners had attended the St Roses Wheel Nuts Show on a very wet day and an email of thanks for our continued support had been received from Carol Goverd the organiser for St Roses, mentioning that a provisional date of the 28th April had been penciled in for 2013.

Those members who had paid their subs for this year should have received the new log in details for the Members secure area on the website.

Members were asked to hand in their entry forms if they wished to attend the South Cerney Transport Show at the very beginning of August as these were required by Adrian for submission to the organisers of the show.

John R said that the Caper Rehearsal Run for members who were helping out on the day and wanted to experience the route would be on the 27th May starting at the Star College car park at 10am.  There was also a visit to look round the Star College scheduled for 4pm on the 18th May.

Entries for the Caper are still coming in, but actual numbers to date are not known as Adrian is away.  There is still a shortage of advertisements for the rally guide.

John also said that at the Caper Committee meeting it was suggested that it would be a nice touch to display a few of our own MGs of varying styles around the entrance to the tea pavilion and members wishing to volunteer their cars should speak to him.

Janet and John’s daughter had donated a Beauty Voucher which Janet would raffle during the break with the proceeds going towards the Caper Charity.

Trevor said that his evening run on the 22nd May would start at Coaley Peak Viewing Point car park, with the first car away at 6.15pm.  Members would be informed of the start details for the short run to the Pig Roast venue at a later date.

Several people were interested in a visit to RAF Cosford in July and Trevor would look into this ready for the next meeting.

The Union Flag which is used to start the Caper run is missing and no one seems to know its whereabouts, it was last seen being waved by Sir Geoff at Gupshill Manor in 2011!!

John C is deferring arrangements for the visit to Longbridge until the assembly area is available for viewing.

The Midland Automobile Club have invited us to attend Shelsley Walsh Speed Hillclimb on the 28th July to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the MGB and anyone wishing to attend should contact Adrian.

Steve W is organising his Teddy Bear’s Picnic in July and asked members if they were agreeable to a slightly longer run as he has a nice one in mind which would be approximately 15 miles longer that last years.  No one seemed to object so Steve decided to go ahead.

As there were no questions from the floor Mo and Diana carried out the monthly swindle raising the sum of £36.00 for Club funds which was fantastic.  The lucky winner of the Caper Beauty Voucher was Amanda (I felt quite envious as I think my needs are greater than hers).

Steve W, ably assisted by Marion, had devised a quiz based on questions about the Gloucestershire area, which made a lovely change from motoring for us ladies.  It was a really interesting quiz and I think we all learnt something about our county.  The winning couple (but I think there was four answering the questions) with seventeen correct answers were Dave and Liz Carter who won a bottle of wine and kindly donated it for the Caper raffle.



April 2012 Newsletter No 48


Our Chairman, Brian, welcomed everyone to the meeting and remarked on the excellent turnout.  He explained that it was not usual to take apologies for absent members but as it was the AGM it was accepted that Rita Mullins, Mark Hodgkinson, Steve Wood, Mike Pollock and Philip Fisher were unable to attend. 

Brian thanked Adrian for his work on the website combining his secretarial duties, Sue for keeping a firm hand on the Club’s money and Rob Ayland for checking the accounts.  Thanks were also extended to the Committee for all their hard work and those responsible for the runs, lunches and other events organised throughout the year, in particular the Cotswold Caper which was a great success and raised over £4,500 for LINC.

Adrian gave his secretary’s report for the year with a very impressive list of runs, treasure hunts and social get-togethers (Sunday lunches) and the overseas visits to Wales and Jersey, all of which were highly successful.  He emphasised the wide variety of the Club’s activities and pointed out that their success proved what a sociable bunch we were.

Sue asked if anyone had checked the accounts on the website and if so were there any questions.  Silence was the answer until one of the Child boys asked how much money was in the kitty.  There was a balance of £3145 in the Club account, the Caper money being kept in a separate account.  Rob Ayland had checked both accounts and it was proposed by Teresa Clarke and seconded by John Rose that the accounts be accepted. 

John Child asked if a float had been kept for the 2012 Caper and Adrian confirmed it to be £550.

No nomination had been received for officers for the coming year and as the present Committee were willing to stand again the Chairman proposed that the Officers and Committee should be elected en bloc, which was agreed.

Brian advised that the Committee proposed the choice of Charity for 2013 be deferred until after the 2012 Caper and asked people to think about a local charity they were passionate about for consideration.  The rally plaques for 2013 were still to be printed at a bargain price showing ‘In support of local charities’ rather than a nominated charity.  A question was asked about sponsors for 2013 and Adrian confirmed that we had two already who would be shown on the plaque.

Mike Pollock’s run on the 24th April will start from the Gala Club at 6.15pm; the details are on the website.

St Roses Wheelnuts will be organised by Trevor as the Chairman, Secretary and their wives are off on a jolly to the States.

Lawrence Gulliford queried the etiquette of passing/allowing others to pass on runs, where slower members caused convoys to form.  Brian said it was a fascinating point and perhaps a few words could be added to the route sheets to indicate that pulling over and allowing people to pass would be helpful if too many cars were bunching up.  It was suggested that if a queue of 3 or 4 cars are forming behind you then perhaps it would aid the enjoyment of others to pull in and safely let them pass. He also stressed that they are runs not races.  Gethin suggested that a heavy hand on the horn also helps!  Pete Vielvoye said he has never held anyone up; we have it on good authority that he is always tail end Charlie.

Brian Wilson (an ex member now rejoined) asked if an alternative could be found to Kemble Air Show and Adrian said he would look into the possibility of attending the South Cerney Show in August.

The question of a Constitution for the Club was raised yet again and the Chairman advised that this had been put on the back burner for the time being.

John Child brought up the subject of the official Club logo, as the new logo had been used on some of the Club’s official paperwork and this had not been accepted.  A lengthy discussion took place and it was decided to defer the query.

John then asked if anyone would be interested in a visit to the Longbridge Plant which he would arrange should  sufficient members want to go,  the show of hands was  decidedly’ yes’.

Brian had omitted to ask John Rose to give an up-to-date Caper report before AOB and apologised for the error.  John said that there were now 106 entrants and that the volunteers’ run would be on the 27th May.  We are still in need of raffle prizes and advertisements.  A visit to the Star College in May is being arranged.

The picture competition was won by Gethin and Jan Jones (unfortunately they had to leave early so were unable to have a proper presentation of the bottle of wine) with their caption ‘Biggles and Ginger were still a little dazed’.

Mo ably assisted by Diana took money from members for the monthly swindle which netted £41.00.

The meeting was closed at 20.45 and after a short comfort break Adrian gave a very informative talk on the website making it easier for members to understand.  He informed us that we had had 78,000 hits, 52% from the UK and 25% from the USA.  The website pays for itself and contributes to Club funds by way of advertising and the link to Lancaster Insurance.

If you produce your Membership Card at J E Clarke in Stroud you will receive 15% off purchases, and there is also a discount from Foreign Auto Parts Gloucester.

Last but not least,  Pete Vielvoye had asked if anyone could enter a team in a quiz to be held on the 29th March on behalf of Remap (we had a talk from them last year) at the Star College and  he reported back that Steve Wood and his team were first and Pete and team came second. 

Well done to both teams.

I would like to thank Lynn Stephens for her contributions by taking the minutes at the Club meetings, this is greatly appreciated and a time saver for me.

Sue P



March 2012 Newsletter No 47

Unfortunately I have had to miss two meetings, but the bonus was that I had a wonderful trip to New Zealand with two girlfriends, leaving Trev to look after the boys (cats).  Lynn, as usual for which I am grateful, took notes on the meetings and I am able to put together a newsletter from her in depth jottings for March.

Brian our chairman welcomed two new members, Steve Parker and Sara Crick and introduced Harry and Holly, who were giving a presentation on the National Star College at Ullenwood, our Caper charity for this year. 

Harry is an ex-student who now lives outside the College and Holly is a member of staff.  The College, previously known as the Star Centre, has been in existence for over 45 years and technological advances have been huge during this time. Holly explained that there were still several areas in the College which needed to be developed to give better facilities for the students and also existing facilities needed to be maintained.  Funding is more difficult to obtain so any help is gratefully received.  There was a short film showed by Holly and Harry then gave a very competent and interesting view of the student’s side of things.  The Centre have a Bistro which is open from Tuesday-Friday 11am-4pm and Peter Vielvoye mentioned that the College is having a Quiz Night to help raise funds for Remap (a charity converting tools and equipment to suit the disabled)  and suggested that the Club might like to enter a team for the event. 

Our Chairman then thanked Harry and Holly.

After a short break during which the raffle took place, our Chairman asked if the Club would decide what charity we should support in 2013 as we could get a good deal on the rally boards if ordered with the 2012.  He reminded members that we had chosen Sparks for 2013 but had discovered that Sparks was a national and not locally based charity.  After various discussions some bright person suggested it would be simpler to order rally boards stating that the run was ‘in support of local charities’, which was agreed.

David and Janet have a lunch arranged for Sunday 25th March and asked for final numbers.  Easter Monday 9th April, eight cars will be meeting at 8am at Longford Inn to go in convoy to the Coleford Festival of Transport...  Entries fees had been paid by the Secretary who desperately asked members for re-imbursement.

Lionel and Phil are organising a run to Gaydon on the 15th April for the 50th MG Anniversary and details of this will be put on the website.  Anyone wishing to go must obtain their own special entry form, issued by the national organisers or they will not be allowed into Gaydon.  These forms are available online from the Heritage Motor Centre, closing date is 25th March.

Adrian said that anyone wishing to sign the MGB 50th Anniversary special sheets must apply to him as he is keeping them under wrap and key!!!
John R reported that Caper entries were now at 91 and could members please keep the ads coming in.

The raffle girls managed to extract £45.00 from the members, well done.

The meeting closed at 21.45 hrs.





March 2012 Newsletter No 47

Unfortunately I have had to miss two meetings, but the bonus was that I had a wonderful trip to New Zealand with two girlfriends, leaving Trev to look after the boys (cats).  Lynn, as usual for which I am grateful, took notes on the meetings and I am able to put together a newsletter from her in depth jottings for March.

Brian our chairman welcomed two new members, Steve Parker and Sara Crick and introduced Harry and Holly, who were giving a presentation on the National Star College at Ullenwood, our Caper charity for this year. 

Harry is an ex-student who now lives outside the College and Holly is a member of staff.  The College, previously known as the Star Centre, has been in existence for over 45 years and technological advances have been huge during this time. Holly explained that there were still several areas in the College which needed to be developed to give better facilities for the students and also existing facilities needed to be maintained.  Funding is more difficult to obtain so any help is gratefully received.  There was a short film showed by Holly and Harry then gave a very competent and interesting view of the student’s side of things.  The Centre have a Bistro which is open from Tuesday-Friday 11am-4pm and Peter Vielvoye mentioned that the College is having a Quiz Night to help raise funds for Remap (a charity converting tools and equipment to suit the disabled)  and suggested that the Club might like to enter a team for the event. 

Our Chairman then thanked Harry and Holly.

After a short break during which the raffle took place, our Chairman asked if the Club would decide what charity we should support in 2013 as we could get a good deal on the rally boards if ordered with the 2012.  He reminded members that we had chosen Sparks for 2013 but had discovered that Sparks was a national and not locally based charity.  After various discussions some bright person suggested it would be simpler to order rally boards stating that the run was ‘in support of local charities’, which was agreed.

David and Janet have a lunch arranged for Sunday 25th March and asked for final numbers.  Easter Monday 9th April, eight cars will be meeting at 8am at Longford Inn to go in convoy to the Coleford Festival of Transport...  Entries fees had been paid by the Secretary who desperately asked members for re-imbursement.

Lionel and Phil are organising a run to Gaydon on the 15th April for the 50th MG Anniversary and details of this will be put on the website.  Anyone wishing to go must obtain their own special entry form, issued by the national organisers or they will not be allowed into Gaydon.  These forms are available online from the Heritage Motor Centre, closing date is 25th March.

Adrian said that anyone wishing to sign the MGB 50th Anniversary special sheets must apply to him as he is keeping them under wrap and key!!!
John R reported that Caper entries were now at 91 and could members please keep the ads coming in.

The raffle girls managed to extract £45.00 from the members, well done.

The meeting closed at 21.45 hrs.



February 2012 Newsletter No 47


Brian welcomed everyone to the meeting thanking them for the large turnout on a dark February evening. He especially welcomed Steve & Sarah as prospective members. Adrian confirmed the visit to the new Linc facility at GRH, to see the equipment we had bought from money raised at The Caper 2011, would take place on Tuesday 21st February.

A reminder about the Sunday meal on 26th February at The Ship, Brimscombe was given.
The Isle of Wight trip on 7th -9th September will be £169 pp and there is the opportunity to add days on to the end of the trip. Full details from Adrian who is also collecting the deposit.
Other upcoming MG events were mentioned: Coleford Carnival of Transport 9th April;  Bristol Classic Car Show at Shepton Mallett 22nd April; Dragon Run 22nd April; Exeter Moor to Sea 20th May; Chipping Sodbury Classic Run 24th June.

The Sunday Lunch on 25th March is being organised by David & Janet Glew. This will see us returning to The Dog & Muffler at Berry Hill.

The Caper 2012 was progressing well with over 70 entries already. Routes were being worked and re-worked. All Members can assist in obtaining more adverts for the route book.
Brian introduced one of our members, Tim Brock, who gave a fascinating talk on Whyte and Mackay’s Jura & Dalmore malt whiskys. This included wee samples which were appreciatively downed by all – well it would have been rude not to try them!

At the meeting in March we will have Harry from the The National Star College talking to us. The National Star College aims to enable people with disabilities to realise their potential through personalised learning, transition & lifestyle services and is the starting point for the 2012 Caper.




January 2012 Newsletter No 46

It was the beginning of the New Year and Brian our chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting wishing them a very Happy New Year.  As the speaker for the evening was from Penrite oils the ladies present decamped en masse to the bar, preferring to enjoy a drink and a natter rather than the joys of motoring oil.

I have it on first hand knowledge that Martin Gough gave a very informative talk on the philosophy of lubricants where many questions were answered.

The ladies rejoined the meeting at 8.45pm whereupon Mo ably assisted by Diana, as Rita was unwell, did the monthly swindle.  There were not so many members at this meeting as last but Mo and Diana managed to sell as many tickets, with our Secretary being lucky enough to win two prizes.

Brian opened part two of the meeting, as he called it, thanking the ladies for the raffle and complaining that he did not win anything.  Several months ago a question was raised that perhaps the Club’s accounts should be audited and as we are nearing the end of the financial year Brian asked for a volunteer to review the accounts for the year 2011/2012.  Needless to say shyness suddenly afflicted all those present but we did eventually have a gallant volunteer and Rob was thanked by the Chairman for this.

Adrian reminded the members that the 22nd January was the visit to Weston Cider Factory with a tour and lunch organised by Chris, but unfortunately Chris could not finalise the details as he was still making his way home from work...  There was a great deal of laughter as Chris had been sitting at the rear of the room for some time and Adrian had not seen him.  Chris then informed everyone that we needed to be at the Cider Factory by 10.45am at the latest as the tour starts at 11.00am.

The February meeting, which is Adrian’s favourite of the year, will see a talk given by Tim Brock, a Club member, on the joys of whisky.  Members will be allowed to sample 4 whiskies, 2 from the same distillery but aged at different times plus 2 others.  Tim mentioned that there was not enough room in his garage for his car due to the whisky and Adrian offered to help him drink it!

As no one offered to arrange February Sunday lunch Adrian took it upon himself to organise one.

Members were asked and it was agreed that a Teddy Bears Picnic again this year would be a good idea, the suggested date was 15th July which is to be confirmed later.  Steve and Marion will organise this as last year.

Membership to the Club is being kept at £10.00 again for this coming year and as Sue will be away Trevor will be collecting the subs on her behalf.
In the secure members area on the website there is a section for runs organised by other Clubs.  If any member is attending a run then Adrian can add their name to the list and perhaps we could all meet up and go as a Club, a suggestion which was met with approval.

There are still vacancies for the Isle of Wight trip in September, so if anyone is interested then contact Adrian, who is also planning a trip to Prague in December to take in the atmosphere of the Christmas Market.

The first spring event of the year which some members will be attending is the Coleford Carnival in the Forest of Dean which is on the 9th April, so let’s hope it will be a lovely warm, sunny day.

A bottle of wine is now being offered as a prize for the Caption Competition, so get cracking and email Adrian with a suitable caption.  I wonder who the first lucky winner will be.

John gave a progress report on the Caper stating that Steve and Rob had already started on the first part of the route which was the Cotswolds and that he and Trev had the Forest of Dean wrapped up.  The Star Centre pupils were holding a competition between themselves to see who would be flagging off the cars.  Volunteers were needed for marshalling and particularly important is the selling of raffle tickets on site.  The law forbids us to sell tickets beforehand, so the ladies will be even busier this year with their selling.

St Roses Wheelnuts day will be on the 29th April, but to date Adrian has received no communication from the head, Mrs Billington with whom we had a good relationship retired from teaching last year.

Adrian had received a letter of thanks from LINC expressing great appreciation for the donation made by the Club and the efforts which had gone into it.  A date will be arranged for a small party of members to view the new unit at Gloucester Royal Hospital.

The meeting closed at 9.25pm



November 2011 Newsletter No 45

Brian opened by welcoming everyone to the November meeting where Dr Gill Rouse would be presented with a cheque before the commencement of minor club issues.  Brian explained to our new members that each year we organised a 80/90 mile run around the Cotswold on a tulip diagram which was called the ‘Cotswold Caper’ and the proceeds of the run were donated to a charity.  The 2011 Charity was LINC which was suggested in 2010 by Brian Stephens who was a very supportive member of the Club and whom we fondly remember. Brian sadly passed away at the beginning of this year.

Brian Clarke had great pleasure in presenting the cheque of £4440.75 on behalf of the Club and participating members to Dr Rouse.

Dr Rouse expressed her great appreciation on behalf of LINC and patients and said that the money had been allocated to the purchase of a patient trolley and chairs which would be a great asset in the newly refurbished Edward Jenner Unit at Gloucester Hospital.

Although it will not be officially opened until the New Year, the Unit has been receiving patients since Monday and Dr Rouse says that the unit looks amazing and she is spellbound.  If members are interested in having a tour of the Unit and also seeing the purchases made with the donation then Adrian will make contact with the Unit Sister in the New Year to arrange a date.   Dr Rouse was also presented with a 2011 Caper Rally Board as a memento of the event.

Brian suggested a short break for members to look at photographs of the Edward Jenner Unit on Dr Rouse’s laptop and for the ladies to do their monthly swindle.

The meeting reconvened and it was back to the agenda handing over to Adrian.  The venue for the November Sunday lunch was unable to cope with us, so say due to the numbers!! It was more like our reputation for unruly behavior, so Adrian was looking for another venue which he would inform us of.  There was still room to accommodate more members for the Xmas meal but Adrian would need to know before the end of the meeting otherwise the list would be closed.

Members were asked if they wanted a December meeting due to its’ close proximity to the Christmas bash and there was a unanimous ‘no’.  There would be a presentation by Penrite Oil at Januarys meeting, with discussions all about classic cars, Rita informed the meeting that the ladies would converge on the bar!!!

There was great support for Chris and Betty’s lunch and tour in January of the Weston Cider Factory at Much Marcle, with the tour lasting about 11/2 hrs.

There were still no takers to organise Februarys’ Sunday lunch or the April evening run, but at the last minute Mike Pollock volunteered, saying it would be a run with a difference, can only hope that we will be driving and not walking.

The commemorative book celebrating the 50th anniversary of the MGB which was supposed to have been doing the rounds of all the Clubs will no longer take place,  pages will be sent out to all Clubs for members signature and return to Abingdon where a booklet will be made up, ‘no Olympic torch as such’!!!

The overseas trip in 2012 will be to the Isle of Wight by popular request and Adrian has obtained a good price for the ferry crossing and full board for the early part of September.

John gave a short report as Chairman of the Caper Committee confirming that the start will be The Star College finishing at Speech House in the Forest of Dean where cream teas will be served.  The committee is now starting to put the route together.  Five entry forms have already been received.

Two years ago eight members spent a very pleasant few days in Prague at the Christmas Markets and Adrian is planning another of these trips in 2013, giving members plenty of time to think about it.  Four nights including flights about £250.00 per person.

David Glew has very kindly donated a torque wrench for Club use and Adrian was heard to ask ‘does it come with fitting instructions?’

The Chairman closed the meeting after which members mingled for discussions on cars!!!



October 2011 Newsletter No 44

Our Chairman, Brian, welcomed new member Len Horne and prospective new members Vaughn and Jenny Perrott to the meeting and then having exhausted himself handed over to Adrian, our Secretary, so that he could whiz through the rest of the agenda very quickly in order for members to have a go at Tony’s’ table top navigation.

Adrian reminded members going in convoy for the Midsomer Murders weekend to be at the Seven Springs lay-by ready to leave at 2.30pm with Big Ben, Rubber Duck and the others.  An evening meal had been arranged and Mike Carter asked if black ties and dinner jackets were necessary.  Mike is a new member and will soon realise that we do causal on our weekends away!!!!! 

There is a change to our speaker for November as Dr Gill Rouse from LINC is free on that evening and it was decided to invite her along and to present her with the Caper cheque.  Jane’s Wimbledon ex-line judge will be postponed until the spring to coincide with the start of the tennis season.

Adrian will be emailing travel instructions for the Abbeycwmhir weekend on the 5th November and he informed us that the hotel is fully booked with Glos MGOC members.  Tim asked if the cider was on prescription, and was told ‘no, it’s on draft’.  I only hope the hotel staff  knows what they are letting themselves in for!

We still need organisers for the February lunch and the first run of the season in April, but still no takers. 

The venue for the  MGB 50th Anniversary Hog Roast on the 10th June 2012 has been booked and Trev is hoping for 30 cars or more to make it a success.   We will all meet up at a place to be decided upon for a short run so that we can all arrive at the destination together.

Tim and Louise had arranged the first of the Sunday lunches and members were reminded that it would be on the 23rd October at The Bell, Frampton-on-Severn.

The Committee had been looking at destinations for the Club’s 2012 foreign trip and the favoured ones were Exmoor and the Isle of Wight!!  Adrian had been quoted three nights’ dinner, bed and breakfast and ferry crossing to the Isle of Wight for £179.00 per head for September and members voted in favour of this.

Lionel and Philip said there was a 50th Anniversary MGB Run starting from four different points throughout the country terminating at Gaydon with one of the starting points being Abingdon.  They proposed that if anyone was interested, but would prefer to do their own thing, they would put together a run from Abingdon to Gaydon.  This information will be on the website.

John, Trevor and Rob had visited Speech House in the Forest of Dean and tentatively booked the finish for the 2012 Caper there.  John said that an ex-pupil of the Star College, our chosen charity for next year, would be giving us a talk at the March 2012 meeting which should be very interesting. 

John also plugged a little bit of advertising on behalf of Autoglaze recommended for windscreens, Martin Pollard for body work and RS Autoservices, Cirencester.

Chris is organising the January Sunday lunch and asked if anyone would be interested in a short tour of Weston’s Cider beforehand, not surprising there was a great show of hands with Adrian suggesting that Tim can drink for 15!!!!!

There was as usual a short comfort break whilst Rita and Mo did the monthly swindle and then it was eyes down for Tony’s table top rally. 




September 2011 Newsletter No 43

Brian welcomed all members to the meeting giving apologies from Lynn Stephens and Philip Fisher who were otherwise engaged, he then handed over to Adrian.

Rob and Julia are organising the last evening run of the year on the 27th September with the first car away from Coaley View Point at 5.30pm,  those with the older MGs will most probably be eager to get away as their lights are renowned for being dull!!  Chris Smiths’ Signpost Rally is looming on the 2nd October which will tax the brains and the patience of those taking part, the good thing is we are finishing at a pub for lunch, so I am hoping he will have the brandies waiting for us.

The Dinton Hermit Pub at Ford has been taken over for one night by members who were keen to go on The Midsomer Murder Trip arranged by Adrian and Rita.  Adrian said that he would email the evening menu for us to check out and one bright spark suggested that the pudding would be death by chocolate!!

As we have no speaker for the November meeting Jane mentioned that she knew of a Wimbledon ex-line judge who gave talks to groups.  Members were very interested and enquiries would be made to see if he is available.

Adrian informed members that there were 3 rooms available at the Llanerch Inn in Llandridnod Wells for the overnight trip to Wales on the 5th November where we are going to have a look at Abbeycwmhir House which is a listed building and the 52 rooms will be decorated in Christmas colours with a Christmas tree in every room.  There were no takers.

A full report with pictures on the Cotswold Caper appeared in ‘Enjoying MG’ this month; thanks must go to Adrian for handling this.

Trev has succumbed to pressure from certain members to have alcohol at the Pig Roast to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the MGB which will take place on a Sunday in June 2012.  An ideal spot in the Dursley area has been found and once the date has been agreed it will appear on the web site.  Richard wondered whether we would be able to get hold of the book which will be doing the rounds of all Clubs to coincide with the Sunday celebration so that members could sign the book on the day.

The Old Crown at Paganhill has been booked for the Christmas Bash; names are needed with a deposit of £5.00 per person as soon as possible.

John R gave a report on his visit to the Star Centre which is the nominated charity for next years Caper.  He and four Club members were shown the facilities and were most impressed especially with the fact that the young adults were given the opportunity to work in the reception, kitchen and café areas.  They met the fund raising team who are prepared to assist with obtaining adverts for our brochure and the Head of Fund Raising will give us a talk in the New Year either February or March.   It looks a good venue for the start of the Caper with excellent access and was agreed that we had made the right decision to support this very worthwhile organisation.

We had received an email from the gentleman who had been the fortunate winner of the drinks fountain at this years Caper to say that he had tried to get rid of it at a recent event to no avail so will most likely donate it to us for next years Caper raffle.  Apparently it was donated to us some years ago by our Chairman who had been given it as a present!!!

After the raffle and comfort break, Adrian insisted that we had a quiz which he had prepared earlier.  As usual it was a good one and the winners of the bottle of wine were Laurence and Jane.




August 2011 Newsletter No 42

Hello, good evening and welcome was the opening gambit by our Chairman, Brian who said that the table set ready for food at the rear of the hall was only there to tease us.  Apologies were received from John and Mo Child and Adrian Smith who was celebrating his Golden Wedding the following day and as he was going to France without his wife thought it advisable to spend the evening with her.

Steve Kiggins bid the highest amount for the football signed by Sir Geoff Hurst and this was duly presented to him by Brian, the amount of £51.00 to be included in the donation to LINC.

Our Secretary, Adrian, said that while Tony Child and his desk-top rally would provide entertainment for the October meeting, we had nothing arranged for September and asked if anyone had any ideas.  As there were no suggestions Adrian said that he and Rita would organise another one of their quizzes.  He also reminded members that there was a treasure hunt on Sunday 14th August starting in Painswick at 2pm finishing with a BBQ after a 30+ mile run.

Tony and Jane’s Welsh run is looming and the meeting place is Longfords Inn Car Park at 10am on 18th August,  the weather should be good as Tony has been seen using his prayer mat!!

Richard Ward reminded members that his run on the 23rd August would start in the car park at Highnam Woods, meeting at 6.15pm.

Trev had no update on the 50th anniversary BBQ, but did mention that the site he had in mind banned alcohol so the members were not too enamored, hopefully he was only joking!

We are still looking for members to organise the Sunday lunches in January and February 2012 and the evening run in April.

Besides clothing members can now purchase a suitably dressed teddy bear for the princely sum of £6.50.  Rita brought along a sample bear and he is very cute.

Members were asked at the last meeting to give some thought as to which Charity we should support in 2012 as it was necessary when approaching companies/people for advertising to have this information.  Two charities were nominated, John Rose suggested “Sparks” a Gloucestershire based children’s charity specializing in research into children’s diseases/medical conditions of a more unusual kind and Adrian (our Secretary) suggested the National Star College at Ullenwood a training centre for disabled young people. Some of the pupils from St Roses Special School with whom we have been heavily involved over the years have gone to the Star College when they have reached the age of eighteen.

There were discussions as to whether we should support both in 2012, but  Richard Ward suggested that the problem could be solved by choosing both charities and support one in 2012 and one the following year which would solve the situation for the next two years.  Richard formally proposed this, it was seconded by Teresa Clarke and passed unanimously and a decision was made that the Star College would be the beneficiary in 2012.
Rob and Julia asked if their run in September could be brought forward a little as the nights would be drawing in, but due to a clash of dates it was not possible and it has been left as the 27th September.

As there was no further business Brian closed the meeting at 8.40pm.



July 2011 Newsletter No 41

A warm welcome was given by Brian to Terry Armitage who was a visitor from Canada.  Terry had chatted to quite a few of our members before the meeting commenced.  Brian also welcomed four other visitors David and Liz Carter who had been on the Caper run and Len and Derrick from the Musketeers Club who had heard about our very sociable evenings.

Adrian informed the members of the forthcoming events in July,  Steve’s’ Teddy Bears’ Picnic on the 17th, Pete’s Shelsley Walsh run on the 24th and Mikes’ evening run on the 26th.

Steve said that the weather forecast was not good, and there was no plan ‘B’, but there were six pubs on route which met with approval from the members.  He was expecting approximately seventeen cars.  Pete was expecting about ten cars, but there were some spare tickets.  Mike still had a little tweaking to do before his run, but everything should be ok on the night!

We have no speakers for August, September or October, so if anyone had any ideas would they contact Adrian by email with suggestions.

We had received letters of thanks from SARA and Bomber Command for the donations given.

As previously mentioned 2012 is the 50th anniversary of the best cars ever built (the MGB) and a book will be circulated for members to sign.  Trev suggested that we hold a BBQ to commemorate the event, with a pig roast and he is looking for a suitable venue.  It would be over Sunday lunchtime till late afternoon during a month to be agreed and  there was a unanimous  response to this suggestion.

The Norwich contingent who entered the Caper had been on a run around the villages used for the Midsummer Murders and had thoroughly recommended it for a Sunday jaunt.  Gethin posed the question ‘was there anyone left alive!’  The proposed date for this run staying overnight on the Saturday would be the 16th October which according to John C was not midsummer!!!  Adrian had obtained a discounted price for the overnight stay and there were thirteen interested couples.  Hopefully we will all return intact.

We have received an invite to the BBQ being held by the Cotswold Classic Car Club on the 5th August at the Puesdown Inn, Compton Abdale GL54 4DN, which is on the A40, so if anyone is interested they should contact Adrian for details or check out the website.

The diary for 2012 is filling up fast with members keen to organise the Sunday lunches and evening runs, commencing January.  Tim will be arranging the November lunch on the 27th.

The Cotswold Caper was a huge success with many compliments being paid by other Clubs on the chosen route, the organization and the friendliness of our members. Letters received, all of which were positive, were passed round for members to read   There was one email from one of the participants which read:

Very slick documentation
Super Friendly marshals
Lovely to have a greeter meet you at the start and the finish
Fab start venue
Good half-way venue with good food if limited (being really fussy), bit bumpy to park
Great idea having Sir Geoff at the start
Fantastic route with no error at all in the road book – well done
Excellent value for money
Will definitely be back next year for our third consecutive year
And even the weather was fab
I would join your Club if I lived nearer because you were all so friendly

This was from a Mazda MX5 owner!!

John R thanked everyone who helped on the day and prior to the run up to the Caper which he greatly appreciated.  Special thanks were given to John C who without his input the Caper would not have been such a success.

Brian, our Chairman, had written letters of thanks to Sir Geoff Hurst, the staff at Gupshill Manor, Chedworth Farm and Cotswold Farm Park for their help.  Special thanks were given to Janet R for the help and support given to John R.

Dr Gill Rouse from LINC had given a list of items required for the unit and it was decided by the Committee to purchase a patient trolley, an electric coach and a reclining chair all of which will have a little plaque stating it was donated by the Gloucestershire MGOC.  The official presentation will take place when the Edward Jenner Unit at Gloucester Hospital is completed which will be later in the year and John C will present the cheque as his swan song.

Members were asked to put in a sealed bid to Adrian via email if they were interested in purchasing the football which was signed by Sir Geoff.   The money raised will be included with the donation to LINC.

There will be a Caper write up in the September issue of ‘Enjoying MG’.

John R will be setting up a 2012 Caper Committee in September and is looking for volunteers to help,  members were also asked for suggestions for next years Charity, one member thought that the James Hopkins Trust should be considered.

If members wish to purchase any items of clothing Rita now has samples of fleeces and polo shirts.

The monthly swindle took place netting £41.00 for Club funds and then as there was no speaker Adrian produced a quiz out of his hat which was a huge success.  Thank you Adrian.

The meeting closed at 8.45pm




June 2011 Newsletter No 40

Our Chairman, Brian, welcomed everyone to the meeting and, in particular Jay and Mark Smith our newest members.   Apologies were received from Chris and Betty Smith who were unable to attend.  He then introduced our speaker for the evening Deryck Pritchard, who is an Operating Crew Member and Fundraising Officer of SARA (Severn Area Rescue Association).

Deryck joined SARA in December 2008 and served a six months probationary period.  He explained that there were four lifeboat and rescue stations i.e. Beachley (Aust), Sharpness, Tewkesbury and Kidderminster (Wyre Forest).  They are the second largest after the RNLI.  At Sharpness there are four lifeboats and two 4x4 vehicles with recovery and winching gear and also a launch tractor and cradle which is a very necessary part of the equipment.

The members are voluntary and they have training on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings, they are also all actively involved with fund raising which is very important as it costs about £1500.00 to kit out a crew member.  They were registered as a charity in 1976.  Members are trained to think on their feet, improvise, work as a team and continually assess the risks as there is no typical rescue, all are different.  There is no charge for a rescue but sometimes contributions are made to show appreciation for their services.

It was a very interesting talk which emphasised, yet again, that you cannot be too careful on the water. 

On conclusion of Deryck’s talk Brian gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the members and Sue presented him with a £50.00 cheque for the charity.

After a comfort break during which the girls prised money off the members for the raffle, the meeting continued with Brian thanking Pete Vielvoye for making a rather splendid case for the Club toolkit which Trevor keeps safe.  He also mentioned a website he had come across which enables people to check up on the past history of their car’s MOTs, which could be very useful

Adrian, our secretary mentioned the forthcoming events in June, which were John and Janet Rose’s Watercress Line ‘War on the Line’,  the Caper rehearsal for non-participating members,  Kemble Air Show and Mike Pollock’s evening run on the 28th June for which he has ordered no rain, only sunshine.

A letter of thanks had been received from St Roses for the £1,000.00 cheque presented by the Club at their Wheelnuts open day in May;  this will be put towards equipment for their hydro pool which is now complete.

Although still fairly early in the year Adrian informed the members that we do need to think about venues for the Christmas bash and the committee had suggested the Crown at Paganhill, where we had had a very good meal a couple of years ago.  There were no strong opinions apart from one member who was hoping there would be a disco!!

John Rose gave a report on the Caper and stated that we have an all time record of 138 entries with two more adverts still in the pipeline. 

Adrian circulated a possible new Club logo for members to inspect and comment upon, but as no constructive comments were made from the floor, Brian asked for a show of hands at keeping the present logo, reverting to the original or going for the new suggested one.  The majority was in favour of the original logo and Rita will now check the availability of different sizes of logo for the clothing. 

Members were asked if they had any other business to discuss and Jane Child informed us that she had received a letter from their friends in the Llandudno MG Club thanking everyone who had joined them for the lunch at The Crown, Frampton Mansell recently.

There will be no speaker at the July meeting, but we will be having a visitor from Canada who is an MG lover and would love to talk to anyone about MGs, he is apparently very impressed with our website.

The meeting closed at 9.45pm




May 2011 Newsletter No 39

Adrian our Secretary welcomed everyone to the meeting, saying that it was a wonderful turnout.   He gave Brian our Chairman’s apologies stating that the reason for the absence was the fact that he and Teresa had become proud grandparents once again with the arrival of a baby boy, but I later found out that Brian was indisposed because of a painful injection.   Apologies were also received from Mark Hodgkinson.

April was the start of the New Year and we now have forty-four members, two joining at this meeting, or should I say forty-four cars, of which one car is a MG disguised as a Mazda MX5!!!

David and Janet had brought along our speaker for the evening and Adrian thought it would be good to get through the bits and pieces fairly swiftly so we could enjoy his talk.

St Roses Wheelnuts Show had been an excellent day for those who attended, fourteen cars in total (including the Mazda) although the warm sunny weather ordered did not materialise, it was however dry.  Trev and his helpers were thanked for raising £78.50 from the sale of members unwanted motoring accessories, which will go into Club funds. One young man left laden with old magazines, whilst another purchased a pair of ramps. 

The second run of the year will be Gethin and Jan’s on the 24th May, which will incorporate a Treasure Hunt and they will be giving two awards, one for the most successful and one for the best answers.  They had organised a great many runs of this kind whilst they were living in Spain, Gethin did emphasis that it was a local run!

We have a visit to the Watercress (Railway) Line on the 11th June, with the Caper rehearsal on the 12th, so a very busy weekend.  There are 117 entrants for the Caper and John R stated that we have always been in front of where we were last year, which is quite an achievement with the fuel costs as they are now.  He also said that the run would be a memorable experience and that John C has a good pull with the County Council as all roads have been resurfaced!!!  Sunshine has also been ordered.

2012 is the 50th anniversary of the MGB, and members were asked if they would be interested in signing a book which will be doing the rounds of all clubs for owners to sign and which will eventually become a museum item at Abington.  Adrian will find out the details as there was a good response from the members.

Severn Area Rescue Association which is an inshore rescue boat and land search organization will be giving us a presentation at the June meeting.

As there were no questions from the floor Rita and Mo did the monthly swindle whilst members replenished their glasses.

Adrian then introduced Squadron Leader George Pratt from Blakeney who informed us that he found it a daunting prospect to speak to us as he was not used to it.  He was a remarkable gentleman who was born in Southampton in 1922 and was an apprentice aeronautical engineer at Hamble, but his great ambition was to become an RAF pilot.  There was a delay in becoming a pilot so George did nine trips as a rear gunner and then trained as a pilot, where he did 30 ops being awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his service in the war.  55,753 boys were killed in Bomber command and a memorial is being built in Green Park London which they hope will be completed by 2012 as it is a memory to all who lost their lives.

Having completed 30 ops he was offered a training post, but true to form George volunteered to join 582 Squadron where he did 29 ops on Pathfinders. Losses were even higher as their job was to locate targets and circle round to mark them for other pilots.  Often bombs were dropping from their own planes above.

George enjoyed the square bashing; he likened it to a pregnant duck.  They lived from day to day, flying, landing and getting drunk, if you fell down whilst drunk you stayed down.  The hours before take off were the worst as you didn’t know whether you would make it back or not.

A truly remarkable man, who gave us a moving and graphic account of his experiences during WW2.

Adrian thanked George on behalf of us all and asked if he was willing to stay on after closure of the meeting so that people could ask him questions which he was very pleased to do.  A small donation is being sent to the BCA Memorial Fund.

After the raffle the meeting was brought to a close.



April 2011 Newsletter No 38


April was the AGM but before the official part of the meeting commenced to elect officers for the coming year Brian welcomed two new members Allen and Marlene Wilkes and also announced the engagement of Nick Easdown to Rosie.  Nick is well known for winning a good number of the raffle prizes at the Christmas bash, but I think this time he has drawn the top prize, many congratulations to them both.  This is a first for the Club. 

Brian then introduced our speaker Dr Gill Rouse from LINC our designated charity for this years Caper.  Gill was most refreshing requiring no power point presentation to get her point over, it all came from the heart with years of dedication to the project.

LINC provides financial and psychological support for people receiving intensive chemotherapy making their stay in hospital as comfortable as possible. There are many different types of Leukaemia but without treatment a patient with acute Leukaemia can be dead within 24 hours.

Gills’ colleague Dr Robert Dalton, who was a consultant haematologist at Cheltenham General hospital, dreamt of having research facilities within the haematology department, he felt this essential if Cheltenham was to continue being a training centre for haematology registrars.   Unfortunately he died at the age of 50 from Leukaemia and in honour of what he had achieved a research post in his name ‘The Robert Dalton Research Fellow’ was set up.

Haematology patients had to raise £350,000 for an extension to the hospital, with the trust paying the rest.  This extension was completed in 2002 and was open in 2003 by Jose Carreras, who himself had had a stem cell transplant in the 90s for Leukaemia. 

The Edward Jenner Unit at Gloucester Royal Hospital needed a revamp and £450,000 has been raised for the purpose of an extension and revamp with work hopefully commencing in May.  A further £50,000 is required to equip the unit.

A warm round of thanks was given to Gill by the members.

After a  short comfort break the AGM commenced.

Brian stated that it had been an interesting year and that he had not expected to be giving a Chairman’s report.  He had taken over after a slight hiccup last year, with Adrian acting as Secretary and to make the Committee number up to six, Rita Mullins and John Rose were elected as committee members.  He thanked the Committee for all their work keeping the club going and to those members who had organised evening runs, lunches and various other events including the trips to foreign places, referring to the Ireland tour organised by John our resident leprechaun.  Thanks were also given to Adrian for his excellent work on the web site and to Sue for counting all the pennies and tucking them up safely.

A big thank you was extended to John Child and his helpers for the time and hard work put into the 2010 Caper which was the best so far.

Adrian, as Secretary gave a short report stating that the Xmas meal was a great success and that we were thrashed at skittles by the Cotswold Classic Car Club.  Think we will have to organise a rematch during the winter months and see if we can redeem ourselves

It was a sad start to the year with the passing away of Brian, he is greatly missed.

Sue, the Treasurer, reported that the Club bank balance was healthy, thanking the raffle ladies for their grand job this year and reporting that the web site continues to pay for itself.

There are 97 entries to date for this years Caper, but still time to go over the 100.  Volunteers are plentiful, but we still need more raffle prizes which Janet is collecting. 

With all reports given, it was time to elect the officers and members to the committee and as their were no nominations, the outgoing committee were re-elected.

We are all looking forward to the first run of the season, which is being organised by Tim and Louise on Tuesday 26th April, but true to form Tim would not let on which hostelry we would be finishing at, although we tried very hard to trick him into giving the details away.  He is a dab hand at keeping stum.

Sunday 8th May is St Roses Wheelnuts Show where some of our ladies will helping with the ‘bottle stall’ and there will also be a Club stand selling various bits and pieces for MGs, so don’t forget to come along.

On a final note, it was really good to see Lynn at the meeting.




March 2011 Newsletter No 37


Brian opened the meeting by welcoming John Fox chairman of REMAP who was our speaker for the evening.   John, before he retired, was a mechanical engineer working for Rank Xerox, he explained that REMAP was formed in 1964 by Pat Johnson whose sister had polio and as he worked at ICI he was able to make specialised gadgets with the help of his colleagues to make her life easier.  REMAP is now a National Charity whose voluntary members have many skills, retired engineers, technicians, tools makers, woodworkers  and many more  They provide free custom made equipment to improve the quality of the life of disabled and elderly  people whose ages range from the very young to the very old when there is no commercial product to do the job.  Very often a commercial product is adapted to suit the person with discussions taking place in the first instance between the Client and the Occupational Therapist. 

REMAP stands for Rehabilitation Engineering Movement Advisory Panel, quite a mouthful hence the abbreviation I would think.

There are 8.5 million disabled people to varying degrees in the UK with 1200 skilled volunteers spread over 85 panels across 6 regions of the UK.  3 people are employed at HQ with the rest being volunteers.  The service to the Client is free and REMAP is grateful for donations.  Of the donated money 70% is used for the Client, 10% for fund raising and 7% for administration. There is very little paperwork involved when a referral is made, a single sheet only, that is one reason why the administration costs are so low.

John stressed that REMAP is only involved if there is no commercial solution on the market.

We were shown several slides and a video of disabled people who had been helped, one little boy of 4 had dwarfism and a bespoke tricycle in his favourite colours was made much to his delight.  Another person who was helped was a lady unable to feed her dog because she could not bend down.  A long handle was attached to the dog bowl which made her life easier, such a simple solution!!!  A young male tetraplegic was fond of cooking so various bits of cooking equipment were adapted to suit. 

A really interesting presentation and such a worthwhile charity of which none of the members had heard.  It’s heartwarming to think that there are skilled people giving up their time to make the lives of disabled people a lot more comfortable.  Thank you Pete for introducing John to the Club.

Brian thanked John and presented him with a donation for the charity.

The auction of the old clothing i.e. stock at February’s meeting netted £58.00 which will go a long way to purchasing new samples.  The girls sold £43.00 worth of raffle tickets, the last time they reached this sum was in August last year.  

An update of the Caper was given by John who confirmed that we now have 77 entrants with 3 months still to go before D-Day.  He also reported that the first half of the run was excellent with brilliant views.  We are waiting to hear about the second half. The breakdown cover has been organised with a long standing MG enthusiast who owns a breakdown truck, the Club will incur no expenses.  He will follow the ‘sweeper’ just in case of problems.

Adrian advised that the present committee were happy to stand once again for the coming year, but should anyone else be interested in serving on the committee would they please let him know before the AGM in April in order that this could be included in the agenda for an election to take place.

Unfortunately due once again to Gloucester playing rugby the shooting event organized by Richard has had to be postponed!

David and Janet handed out instructions so that the 20 members who are attending their Sunday lunch in the Forest won’t get lost, one bright spark asked if the pub took ‘sterling’!  David has a friend who is in his late 80s and is an ex Lancaster Bomber Crew, he asked members if they would be interested in the gentleman coming along and regaling his experiences, to which there was a unanimous vote of yes.  So we are hoping that he will be with us at the May meeting.

In June we have a presentation by SARA (Severn Area Rescue Association) the inshore rescue boat and land search organization and John is arranging a trip to the Mid Hants Watercress Line at Arlesford once again but this time for their War on the Line Experience.

Tim and Louise have organised the first run of the season on the 26th April, so let’s hope that it is a fine evening and we can run with our tops off!!!

On the 24 July Pete and Derek will be taking members to the Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb starting off in Tewkesbury with a tulip run to Shelsley and then a picnic lunch, weather permitting. 

There is also a Race for Life Cancer Charity run which some of our ladies will be taking part in; they might even be able to wear their pink t-shirts.

Meeting closed at 9.45pm



February 2011 Newsletter No 36

We were pleased to welcome new members, Michael Hall from Tuffley and Philip Fisher from Chipping Norton, both owners of MGB GTs and Roy Miller from Little Rissington with an MG TF Sport.

It was with great sadness that our Chairman had to announce the passing of Brian Stephens who with his wife Lynn had been members of the Club for over 6 years.  It was a very rare occasion when Brian and Lynn did not turn up for the monthly meeting over the last 4 years; they were also great supporters of the yearly Cotswold Caper and overseas visits, which they thoroughly enjoyed.  I can remember Brian turning up at one Sunday lunch without Lynn and was informed that she was away on a walking break with friends!  Although the weather was typically English, a cortège of MGs escorted Brian on his final lap at Cheltenham Crematorium where a lovely service was conducted for him.  His family gave us all an insight into the man who we had come to respect and love.  Brian will be sadly missed.  Lynn had sent a card thanking members for all their cards and kind wishes.  I am sure that in time we will be seeing Lynn once again amongst us.

A minutes silence followed so that members could remember Brian.

Rita and Adrian have organised the lunch on Sunday 27th February which is within walking distance of their home!!

Richard Ward’s Clay Pigeon Shoot on the 13th March is well supported and we wish them all a super day out.

Macmillan Nurses sent a letter thanking us for the donation which was presented after the presentation in January.

Adrian confirmed that the member’s area on the website was now launched and Rob suggested it would be a good idea if within this area there could be a listing of members who would be attending the various Club events, this encompasses other Clubs. 

There are 56 entrants to the Cotswold Caper; no doubt this has now increased, with the second half of the route looking good.  Well done to John C.   Peter will be the ‘sweeper’ with Gethin in charge of the marshals and Rita and Teresa looking after the girls.

Rita had asked members at the last meeting to think of a Club colour for the fleeces and after a little discussion it was a unanimous decision to have charcoal grey.

There will be a presentation at the March meeting by John Fox from Remap which is a national charity of engineers and craftsmen who work with occupational therapists to make bespoke aids for the disabled and elderly.

Steve informed the members that the Rotary Club of Chipping Sodbury is holding a charity run on the 26th June for pre 1985 cars.  Usually around 150 vehicles attend this 80 mile run which starts from the Market Square in Chipping Sodbury.  Sounds like a good event to attend.

The March Sunday lunch on the 27th has been organised at a typical forest eating house by David and Janet and Tony and Jane now have the August Welsh Trip all arranged.

The AGM will be held at the April meeting this year after a talk by Dr Rouse from LINC which is our chosen charity for this years Caper.   If there are any items which members wish to raise at the AGM then please let Brian or Adrian know so that they can add it to the agenda.

The meeting over, members took part in a picture car related quiz compiled by our own David Bailey, Teresa, who really does love to challenge the brains.  Unfortunately she was laid up poorly at home so was unable too hear the moans and groans at the questions she had set.  Steve W was the outright winner and was presented with a small bottle of wine by Brian.

Meeting closed at 9.40pm




January 2011 Newsletter No 35

Brian, our Chairman, opened the first meeting of the 2011 by wishing members a Happy New Year and welcoming new members, June and Keith Hendy whose son paid for their membership as a Christmas present.  A return visit has been made by Alastair Gregg and I am pleased to say that he has now joined; it’s good to have some ‘young blood’ in the Club!

Before the Club business, Jon Rayner gave a very informative presentation on behalf of Macmillan nurses, which was founded by Douglas McMillan in 1911 so this is their centenary year.  Macmillan nurses specialise in cancer and palliative care, providing support and information to people with cancer, and their families, friends and carers from the point of diagnosis. They provide practical, medical and financial support and actively work for a better deal for people with cancer.  Jon said that the level of care in Gloucester is very good.

Funds for the service are usually raised from legacies, which is 2006 was over 38 million, volunteer fund raising, donations and a small proportion from grants.  There is a yearly fund raising event known as the Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning and last year one of the organisers raised £3,500.00 with 300 guests. 

Brian thanked Jon on behalf of the members and a donation of £200.00 was given to this worthwhile cause from Club and Caper funds.

Whilst Jon took his leave members had a chance for a social chat before the meeting convened, whereupon John and Mo were thanked for organising the excellent Christmas bash.

Adrian informed us that the proposed skittles match on the 20th January would be rescheduled for the 15th February due to the Cotswold Classic Car Club not getting their act together and organising a team.  I think the real reason was that Gloucester Rugby Club is playing at Kingsholm on the 20th and several of our members are enthusiasts!!

Steve Wood is going to organise a Teddy Bears picnic in July which will encompass a 30mile run finishing in an area where we can picnic, members family and friends are invited to the picnic but they must bring a teddy with them.  Members taking part in the run must visibly display a teddy otherwise they will be excluded.  I think that Steve is also planning a competition for the best teddy!!

Richards idea of a Sunday Clay Pigeon Shoot in March at the Cheltenham & District Clay Club followed by lunch at the Gloucester Old Spot was favorably supported, so check the diary page for the date if you are interested.

Due to the popularity of Tony and Janes Welsh trips they have been persuaded to organise another one in August to co-incide with the Llandudo Clubs Snowdon Run.   I can thoroughly recommend this trip for anyone who is thinking of joining them.

St Roses Wheelnuts show is in May and they have asked if the ‘pink ladies’ can run the bottle stall on a rota basis as the Nuns are not available this year, possibly still hung over from last year! only joking!  They have also requested that our ‘pink men’ help out with the patrol. 

Chris and Betty are going to organise another ‘signpost’ rally on a Sunday early October finishing needless to say, at a local hostelry.

Adrian is well into upgrading the website which will be password protected in the members area, the password etc will be given to members when they renew their subs at the end of March early April.  So if you want to look at all the technical details, tools for borrowing etc make sure you pay your membership on time.

Rita has taken over the task of ordering the Club clothing and a proposal was put to the members that we have one colour.  It was noticeable on events that we have attended over the years that Clubs have their own colours to distinguish them from others.  Rita asked members to give this some thought before the February meeting when we will take a vote and also have an auction of the clothing which is in stock. 

The two Johns had their first  Caper sub-committee meeting which was well attended.  It was proposed that we keep the Cotswold Caper name as it is so well known and all members were in agreement.  Concerns had been made that we are venturing further afield than the Cotswolds, but as one member pointed out one Club holds a ‘Dragon Run’ but no dragons have been seen! As a matter of interest in the very early days of the Gloucestershire MGOC long before John and Graham’s time, there was a Cotswold Caper, so it was good that it was resurrected by the duo.

A weekday visit to Lyneham to see the Vulcan while it is laid up and undergoing work was suggested by Lawrence who will look at some possible dates.

The meeting closed at 9.45pm rather later than usual.




December 2010 Newsletter No 34

Forty-one members braved the cold weather for our Christmas Bash at Gupshilll Manor near Tewkesbury, which was an excellent choice of Johns as not only were we served with good food, but the staff were friendly and very efficient considering there was a room adjacent to us with at least the same number of guests and another large party in an annex.  Unfortunately due to illness and family commitments two members wives were unable to attend, but I was told that the member whose wife was ill went home with a ‘doggy bag’ i.e. a three course meal, probably also mince pies, but I think they drew the line at coffee!!   There were numerous raffle prizes, Nick who took home seven two years ago only managed five thanks to his lady friend who was too embarrassed to accept any more.  Well done Rosie!

It was good to see four couples at the meal who only joined the Club this year, I think they were suitably impressed and no doubt will be with us for the 2011 celebration., Richard and Jill, Gethin and  Jan, Ray and Lynn and John and Rachel.

As usual there is no meeting in December as, apart from last year, this was the night when we went out.  We made the change in 2009 to a Saturday celebration so that the workers amongst us could enjoy the evening without the worry of getting up early for work the next morning.

The New Year starts off well, with a talk by MacMillan Nurses, a skittles match and a Sunday lunch all in January.

Wishing all members a very happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you all in 2011.

PS for those interested in STATS, the raffle turned in a magnificent £119.00 and current membership level stands at fifty-three plus partners.





November 2010 Newsletter No 33

I must apologise for the fact that there was no October Newsletter, which was due to Trev and I doing the Normandy Beaches with John and Mo.  I was prepared with my bucket and spade but soon realized that it was an educational visit for me,  as when I was at school the history we covered was Henry the Eight and all that.  Joking aside it was a super trip with good company, I am looking forward to going again at some stage in the future.

The resignation of John, our Chairman and Graham, our Secretary came as a big shock to all members who attended the October meeting, I must stress that the resignations were in no way connected.  Brian and Adrian as committee members conducted the meeting, Brian has had this experience before when all the committee were off on a jolly!

Brian opened the November meeting, welcoming three potential members, Alistair Gregg a young man who has an MGB GT which pleased Adrian and Graham and Jenny (sorry  I didn’t get a surname) who have taken part in one of our Capers.  It was good to see so many members attend as several issues had to be decided.  Brian re-iterated that John had resigned, but he was still going to be an active member of the Club heavily involved with the Caper.  He was thanked for all his dedication over the years and Mo was presented with a bouquet for being the driving force behind the man!

The committee was two short and John Rose and Rita Mullins had been proposed verbally before the meeting and as there were no objections they were elected to make up the six serving members.    It had been proposed that Brian and Adrian act as Chairman and Secretary until the AGM when the committee will stand down and members will be able to propose a new committee to take them through to 2012.

Lynn Stephens volunteered to keep an informal report on the meetings which has been accepted.

Adrian as acting Secretary reminded the members that the Gloucestershire MG Owners Club was their Club and would welcome any suggestions for improvement, his buzz word if there is such a word was INCLUSIVITY.  I think he means that all members should be included in all decisions for the benefit of the Club.

We are looking for speakers and possibly an event for our long suffering ladies. An ‘Ann Summers’ party was one suggestion which caused a stir amongst the men and I believe it was Mike Pollock who suggested a cake stall, I think this one took the biscuit.

Our evening runs have been so successful that a suggestion was made we hold a weekday event which could be a run or a meal during the day for those who are retired, leaving the evening runs free for the workers in the Club.  Sometimes it can be difficult to find a hostelry large enough to cater for 30 plus members and there is also the problem with bunching up along the narrow lanes.

As Graham is no longer involved in the Caper, a decision was made to have a working party so that the workload can be divided.  Five members volunteered to assist John, with John Rose being the co-coordinator between the main committee and John’s Caper working party.

Trev is going to set up a Technical Forum where members can share their experiences which will assist others, and a few out of the ordinary tools will be purchased which members can hire FOC.

Jane thought that as the Cotswold Caper was John and Graham’s baby, the name should be changed for 2012 with respect to them.  Everyone unanimously agreed.  So get your thinking caps on for a new name.

Tim and Louise have arranged a lunch for 21 November, details are on our web-site and David and Janet will be organizing one on the 27 March 2011 which will be somewhere in the area of Blakeney, a change of scenery for us.

Don’t forget the Xmas Bash on the 4th December, if you have any raffle prizes bring them along wrapped please in pretty paper.



September 2010 Newsletter No 32

We would like to welcome another new member, Lionel Teague, who joined us for Steve and Marion’s run on the 2nd September. We had two excellent runs in quick succession Steve and Marion’s the last run of this year and Brian and Teresa’s, both were very well supported.   The membership now stands at 52 plus partners.  I was asked this question at the last meeting, but was unable to give an accurate number and since the meeting Dave Byers has cancelled his membership due to not being able to attend he did state that he enjoyed the website.  This is a good way of keeping in touch with our activities.

John and Graham have made some decisions over the 2011 Cotswold Caper, the start will be at the Civil Service Establishment in Cheltenham with the finish at the Cotswold Farm Park, which we have used before.  Word has it that a Veteran Motor Cycle Club will also be at the Farm Park, so all those motor cycle enthusiasts will be in their element.  A half way stop will be at the Cheddar Farm Shop where they will provide a lunchtime BBQ so ladies, you will be able to relax and enjoy the run and not have to worry about packing a picnic lunch. 

Adrian reported that we have 15 advertisements to date, and asked that we keep the pressure on to get the artwork and most importantly the money as soon as possible.

Dr Gill Rouse from LINC will give a presentation at the November meeting, so members who haven’t been for a little while come along and give her your support.

Graham received a letter from Sophie Wood the little girl who is suffering from Ataxia-telangiectasia thanking the Club for the donation towards her wheelchair.  It was a big effort for her to write but she managed very well.

The presentation for the 2010 Caper Charity will take place after our overseas trip to Ireland.  John has assured us that good weather has been ordered with a very calm crossing on Tuesday 14th September. 

Graham tried very hard to sell one of the out-of-date shirts but unfortunately he had no takers and  no one was willing to make an offer, so it may be put in the Christmas raffle!!!

Adrian is going to organise a skittles match in March against the Cotswold Classic Car Club and a combined run/BBQ on August 14th which will be a birthday celebration for Joyce.  I think she mentioned that she would provide the wine for us all!!!

The first Sunday lunch of our winter season is John and Mo's on the 24th October which is at The Swan near Staunton.



August 2010 Newsletter No 31

Once again John our Chairman opened the meeting but with a difference, he told us two jokes which went down very well and set the tone of the evening.  Our thanks were expressed to Tony and Jane who once again arranged an excellent few days in Wales, there is a write up on the web site so I need to say no more except that the route and trips selected by Tony were very picturesque and far superior to the organised run on the Sunday.  Well done Tony and Jane.

Peter and Derek have been feeling somewhat guilty about taking all the pleasures offered by the Club and not being involved in organisation (apart from Pete being the sweeper for the Caper).  They have volunteered to organise a run in July 2011 to Shelsley Walsh for the Classic Hillclimb Meeting, picnicking on the hill and watching participants of the speed trial.  So any hillclimbing enthusiast will enjoy this trip.

It was also proposed that we have a BBQ during the summer of 2011 and rematch at skittles with the Cotswold Classic Car Club. 

Gupshill Manor has now been booked for the Christmas Dinner on the 4th December and there was a rush of members to be on the list.   The deposit of £10.00 per person to be paid at the September meeting.

We now have the new adhesive Club Badge which means that the old one is no longer in use.  So all those with the old style will unfortunately have to part with £3.50 for the new version. 

We heard that there had been a charity race to raise money for a wheelchair for a young teenager from Cheltenham who suffers from a very rare disease.  Thirteen year old Sophie Wood is only one of five a year who has ataxia-telangiectasia, which is a neuro-degenerative disease affecting the body and causing severe disability.  Sophie’s condition is expected to worsen in the coming years and  will require a wheelchair within nine months.  So that she could enjoy a better quality of life she, her mother and brother have gone to live on the Canary Islands leaving dad at home in Cheltenham, which he finds very heartbreaking.  We have donated £200.00 to this worthy cause which will help the family purchase the much needed wheelchair.

Brian and Teresa have organised a run for Tuesday 24th August, with the last run of this year being on Thursday 2nd September, two/three weeks earlier than usual due to the drawing in of the nights.  This will be Steve and Marion’s second run since joining the Club.



July 2010 Newsletter No 30


Our Chairman John opened the July meeting thanking all members for their help and support before and on the day of the Cotswold Caper.  Raffle prizes were in abundance and the ticket sellers did an excellent sales pitch as usual under the leadership of Joyce, selling in excess of £600.00 worth of tickets on the day.   The car parking attendants were extremely efficient.   Coffee/tea and bacon rolls were catered for by St Roses and it was suggested by Brian S that a tin (known as ‘seed money’)  be available for the entrants to put any loose change they had towards the school funds, this resulted in approximately £50.00. 

A large donation will be presented, at a date to be agreed, to Mrs Billington who will accept it on behalf of St Roses before she retires Christmas 2010.  She will be sadly missed by all those who have had the pleasure of meeting her.

The Caper was flagged off by Ryan who is a pupil at St Roses and he was given the choice of which car he wanted to start, needless to say he chose the MG TD owned by our Club Member Derrick Newman.

Graham has received 4 letters of thanks for the well organised and interesting Cotswold Caper, one saying what a marvelous day, and Roger Boyce who has been attending the Caper for a number of years wrote saying that Paddy his dog had had a great time.  We always look out for Paddy as he is such a great character, think he might even help with the navigation!

There was one comment from a driver that the roads were too narrow, which meant that his passenger had to concentrate!!   Would he have preferred motorways to be used!!

It was suggested from the floor that picnic sites be marked in next years programme.  Pete who acted as sweeper thought that an ordnance survey map with the route shown would be helpful next year to pin point the exact location for the recovery vehicles, should we have a reoccurrence of this years breakdowns.  Six drivers and their passengers were most appreciative of Pete when their vehicles broke down.

The Norwich Club have already booked 12 rooms at The Crown Inn  Frampton Mansell ready for the 2011 Caper and  John and Graham are already preparing to look at a new route later this month.  Adrian will co-ordinate the adverts which all members have been asked to source, full page £50.00, half page £30.00, black and white print only.  All members at the meeting were in full agreement that the 2011 charity should be LINC (Leukaemia & Intensive Chemotherapy) we know of two members who have benefited from this organization.


Graham met an old member of the Gloucestershire MGOC who had an original metal car badge and she was willing to part with this at a knock down price of £12.00!   Members were in agreement that we should change the design of our adhesive car badge to the original one.

Gupshill Manor was proposed for the Christmas Dinner which will be on the 4th December and Tim gave his approval as he has experienced many a Christmas meal in the past.  A provisional reservation has already been made.

Chris and Betty have organised  our next evening run which  is on Tuesday 27th July, we also have a visit arranged by John and Mo to the Black Country Museum on Sunday 18th July and coming up on the 1st August is Adrian and Rita’s outing to Bletchley Park.

John welcomed a new member Pete Deal to the club.  We also wished Janet Glew a happy birthday, not all members attend meetings on their special day and also birthday wishes to Graham Sutton who would be celebrating on Friday.




June 2010 Newsletter No 29


The June meeting was short of our Secretary and his wife who were once again on holiday but as they had been working hard on the Caper their apologies were accepted,  as a well earned rest was necessary before the 4th of July, ‘D day’ or rather ‘The Cotswold Caper’.

John informed us that we now had 114 entries which are 10 up on last month, this is excellent and we have ordered a sunny day for the event.   This being the last meeting before the Caper the helpers were informed that they were needed wearing Club shirts or blouses at St Roses at 7.30am prompt.  This met with the usual moans and groans as too early for the retired ones, but they always come up trumps (thank you Mazda man) and arrive on time, with the thought of a bacon butty to start the day.

At the May meeting members were asked which Charity we should support for the 2011 Caper, which although a long way off needs to be thought about early.  Brian Stephens who has first hand experience with LINC (Leukaemia & Intensive Chemotherapy) gave a brief outline of how this charity helps those in need.  It was started 12 years ago and the patient’s needs are the first and foremost priority.  If financial support is necessary for the well being of the patient this will be given.   Members were fully in favour of helping this Charity for 2011.

It was also proposed and unanimously agreed that we should ask local companies to advertise in the 2011 Caper brochure and Adrian has agreed to take on this challenge, which takes the pressure off John and Graham.

9+ cars will be visiting the Black Country Living Museum on the 18th July and will be meandering in convoy along the quiet roads, so locals beware of slow moving MGs.

As the Caper is finishing at The Park Hotel Falfield, it was proposed that we held our Christmas meal at the venue, but due to the locality members were not keen as it meant quite a trek for the majority.  Graham and John are now looking into a venue nearer to Gloucester.

Instead of a speaker this month we had a quiz which was arranged by Teresa and Brian.  We were asked to identify cars from 22 emblems, Teresa was very kind and listed the cars on a separate sheet of paper by Car Company/Car, but unfortunately this did prove very hard, the cars dated from a 1905 Daimler Limousine to a 1976 Triumph Stag.  We all thought we were car enthusiasts but this task was very difficult, our new members Gethin and Jan put us all to shame by naming 19 of them, well done. 

Teresa has the reputation with certain of us members as being the female ‘David Bailey’and had we know when we visited the Haynes Motor Museum that she was taking photographs of the car emblems we would most certainly have taken more notice.

It was an excellent quiz and our thanks to her for her imagination; perhaps she should patent this idea.?
Sunday 20th June is the Kemble Air Show organised by Adrian and Rita who also have their Tuesday run on the 22nd June, both events start at Greasy Joes in Cirencester, I am beginning to think that Adrian and Rita have shares in this cafe!!

In closing, compliments to John and Graham for the Caper route, which the helpers tried out on Sunday 13th June.   The route is always excellent but this year I think they have excelled themselves.




May 2010 Newsletter No 28


I would like to say thank you to our Chairman John for putting together a very informative News Letter from the April meeting whilst I was away enjoying myself in Northern Ireland.  Luckily we used the ferry so did not get held up by the eruption of the Icelandic volcano, which kicked off the morning we were leaving Belfast.  Our hotel was in close proximity to the area where they had the bombings, so it was quite an eventful week.

It was good to see so many members, including new members, Richard Heaven, James and Jane Chattwood, Gethin and Janice Jones and Raymond and Lynn Bird, attend the meeting which was the AGM. 

The meeting was a little late in starting as everyone seemed keen to chat, but John true to form got things underway and welcomed all members.   Committee Member Adrian has recently taken early retirement, so he was presented with a Workshop Maintenance Manual to keep him out of mischief as he will now have plenty of time to give some TLC to Meryl and Alfie.

Graham gave his report as Secretary and it was surprising how many activities the Club had organised during 2009/2010.  He thanked Joyce and Mo, for organizing the monthly  Swindle which last year netted £423.55 for the Club, well done both.  Graham asked members whether they would once again like Club fleeces, but Adrian (Mazda man) thought we had been fleeced enough!!! 

Sue as treasurer gave a brief indication of the financial situation which is very healthy.  There was one question from Tony, who wanted to know if the purchased of the 4 walky talkies were for members use, these are most useful for traffic control on the Cotswold Caper, but should the members wish to borrow them they can for a small charge!

We have 104 entries to date for the Cotswold Caper, and there is still time for more entries to come in.

The Committee were re-elected on block, ie Chairman John, Secretary Graham, Treasurer Sue, plus committee members Adrian, Brian and Trevor.

We received two letters of thanks from Sir Henry Elwes and Col Mike Bennet for the donation given to the Army Cadets Trust at our last meeting.  It is good to know that the donation was appreciated and would be put to good use.


If any members have ideas on refreshing the content of our website perhaps they would contact Adrian, who pointed out  as a matter of interest that we have had 43,000 hits on the web, but would appear that visits are very few on Tuesday and Thursday, someone suggested it was because it was pensioners rest day!

John and Graham have been re-elected to organise the 2011 Cotswold Caper which will take place on the 3rd July, Graham has already had an enquiry from the a Norfolk Club who want to secure several places on the event.  Members were asked to think of a charity to support next year.

We are always looking for outing and speaker ideas and Joyce suggested a trip in the spring to see the snowdrops at Colesbourne and a presentation on behalf of Help for Heroes.  Both are being looked in to.

We were enlightened by Grahams findings that the Gloucestershire MGOC was started in 1981 and met at the Ship Inn Brimscombe,  so perhaps next year we should have a 30th birthday celebration.  Talking of celebrations, Brian and Lynn Stephens celebrate their Golden Wedding this month and our congratulations go to them for many more years together, neither have asked for parole!

Steve and Sue have organised a run through the Forest of Dean, ending at a local hostelry on the 25th May and we have been told to watch out for the local boars!!




March 2010 Newsletter No 28


With Sue being on one of her “rare” holidays, it has fallen upon myself, John, to write this month’s newsletter: here goes :-

Our speaker for this evening was Sir Henry W.G. Elwes  KCVO, Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire, who agreed to sit in on our normal bun-fight before his presentation.

2010 Caper The number of entries for this years Caper is still on the increase now having reached 84.  The Committee again pleaded for more Raffle prizes as well as Members to each obtain a £10 donation for a one line advert in the Rally Guide.  Remember, all monies go to our main charity this year, St. Rose’s School. Raffle tickets will be distributed to Members at a later date. The generous gift of two drums of 20/50 oil will be sold off to Members, in Gallon handfuls for the bargain price of £14 with all money again going to the Charity. Once again Members were not slow in volunteering for duties on the day which makes the work for the organisers that much easier, 21 names were listed.

2010 Programme 27th April  Evening run: details handed out by Laurence and Jane for a 6.30pm start from Birdlip Viewing layby !!!! Welsh Trip still OK with no more details available. The Ireland Trip – a late change of the first and last hotel made by the ferry company and we await confirmation. Gala Club Charity Event now on 22nd August. Ted Elwes, brother of Sir Henry, promoted the Bredon Vintage & Classic Car Rally on the 30th August which by the way is already in this years programme. Last year, 300 cars attended with 1300 visitors; getting to be quite a big local event. Over 15 members were interested in attending this year and Ted is prepared to arrange a club area.  

Get ready ----- 2011 Caper date will be 3rd July ----Volunteers were requested for organising this event but, again, no hands went up !!!

Club SiteThis is still proving very successful with over 40,000 visits.  Ideas will be very welcome to “freshen up” the home page. Reports of Club runs together with photos would be appreciated.

Sir Henry Elwes, Lord Lieutenant of Gloucestershire was this evening’s speaker.  The position of Lord Lieutenant was created by Queen Elizabeth in 1588 with the task of basically listing all capable people in the County who were suitable for military action. Previously this was carried out by the High Sheriff. Today with 20/30 deputies, they are the eyes and ears for the Queen for all that occurs in the County.
Not everything goes to plan --- during the siege of Gloucester, the Lord lieutenant was staying in Sudeley Castle when he was attacked and the holes from the cannons can still be seen.  As a Lord Lieutenant one needs to keep slim especially as the uniform is expensive and tight fitting, making it difficult to drive. Two incidents were recalled by Sir Henry, one where the sword he was wearing jammed him in the car and he struggled to get out and a similar incident with another Lord Lieutenant who also was jammed in his car, because of his sword but he did not make it and the Queen ended up introducing herself to the dignitaries.

There is still a lot of military duties required especially with the Reservists and ensuring the cooperation of their employers to release them, the Regular Units regarding parades, funerals and presentation of the Elizabeth Cross to close relatives of soldiers killed in action.  The Army Cadet movement and their instructors also demand his time especially now they receive no Government support.    Presentation of Queen’s Awards to Industry, Police, Fire and Ambulance and persons awarded  with OBE or MBE who wish the presentation to be held locally, all require his presence in uniform. Visits to Prisons, Garden Parties the list is endless.   Organise 30 Royal visits to the County each year, be present at JP swearing-in and Citizenship Awards ceremonies. Sir Henry is the Queen’s Representative in the County or rather two counties because South Gloucestershire  is included for Ceremonial duties. 

However, Sir Henry does have other interests --- Motor cycles and Cars.  He started with Motor Cycles  and when his teacher in 1952 took delivery of a Jaguar XK 120 decided that was for him. When aged 19 he bought a XK120 in part exchange with a Austin 10 for £297 and Comprehensive insurance at £25. Times have changed. With a Austin Healey Frog-eyed Sprite, Sir Henry has raced against the likes of Graham Hill and Stirling Moss although they were in much more powerful cars which made it look as though he was going backwards when being overtaken. Never the less Sir Henry is very proud to have won his First and Last races with many others and places gained in between.  Still owns a Jag and has been 50 years in the Jaguar Drivers Club.

Sir Henry’s Presentation was very informative with many anecdotes, experiences and jokes. An evening  enjoyed by all Members.    Thank you Sir Henry. A donation was made to Sir Henry’s favourite charity, the local Army Cadet Force




March 2010 Newsletter No 27


We were very pleased to welcome Meg from the Samaritans as our speaker for the evening who decided to sit in on our meeting before giving her presentation. Meg  enjoyed and joined in with the banter of the proceedings.

Graham reported that we now have 56 entries for the Cotswold Caper and hopefully this will swell to over a hundred before July.  John and Graham have run (not literally) around the route again and low and behold there was an error with the mileage, blamed on the fact that when the route was set John had new tyres on his car!  The mileage is now 102 miles and Jane made the comment that they will get their monies worth out of our event. 

It was good to welcome back Keith and Steve who due to other commitments hadn’t been at meetings or our social events for quite a few months, they came back just in time to pay their subs for the year!  Adrian and Rita, who attend without fail every month were missing, the reason given was a rave up birthday party, didn’t realise there granddaughter was old enough!!

Graham asked the members present if they had in their possession the two banners which we purchased last year as they had gone missing.  After great deliberation and suggestions it was decided that the last time they were used was at the 2009 Cotswold Caper finish at Westonbirt,  Steve could remember taking them down, but not sure who had them so Graham is going to check whether they have been stored with the gazebo. 

Several members expressed a wish for a return visit to Jersey and the hotel Westhill,  so Trev and Sue are going to have a look at putting a package together for 2012.  By popular request there will be no trip to St Malo after the horrendous return trip to Jersey in 2007.  

Once the formalities of the evening were over Meg took to the floor hoping that we would not fall asleep while she spoke of the work of the Samaritans, there was no chance of that happening as we were all enthralled by what she had to relate.  It was hard to imagine that the next day was to be her 80th birthday, perhaps there is hope for us all.  Chad Varah founded Chads’ Army the name they would prefer to have been associated with in 1953,  in an article by the Daily Mirror they were called The Samaritans a name which has stuck. Chad was a vicar who was so upset by the suicide of a 14 year old girl who had no one to talk her problems over with that he advertised and set up a venue where anyone could pop in for a chat with him.  He was overwhelmed by the number of people who attended and noticed that whilst they were waiting they were chatting to the ladies/men who were serving them tea.  He then had the idea of recruiting ‘listeners’ which is what the Samaritans are all about.


Samaritans have three skills:

  1. to be available 24 hours a day 365/6 days a year
  2. anonymity
  3. confidentiality


They also have to be over 17 years of age.

Calls to the Samaritans can be anything from a few minutes to 3 hours and with a lot of calls there is the silent treatment before the ‘phone is replaced.  A Samaritan can never instigate a conversation.  There are always two on duty at any one time and after each call they download onto one another, at the end of their duty they both have to download onto a third person via the telephone.  Meg informed us that this is a procedure now adopted by Ester Ranzen’s Child Line.

There are 201 branches based in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. 

John thanked Meg for a very information talk and presented her with a donation of  £100.00 in appreciation of all the work the Samarians do.  In passing we donated £200.00 to Clive Hodge who gave a presentation on Rapid UK at the February meeting.

Sunday 28th March is Rita and Adrian’s lunch at The Crown, Frampton Mansell, which is the last one as April is the start of our Tuesday evening runs finishing of course at a pub!!

On a final note, we would like to welcome Richard, who will hopefully become a member.



February 2010 Newsletter No 26


It has certainly been an eventful start to the New Year, with the January meeting being cancelled due to the snowy conditions and also our committee meeting for the same reason.  It was touch and go whether the first of the skittle matches would go ahead, the one where Adrian would choose the best skittlers to play against the Cotswold Classic Car Club in the February match, but fortunately conditions were ok and we had a great night.  It was a lovely day for our Sunday lunch which Graham and Pam had organised at the Edgemore, Pitchcombe and we were able to venture out in the B Roadster, Rodney certainly enjoyed his run out after being laid up for quite some time.

Clive Hodges (MBE) from Rapid UK (Rescue & Preparedness in Disasters), gave an excellent presentation at the February meeting giving us an insight into their role in disaster situations all over the world.  Their latest mission was in Haiti where they had a full team of 16 ready to go 3 days after the earthquake, and on their first day they rescued a female police officer.  It takes 2 years training before the members become operational and all members are volunteers, many of whom are self-employed, one member is a penquinologist!! 

They were formed in 1996 and their headquarters in Hardwicke was opened by the Duke of Gloucester in September 2009.  Besides attending disaster areas they also travel to other parts of the world e.g. Peru, France to train others  and  Rapid LA who assisted in the Haiti disaster were people who had been trained by the Gloucester based team.

The Sumatra disaster in October 2009 cost approximately £13,000 and they are still replenishing their supply, Haiti will more than likely cost the same amount!!

They provide all their own tents, rations, generators etc, fuel is the only item they are unable to take and as they receive no Government funding donations are always very welcome.    They have 5 rescue dogs which have been chipped and have their own passport. It takes 18 months to train a dog and if it is necessary for them to go into quarantine, then this is a disaster as they would require retraining when the quarantine period was over. 

Clive said that the UK has about 3-4 quakes per month mainly out at sea so there is no damage. 

Our chairman gave Clive a vote of thanks for giving up his time to speak to us. 

A member from the Samaritans will be giving a presentation at the next meeting, so hopefully we will be well supported once again.

At this point in time we have 31 entries for the 2010 Cotswold Caper, but we are still looking for a main sponsor, so members please get your thinking caps on and see if you can come up with someone.  Donations would also be appreciated, no matter how small.

Tony and Jane have arranged and booked the accommodation for the August Welsh Trip and John now has eight cars plus passengers for the trip across the water to Southern Ireland in September.  Good weather has been requested for both events.

Our next Sunday lunch is on the 28th February at The Royal, Charlton Kings which has been organised by Tony and Jane. 




December 2009 Newsletter No 25


As you know from the last newsletter, the December meeting was the Clubs annual festive meal.   There is a full write up on the web site so all I will say is that the evening was a great success as usual with several members receiving more raffle prizes than Nicks five of last year, so no more ribbing for Nick!!   The room at the Royal William was laid out well with round tables, so that you could chat easily to everyone and our thanks go to Brian and Teresa for arranging the excellent evening.

Our chairman and secretary plus their little helpers did a brilliant job as usual with the way in which they ran the raffle.

Since our meal, eight of us have been to Prague, Adrian has been very efficient in putting a report on the web, we only arrived back last Sunday, having had a really super and sociable time.  The weather could have been better, but this did not deter any of us, we all made full use of our time taking in all the places of interest, we even had a little flurry of snow which was exciting.

Our son is away on active service, but in his last email to us he says that when he has time he looks at our Club website so that he can keep in touch with what we have been doing.  So Rob if you read this before Christmas day, hope all is well and that you will get a really good lunch with all the trimming, you can have a second Christmas when you come home on R & R in January.

Wishing you all a really happy Christmas and look forward to catching up with you at our next monthly meeting in 2010.





November 2009 Newsletter No 24


Despite the miserable weather the meeting was well attended.   It was very unusual for Trev and I to be to last ones to arrive, (just after the meeting was due to start), but we did have a good excuse.  Trev had been to Belgium for the Armistice on the Wednesday and was not due home until late Thursday evening, but because of the meeting he managed to get an earlier ferry and arrived home at 7.30, a quick dash to the bathroom  and then off again to Gloucester.  What a star, I don’t think he wanted to miss the cheap beer at the bar!!

We were very pleased to welcome a new member, Ashley Fudge from Nailsworth who has a Midget.  We are predominately Bs so it is good to have another Midget member in the Club and will be company for Neil.

The notice board/cupboard which was made by Brian and is situated on the wall just before the bar at the Gala Club is now fully functional, so make sure you all have a good look.

Graham and Pam are organizing the first Sunday lunch in the New Year and Pam has asked for expenses so that they can try out the various pubs in the area before selecting a suitable one, someone suggested that we have an MP in the making!  It looks as though the first two months of the New Year are going to be a busy time as besides the Sunday lunches we have two skittles matches, plus the monthly meetings.  At the February meeting we have Rapid UK coming along to give us a presentation which should be extremely interesting, so make sure you don’t miss this meeting.

The St Roses Classic Car Show is on the 9th May and as last year we will be supporting this event, with 18plus members saying that they will attend.  If you are interested in classic cars then you won’t be disappointed at this show as there will be rows and rows of them. 

The Christmas season will officially start on the 5th December when we all meet at the Royal William for our annual knees up, which has been organised by Brian and Teresa.  No doubt there will be lots of raffle prizes and after taking five prizes last year I think we will ban Nick from buying any tickets or perhaps limit him to one prize!!

I understand that Tim and Louise last Sunday lunch of this year wasn’t spoiled by the weather conditions.

Four couples are off to Prague in December to take in the atmosphere of the Christmas markets and to enjoy the culture.  Adrian and Rita have planned this trip and we are staying in the hotel which they have used previously which is good recommendation.




October 2009 Newsletter No 23


Several of our regular members were missing from the October meeting but we were very pleased that Mazda Man (Adrian) came along.  We have not seen him for the past few months, was he fraternizing with the Morgan Owners Club I wonder!  Anyway it was good to see him again.

The programme for 2010 is filling up nicely, with two skittles matches being held at the Stirrup Cup in the early part of the year.   Adrian will let us have details for these at a  later date, but we have been assured that we will be able to have basket meals at a very reasonable price.  Someone suggested that soup and a bread roll would be good, which caused quite a stir, can you image soup in a basket, I think not!

John and Tony are making arrangements for our away trips, so far there are 18 people interested in Wales and 22 in Ireland.

There has been one disappointment with the Cotswold Caper, Berkeley Sports Centre wanted to charge us for the privilege of using their facilities on the banks of the River Severn as the finish.  Graham and John explained that it was a charity run in aid of a good cause but this didn’t soften their hearts.  So once again Graham and John are out  combing the Thornbury area for a suitable venue and will report back at the November meeting.

The MG Car Club was well supported by us for their Sunday run from Abingdon to Bletchley Park, the weather was dry if not a little cold.  Joyce suggested that we have a Club run to Bletchley Park next year as there is so much of interest to see and it is a perfect setting for a picnic. Adrian and Rita who are members are going to check out when they hold their special events so that a run can coincide with a theme of special interest.

It was suggested that we have speakers at our monthly meetings through the winter months and one or two organizations were mentioned ie:  The Samaritans, Rapid UK and also SARA who are based at Sharpness.  So keep checking the web site to see the results.

John, Mo, Tony, Jane, Paul and Pat joined members of the MG Car Club for a 4 day trip to Argentan France which they all enjoyed.  We teased them that they would be going across the rough sea as cattle class, but they were suitably impressed with the ferry.

Tony presented Lyn and Brian with a prize as they had won the word puzzle competition on the August Welsh trip,  it was sour grapes from Adrian as he said they had copied his answers! Lyn was however not willing to share her prize with Adrian.

The last run of the year organised by Steve and Marion was well attended and we had a super run, the only downside was that the nights were drawing in, we headed off from Minchinhampton Common with side lights on but returned in complete darkness.  So it was proposed and agreed at the Club meeting that the 2010 September evening run would be held at the beginning of the month.

Our next outing before the Christmas bash, is Tim and Louise’s Sunday lunch on the 22nd November, details are on the web.




September 2009 Newsletter No 22

The September meeting saw the presentation of a cheque for £3250.00 to Liz White who accepted it on behalf of ‘Cloud 9’ our chosen charity for the 2009 Cotswold Caper.  ‘Cloud 9’ had received a lot of support but this was the first time that there had been a connection with car clubs and Liz was overwhelmed by the amount raised which far exceeded expectations.  She appreciated all the hard work that goes into the organization of such an event, especially by the ‘leading lights’ as she referred to them, John and Graham.

A buffet was laid on for this special event by Joyce and Mo, but as Liz was unable to stay due to other commitments we carried on with the meeting, partaking of the refreshments at the end.

The 2010 calendar is up and running with members volunteering to arrange the monthly Sunday lunches through the winter months, but there will be no lunch in November, as this is too close to the Christmas bash, which is scheduled for the 4th December.   The Tuesday evening runs through spring and summer have also been sorted.  A date for the Caper trial run by club members has been chosen which is the 13th June.

Our overseas trip next year is being organized by John when we will hopefully be returning to Ireland in September.  Tony and Jane have been given the task of arranging a few days in Wales in August to coincide with the Pendine Dash, as this year’s trip, which revolved around the Snowdon run, was such a success.  There was a picture and small report in the Llandudno press of  Pete Vielvoye and his MG YT, it’s good to know that Glos MGOC is getting known. 

Adrian and Neil are looking into a couple of skittles matches in February and March, one of which will be club members only and the other against the Classic Car Club.

We had a letter from a gentleman, Mel Davies, who expressed his thanks to a good Samaritan who had stopped to assist when he had problems with his MG in the Highnam/Huntley area.  No names were given to Mel, but as we so rightly thought as he lives local to that area,  it was  our ex chairman Steve Powers.

Tony Summers from Cheltenham came along to the meeting with a view to joining the Club.

Those of us who ventured to the Haynes Museum with John and Mo had a really enjoyable day and the icing on the cake was that we were able to travel topless as the weather was kind.

We are looking forward to Steve and Marion’s run on Tuesday which starts from Minchinhampton and will be the last evening run of 2009, due to the dark nights.  Those of us with old MGs struggle as the lamps give out very little light!!

Last but not least, our thanks go to Joyce and Mo for the excellent buffet they provided.




August 2009 Newsletter No 21


Despite the majority of the committee being away on a jolly in Wales, there was good attendance at the meeting run by Brian and I would like to say thank you to all those who came along and supported him and also participated in the raffle which is a good revenue for Club funds.

Members were reminded that at the September meeting a cheque for £3250.00 will be presented to the Trustees of  ‘Cloud 9’, our chosen charity for the 2009 Cotswold Caper, a buffet will be available.  The Caper will move to a July date in 2010, let’s hope that the weather will be kind as it has been for the runs held in June.  I understand that we have already had an enquiry for the 2011 Caper, some people like to plan well in advance!

We are all looking forward to our run on the 13th September to the Haynes Museum, which has been organized by John and Mo and also Steve Woods’ evening run on the 22nd September.  This is Steve’s first run and hopefully not the last.

Members were asked to give some ideas for speakers or events which could be incorporated into our winter monthly meetings.  Adrian (Mazda man) suggested members could share their motoring experiences and also discuss their very first cars.  A competition was also suggested, not match a saying to a celebrity,  but match the member to his first car!!  This could prove quite interesting and will be discussed at the next Committee Meeting early September.

Ten members in six cars attended the Gala Club Fete on 30th August, it was not the best of  days weather wise, but very sociable, most of the time was spend in the bar keeping warm.  The attendance was good so hopefully they made plenty of money for their chosen charity The James Hopkins Trust.




July 2009 Newsletter No 20


Graham opened the meeting with a report on the Cotswold Caper.  We had received six letters of thanks and congratulations on such a well organised event, especially on the weather which was ordered well in advance.  We are able to present a substantial amount of money to ‘Cloud 9’ which was our chosen charity for this year.  St Roses where we started the Caper were well pleased with their takings on hot dogs and coffee which netted almost £400.00 for their Smile Appeal.  They have offered their services and grounds for the start of the 2010 Caper.  We are also pleased to report that work will commence on their hydrotherapy pool at the end of this year, which was helped by our 2007 Cotswold Caper donation.

Our presentation to ‘Cloud 9’ will, subject to confirmation that Liz White and Mr & Mrs Lewis are available, be held at our September meeting.   We will be putting on nibbles which Joyce has very kindly offered to do, (perhaps offered isn’t the right word, more elected by the powers that be!)

John is organizing a nostalgic trip back to the Haynes Museum in September which is where we had our very first Club outing, six cars in total, but one had to do running repairs up a farm track due to water loss.  Needless to say John and Graham have never let the couple forget about this stop!!

The last run in June was Rita and Adrians trip around the Water park and along the banks of the Thames not usually seen.  14 cars participated and had a great time.  It finished up at a very nice hostelry as usual with some very nice food.

We had an excellent visit to the Watercress Steam Railway organised by John and Janet Rose and we were extremely lucky that the weather stayed fine.  A full report will be given on the web.

The August meeting is being left in the capable hands of Brian to run as the rest of the committee are off on a jolly to the Elan Valley taking in the Snowdon Run on Sunday 16th.  This trip has been organised by Jane and Tony, unfortunately the first hotel chosen for a two night stay burnt down, a bit over the top to get out of putting up with us. 

Would members please make an extra special effort to attend the August meeting and support Brian.

Our next evening run is on the 28th August organised for the first time by Chris and Betty.




June  2009 Newsletter No 19


It doesn’t seem that long ago since I typed up the May Newsletter, the months are going far too quickly must be something to doing with the aging process. 

It was noted that three stalwarts of the Club  were not in attendance and it was not until the meeting was opened that we were informed Rita and Adrian had broken down yet again in Rita’s’ MGF and Joyce had gone to pick up the pieces (not literally, only Rita).  Adrian and the MGF were towed home and he arrived much later but in time for a quiet drink in the bar at the close of the meeting.  We had a really good attendance for the June meeting far in excess of the AGM and  I believe it was because members were interested in an update of our Cotswold Caper run  being held on the Sunday.  Several of us joined in the Hereford Mountains and Valleys run on the previous Sunday but the weather was not very kind to us, therefore we were all  praying that we would fair better.   

This years route has not been without its’ problems,  John and Graham had to do a  last minute alteration due to the fact that one of the roads in Painswick was closed from Thursday through to Sunday, 120 route books had to be amended, but as usual the duo were not fazed, comes with years of experience.

John and Robs’ run during May from Hunters Hall was very well supported, the weather could have been kinder, but the route was super.  This was their first ever run, so we now hope they put their names down to do another in 2010.

Several of our members and their MGs are off on holiday to the Isle of Man with our Chairman as their leader, is the Island ready for an MG invasion?   There is a rumor that it will be a tour of  Southern Ireland next year.

We have Rita and Adrian’s run to look forward to on  Tuesday 30th June and a Sunday run out in July organized by John and Janet to Alresford Hampshire for a trip on the Watercress Railway.

It was good to see two members of the Llandudno Club attend our meeting with Tony and Jane, with whom they were staying so that they could participate in the Caper.



May 2009 Newsletter No 18


It was good to see so many members attend the May meeting as this was the AGM, people usually shy away from AGM’s just in case they get elected, but there was no chance of that as it was decided (not sure by who) that the posts already held would stand for another year. 

John as chairman opened the meeting and Graham gave his secretaries report for the year.  For those who did not attend,  the events through the year besides the monthly 30 mile runs through the summer, included clay pigeon shooting, gliding, a visit to a local brewery and helicopter museum and a Sunday run out with a trip on the River Severn and lunch.  A good number of us attended various shows including St Roses Wheel Nuts, Kemble Air and Wroughton Classic Car.

The financial situation is good and it was agreed that we would purchase new banners to erect when we attend events.  We inherited a large banner which requires supports on either end, the new ones will be very user friendly.

Adrian who looks after our web site says that we have had 28000 hits from 54 countries, the committee members have had email enquiries from all around the world due to the web, nice to know that we are famous.

It is fast approaching the Caper, and several of us did a trial run to check the route, not that it was necessary but we cannot be too complacent.  As it turns out we did come across one problem with a road being closed, poor John and Graham now have the task of doing a slight alteration.  Unfortunately we were unable to run with the tops down as the weather was changeable, in fact the last 10 miles we did in heavy rain, but as long as it is dry for the 14th June we will not complain.  Brilliant run as usual thanks to Graham and John.

Tuesday 26th May is our second run of the year, which is being organized by John and Rob Heslop,  so hope to see a few of the new members joining in.

We now have 40 paid up members plus their partners.

Just to finish off:-

‘Defying all sexist comments two woman successfully navigated the Caper course with no problem!!




April 2009 Newsletter No 17


The April meeting started promptly with an informative power point talk by Mark Wilkins on behalf of the County Air Ambulance Trust.  Apparently the Government refuses to fund the air ambulance so the only way for them to survive is by fund raising.  They have 6 helicopters which we were informed take 2 minutes to get airborne and can be at the scene of an accident very quickly covering  the areas of  Derbyshire, Shropshire, Avon, Leicestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire.

It appeared a very costly exercise whether we will ever be in a position to assist will be up to the members in future.

John informed us, in the absence of our secretary Graham who was once again on holiday, that PATZ the clothing supplier is still in existence now being run by the daughter, so no change there which is good news.

The Caper gets closer so raffle prizes are required, please try and help.  We will be handing out raffle ticket books at the May meeting in the hope that members will be able to sell some tickets before the event in June.  As it is for a really good cause we hope that members will as usual come up trumps.

We are all looking forward to Lawrence and Jane’s evening run on Tuesday 28th April which is the first run of the season,  it will be good to blow the cobwebs away.

St Roses Wheel Nuts Classic Meeting had a very good attendance from our members and we were lucky enough to receive a cup for our Club display.  The weather was not as ordered but at least it stayed dry.

NOTE:  26 members attended the last meeting and total membership new/renewed stands at 26 plus partners.

PS – don’t forget the May meeting will be the AGM, so come along and have your say!



March 2009 Newsletter No 16


Our Secretary looked refreshed after his three week holiday in Malta and it was interesting for me to know that he and Joyce stayed at the hotel which I will be going to later in the year.  It was good recommendation that they would return there should they pay another visit to the island.

The start for the Cotswold Caper in June has been changed from Stroud Leisure Centre to St Roses as our chairman found that the sleeping policeman on the entry road to the leisure centre had been increased in height and his bottom (not his bottom but the MG Roadsters) scrapped on the humps, very painful. This means that on the day of the Caper two members will be required at the leisure centre to re-direct those who have entered and not read their instructions properly!  Do we want to take bets on how many will turn up at the wrong venue

The raffle caused a little hilarity as we netted £33.37, the 37p was the price of a kiss, I will not embarrass the young lady, but Adrian (web site manager)was the recipient.  He is incorrigible.


We would like to welcome Eddy Hunter a new member who was at the meeting and who lives in Brockworth.

After the serious side of the meeting the men took their positions for the slot car racing which John’s son Andrew had kindly set up.  It was a great improvement on last years as Andrew was able to set it up on tables so that the older members did not have to scrabble about on the floor.  The fastest of the evening was Mazda man, who was given a bottle of wine as a prize.  Well done Adrian.  Our thanks go to Andrew for a very entertaining evening for the men.  The lady members put the world to right as only women can.

It was a lovely sunny day on Sunday 15th March, the day that 16 of us had lunch at the Royal William Cranham which was organized by Brian and Lynn, so out came the MGs.  We all enjoyed our meals, and to put the icing on the cake, Winstones ice-cream was on the menu!!!!!   Thank you Brian and Lynn for organizing this, which was the last one until the autumn as the evening runs start from the end of April.




February 2009 Newsletter No 15


Twenty-seven members were at the meeting and it was good to see a few old familiar faces who haven’t been able to attend due to other commitments.  We were one short on the management front as our secretary had decided to take his good lady on a three week holiday to warmer climates.  We all felt quite envious of them seeing that we had all been subjected to the snow to various degrees. At one stage we thought the meeting would have to be cancelled.

Entries for the Cotswold Caper are now coming in fairly well, but in the present economic climate it may not be as well supported as other years, but we are ever hopeful.

At our January meeting Brian Stephens was  given the task of making a Club notice board, which he produced at this meeting.  Our thanks go to Brian who has made a magnificent job making a  lockable glass fronted Club notice cupboard,  which no doubt is now in place in the entrance hall of the Gala Club. 

Adrian and Rita tested our brains with 30 general knowledge questions, the highest scorers were Jane and Lawrence, who were presented with a bottle of wine, well done.  Thanks go to Rita who did most of the work with a very little help from Adrian. 

Sunday lunch at The Pheasant was organized for 14 of us by John and Mo and we found the staff very friendly and obliging and the roasts were excellent.  Our next venue is the Royal William at Cranham which Lynn and Brian are organizing.



January 2009 Newsletter No 14


Despite the cold weather there was good attendance at the first meeting of the new year.  The format of the evening was changed a little as Ryan Deargy who is doing a dissertation on the green issues,  particularly the impact on the environment of sports cars, opened the meeting with questions and answers and seemed keen to pick our brains with regards to our beloved classic cars. It was something different which appealed to several members of the club who got into a healthy debate with Ryan.  Hopefully he went away with some positives.

John had to bring the discussions to an end as time was rolling by.

Pressure is now on to finalize the Caper, we still need adverts and donations, any ideas please speak to either John or Graham.

We are organizing two trips for August, The Vintage & Engine Show at Kemble on Sunday 2nd August and Bovington Tank Museum on Tuesday 4th August.  If anyone is interested  please let us know.

The sale of diaries in aid of our charity for this year ‘Cloud 9’ went well, Graham thanked Sue and Lynne for their splendid efforts.  Thanks also went to John for wrapping up the majority of Xmas raffle prizes. 

We have been given permission by the Gala Club to erect a club notice board and Brian has taken this under his wing. 

We donated £50.00 to Milestone Special School as Graham had read in the local paper that the children had bought chrissy presents but these had inadvertently been left on the bus.  As you can guess in today’s society the presents were no longer on the bus when checked.  The children sent us a thank you letter which they had put together themselves.

The meeting ended at 9.45pm, when some of us adjourned to the bar!!




December 2008 Newsletter No 13


The December meeting was the Christmas bash at The Crown in Paganhill Stroud.  We were all a little concerned as only the week before there had been a hold up at the pub with the barmaid being threatened with a gun.  It was suggested that we all donned flat jackets for the occasion just in case of trouble, although no one messes when our Chairman and Secretary are around.  Adrian and Rita had done us proud with the venue, a lovely warm well appointed conservatory which held the 37 members comfortably.

John and Graham were very persuasive with the selling of the raffle tickets which netted £117.00.   Good for Club funds, especially when most of the prizes were provided by the members! 

After partaking of the excellent menu, it was time for the draw.  I must say that several members were very unlucky and did not have a prize, but some had more than their fair share, one member on our table had five, not to mention any names Nick, and I believe that at least one of these prizes will be given to Sue as a surprise Christmas Present!!!!  Sorry Nick I was supposed to keep this a secret.

The first meeting of the new year will end with a talk from Gloucester University about things green and later in the month a Sunday lunch at the Indian Restaurant in Brimscombe

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and New Year.



November 2008 Newsletter No 12


This was the last meeting of 2008 as it is the ‘the Christmas Binge’ next month and it was good to see the room so full of members especially as the evening was going to end with a quiz!

We are still looking for a main raffle prize and donations for 2009 Cotswold Caper, so if anyone has any thoughts please contact our Chairman or Secretary who would be delighted to hear from you.

Graham S and Tony have been busy organizing a short break in Wales in August next year to coincide with the  Llandudno MG Owners Club Snowdon run on the Sunday, the trip sounds full of promise, we can only hope that the weather will be kind to us so that we can really enjoy the spectacular scenery.  There are limited spaces for this so it’s on a first come basis; we have already paid our deposit!

John, our Chairman is looking into a visit to the Isle of Man for a few days after the Cotswold Caper, this is so everyone can relax after all their hard work.  More details will be given at the first meeting in the New Year.

The meeting over, Joyce and Graham true to form posed a brain teaser of a quiz, we were given 25 cryptic clues and had to work out the towns or cities in Great Britain from them.  I think it was Jane and Lawrence who won with a fantastic score of …….. 10?   As we are all of a certain age the clues need to be easier as we tend to loose concentration after 4pm!!

Jane G very kindly held a PartyLite Party with nibbles for the ladies last Thursday and as the last time I went to one was when they first started some 12 years ago I  was pleasantly surprised that the range had vastly improved.  A little birdie tells me that we will be having a PartyLite prize for the Caper.

Some of us are off to the The Kings Head at Norton for Sunday lunch on 23 November organized by Joyce, (this is where we had one of our Christmas meals) so we are looking forward to our food.




October 2008 Newsletter No 11

It was encouraging to see so many members at the October meeting as Mrs Liz White who is the main stay of  ‘Cloud 9’, the charity which we are supporting with the 2009 Cotswold Caper, came along to give us an insight as to what the charity involves.  She was accompanied by John Lewis who is the chairman for the fundraising committee.  This charity is run entirely by volunteers and gives ‘sick’ children the opportunity to have a dream holiday, perhaps their last, with their parents and siblings.  The charity was started in 1986 and only exists because of the hard and untiring work of the volunteers.  Since May last year 50 families have benefited and it must be stressed that all money collected goes towards the holidays making it a memorable experience for the sick children and their families.   The charity is run from Liz’s home so it was  cloak and dagger to meet up with our Chairman and Secretary at a pre-arranged location, obviously she didn’t feel safe enough to entertain them to coffee at her home, I wonder why!

After Liz and John left we discussed the Xmas dinner which Adrian and Rita are organizing and duly paid our deposits.  We are looking for prizes for the raffle and would appreciate it if those who are attending could bring a little something along, but sponges are out as it’s not the weather for cleaning cars.

Joyce and Graham are running a quiz after the next meeting and going from past experience this should prove to be a good laugh.  The question master/mistress is always right!

The Cotswold Caper run has been finalized and we are looking for members to obtain donations or advertisements for the brochure, remember this is a very worthwhile charity that we are supporting this year. 

Just a reminder to new and old members, suggestions for activities are always welcome particularly to get us through the long winter nights.  Any suggestions contact our ever enthusiastic committee.




September 2008 Newsletter No 10


We arrived to find that we had been relegated to another room, but we have had meetings in this room on previous occasions and found it quite satisfactory.

Graham had produced the 2009 calendar of events and asked for volunteers to arrange the Tuesday evening monthly runs and Sunday all day events, but members were a little slow in coming forward.  This necessitated Graham and John using all their charm! and a deal of  persuasion  resulting in all events for 2009  being  covered and it looks to be a very busy year.  We are hoping to have a run out in April to a see the workings and possibly ride on a Steam Train, also a visit to Bovington tank museum.

Ten MG’s (well nine plus one Mazda) are off to Brittany on the 19th September for the annual MG holiday, and our Chairman is already thinking about next year.  John suggested Scotland which many of us thought a brilliant idea, but certain members thought their cars would not make it that far and  Wales was suggested as an alternative. A vote was taken on both, and I think there may be two Club holidays in 2009! 

Adrian advised us that we had had 119 ‘hits’ to the web site, this is proving to be very popular and credit must go to Adrian for all his efforts.

There is an undercurrent of dissatisfaction growing amongst our ladies, the reason being a feeling of neglect.  I believe this to mean most or all of the events are for the benefit of the male members of the Club.  A chat followed amongst us girls and Joyce is going to try and organize a jewelry party in the new year, which will be a chance for the men to show their domestic skills.

Attendance was 30.  The raffle or John’s swindle brought in £33.00 for Club funds. 




August 2008 Newsletter No 9


The Club meeting on the 14 August was successful as usual, attended by 25 members and many subjects were raised, particularly the purchase of the new gazebo (with sides) which will accommodate all of the Club apparently!  Is the new one wind and rainproof?
Only time will tell.

The Caper proceeds with a start venue now confirmed, sounds good and the finish will be at our local arboretum which also looks to be excellent.  A lot of discussion took place as to the charity which will benefit in 2009, this also seems to have been settled.  No doubt Graham and John will be explaining more at a future date.

The Club remains as busy as ever with the helicopter museum trip, followed by the gliding experience for some members at Aston Down.  The Brittany trip is fast approaching and this has been expertly organized (I think!!).

Seventeen members attended the Cotswold Care Hospice to present the cheque from this years Caper, and we were warmly welcomed and shown round the facilities.  Tea and excellent cakes (especially the chocolate sponge) were provided and John was observed going back for seconds.

Finally, a warm welcome to Linda and Tony Jones (Midget) who also joined us for Brian and Teresa’s Tuesday run, and two new members who signed up at the meeting, Chris Smith (M---) and Colin Hall (B Roadster).



July 2008 Newsletter No 8


It was a very lively meeting attended by 29 members, who our Chairman had difficulty in controlling.  Mo and I had a little discussion and decided that we must get a gavel for John in time for the next meeting so that he can assert his authority.

Our Secretary, who is in charge of clothing orders, had purchased 10 blue Glos MGOC baseball caps, seven of which  were snapped up very quickly.  At £8.00 each they are very good value.  Sale of clothing is going very well, and I think that most members of the Club either have a sweatshirt, shirt or polo shirt, not to mention the fleeces, but these are more winter wear.

We had an in depth discussion about the purchase of a new Club Gazebo as the one we have is a little too complicated for the senior members of our Club to erect.  They say that many hands make light work, but have you ever seen 6 men trying to put together a Gazebo, I will leave it to your imagination, but they took at least ½ an hour at one function we attended much to the amusement of other Clubs. 

We took a vote for the charity we would support with next years Caper and the top three are to be investigated by Graham and John for a report at the August meeting.

We have a new lady member Yvonne, who did not attend the meeting but was at the Clay Pigeon Shooting night out, and we would like to welcome her to the Club and hope to see her at the next meeting.



June 2008 Newsletter No 7


As you know from my April newsletter I was away for most of May and therefore unable to report on the last meeting which was the AGM.  I don’t think it was an earth moving experience from all accounts which is what I felt whilst in China up the top of a pagoda on the Xian City Wall  (which is where the Terracotta Warriors live), fortunately the pagoda only moved a little, but we certainly made a hasty retreat.

We were evicted for whatever reason from our usual room at The Gala Club for last Thursdays meeting but were in a much larger room with a little stage area.  Our very welcome newly elected Chairman John Child took control of the meeting from centre stage after a lot of persuasion.  Brian Clarke was also elected to the Committee and is our social member, I am not quite sure what that title means!

The June meeting was well attended and it was good to see some old faces who have not been able to attend for some time.  We also had three new members,  Peter and Marion Burke and Derrick Newman, who is a friend and has also navigated on numerous occasions for Peter Vielvoye.  Peter made the comment that Derrick is not too hot on the navigation so I assume that is why he has bought his own MG TD so someone can navigate for him. 

A full report on the Cotswold Caper will be on the web, but it was yet another success with lots of compliments on the organization, all due to John, Graham and Jeff.  We had ordered good weather and we were not let down, the sun shone all day from our early start of 7.30 am. 

Graham and John have agreed once again to organize the Caper for 2009, with just a little help from their friends.

The meeting was over quite quickly and whilst the draw took place the members mingled and chatted socially no doubt talking cars.

Our next jaunt is Rita and Adrian’s run on Tuesday 24th June, which we have been reliable informed ends with a BBQ. 





April  2008 Newsletter No 6


Unfortunately due to a well earned holiday in Spain (well I think I earned one) I was  unable to attend the April meeting, but from very reliable sources I am informed that attendance was excellent.  Perhaps I should go away more often, come to think of it I will not be at the AGM next month due to yet another holiday and I will miss Mike The Spares Pollock’s’ evening run also, but hubby tells me he has a stand in, the blonde from across the road.  Hope her navigating is as good as mine.  Talking of which, it was Johns Evening Jaunt last Tuesday and quite a few of us misread his instructions.  A very interesting run as usual John many thanks, yes Trev and I are talking again.

Don’t forget subs were due during April, and there are still one or two of you who have not paid. 

The year has kicked off to a good start and with the events at St Rose’s School,  Kemble, Wroughton and Highnam, plus of course the Caper, this year promises to be a cracker.

On a point of interest membership appears to be 40 MGs plus their owners and partners, with Nigel and Sian Day from Uckington and their Midget being the latest recruits.  A warm welcome to you both. 

Have a good AGM and see you in June!



March  2008 Newsletter No 5


It was toys for the boys at the March meeting, as John and Maureen’s’ son Andrew set up his scalectrix so that the members could test their driving skills.   

After the formal part of the evening and the swindle (the monthly raffle) had taken place, the boys were paired off for a knock-out.   Of the 21 members there was only a small contingent of us woman, so we left the boys to their own devices.  Graham unfortunately had a handicap with his sports car which caused great hilarity as it was towing a caravan.  As a caravaner it was thought he should show his skills negotiating the track which he did with extreme dexterity.  The winner of the evening was Neil Dewey.

We would like to thank Andrew for organizing a very entertaining evening (for the boys).  Are the girls now in line for a ‘pamper evening’! 

Our first run of this year was organized by Graham and Joyce, who had to do last minute adjustments to the route as the chosen hostelry inconsiderately closed its’ doors.   Was it the thought of a visit by 14+ members of the Gloucestershire MG Owners’ Club, has our reputation gone before us?

It was quite an arduous, but very good run of 32 miles and most of us ended up at the Royal William Craham where we were made most welcome and the food was excellent.

Thank you to Graham and Joyce.

A gentle reminder that membership fees of £10.00 are now due.

We extend a warm welcome to Steve Wood who hails from Amberley with his MGA.




February 2008 Newsletter No 4

Twenty members plus one from the Worcester Club had a very enjoyable lunch, thanks to Adrian and Rita, at the Crown Frampton Mansell on Sunday 10th February.  I hasten to add Adrian and Rita did not pay, but did organize it.  The weather was excellent but not all members braved bringing out their MGs.

The meeting on Valentines Day was well supported by twenty-two members, as the Rev Michael Tucker, director of Cotswold Care Hospice and Peter Hollingsworth , Fund Raiser came along to give us a presentation and answer questions on the facilities they provide at their base in Burleigh.  It was very interesting and holding our Cotswold Caper in support of the Cotswold Care Hospice is a very worthwhile cause.  At present they are using a large house which was purchased some twenty years ago, but their new larger building is well underway and should be ready for use May/June this year, giving them far greater facilities for their very important works.

Finally, the Club would like to extend a warm welcome to Steve Kiggins.   Steve hails from Bibury and drives a B Roadster



January 2008 Newsletter No 3

For the first time in a very long while there was a reduction in the number of members attending the first meeting of the new year, this was due to the very unpleasant bugs that have been affecting everyone. Many of those who were able to attend were still coughing and spluttering.

John, Graham and Geoff have the route wrapped up for our Cotswold Caper in June and the advertisements for the Route Book are coming in fast.  Graham has even been in contact with Prince Charles asking for a Raffle Prize and has informed HRH that he and John are quite willing to go and collect it.  Hopefully it won’t be  perishable products ie carrots or cabbage!  Who knows he might even turn up on the day!!

Mark gave us some very interesting information regarding Mobile Phones, all the information can be found on our website, well worth a visit.

Comments were made about the excellent report in Enjoying MG courtesy of Graham/John.

The evening ended with Tony, whom I was reliably informed used to Rally in his earlier years.  Tony patiently showed us how to use  Map References, which was very informative.   He ended his talk by producing 15 questions on signs used on OS maps.  This definitely tested the members as no-one got it completely right.  Thank you Tony.




December Newsletter Issue 2

The December meeting on the 13th was our Christmas Meal at The Farmers Pub in Lower Apperley organized by John Child.  We were welcomed by John and Graham (our secretary) who were seated at the entrance to the restaurant where they demanded money with menaces for the Club fund by way of the Club swindle i.e. raffle.  There was a table full of prizes and I think that most couples had at least one prize, some who will remain anonymous (Adrian) had two prizes.

The landlord did us proud with a good choice on the menu and sorbet to cleanse the palette before the main course.

There were a few other groups but none of them outnumbered our Club who members were thirty plus, a very good turn out once again.

The disco erupted at about 9.30 pm but unfortunately the punters were a little slow to get going.  We left at 10.45 pm with Joyce, Pam and Jane strutting their stuff on the dance floor.

Thanks go to John for a very sociable and pleasant evening.

Next years Christmas Meal I am led to believe will be at Burger King or Weatherspoons.  Adrian is taking numbers already as he is expecting to be overwhelmed with bookings at the prospect of burger and chips, I trust that he is joking!


Twenty-seven members attended Novembers meeting where we agreed to donate £25.00 to the Cotswold Care Hospice's Christmas 'Light a Candle' in memory of someone special to be held at venues in Tetbury, Cirencester, Stroud and Cam.  Members agreed that they would attend the event in their area if at all possible to represent the Club.

After the serious business of the meeting had been attended to we had to test our knowledge in teams of four answering twenty-eight questions set by Tony and Jane on towns/cities in England.  As usual there was great hilarity and arguments when the papers were marked, but the questionmaster/mistress is always correct and has the last word.  The team of Graham and Pam Sutton and Jeff and Carole Phillips were the champions of the evening scoring twenty-two on the set paper.

The raffle was as usual a a great success, netting £28.00 for the Club funds.

The next meeting is our Christmas meal which John has arranged at The Farmers Arms Lower Apperly.  We could all be bopping into the early hours of the morning as the pub is providing a disco, I am informed that by special request the DJ will be playing music of the 40s.

There are places available on the Brittany trip 20-27 September 2008 if anyone is interested.  We will be staying at a gite on a B & B basis with evening meal available if required. 

Please either email Trevor and Sue Panter on or telephone 01453 543292.







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