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June 2007

This month was really busy for us all.

Mountains and Valleys Run

Kemble Air Show

Jersey trip

Mountains and Valleys Run

I’m not afraid to put my name to a report; 

 I’m Mr. John W. Child Esq. and this is MY report on :-

The Mountains and Valleys Run

 held on Sunday 3rd June and organised by the Herefordshire MG Owners Club

ready?Graham and I left Gloucester at  8o’clock, in brilliant sunshine which gradually disappeared as we travelled towards Hereford.

127+ cars were booked in.    From our Club there were 8 entries, which I think is an excellent turnout---one I thought that would have earnt us the prize for the club with the most entries; however this went to Pembrokeshire with 11 entries.

As the title of the run suggests, we did go over mountains and through valleys AND without the rain the forecasters promised.

I missed two turnings, sorry my navigator and I missed two turnings, from which we quickly recovered without even adding one mile—honest.

At about 55 miles on Myndd Llangatwg (Graham S will confirm the spelling !) we stopped for a “picnic”----picnic be blowed----out came the tables, the plates, knives and forks, dinners, puddings everything bar the kitchen sink; oh and one very kind Gentleman and Lady made Mo and I a hot drink each, off their STOVE and with a piece of  homemade fruit cake (not baked on the same stove I must add)    Thank you very much.  I must remember to modify my Roadster and fit a hitch for a trailer for the next run !! 1

Just around the corner from our picnic stop was the official mid-run stop at “The Old Rectory” at Crickhowell. Certain members could not pass this hostelry without sampling their wares—and very good they were too. Onwards through Abergavenny to the finish at The Pilgrim Hotel. Now this is an establishment worthy of a Sunday Run; prices seemed very competitive for both food and drink, although we only sampled the latter. A Young Lady was heard to remark that this could be combined with a visit to “Labels” at Ross. If that were to be the case, where would us menfolk spend the four hours they were shopping    OH  don’t answer that---we might not be fit to drive afterwards !!!

Our Club must be very lucky or generous when buying raffle tickets, I believe the latter---most of us won a prize or two. A couple of members won four !!  But the prize of the day, I won---a top-of-the-range luxury paint roller pack !!!! Good job I didn’t win any emulsion paint.

To my knowledge no one had any problems with their car. A very enjoyable day, but after 3 years, I think I might give this run a miss next year and sample a different part of Wales --- we were in Wales weren’t we Graham?    

Kemble Air Show

17th june 2007 

timWe had all looked forward to the Airshow and it was eagerly anticipated by all.  I stressed to everyone that was going that as this was a popular event we should make sure that we should get to it in plenty of time before the rush.  I suggested we all meet at "Greasey Joes" in Ciren at 8am in the morning.  You would have thought I had asked to borrow their wives!  Several stated that as pensioners it was their legal right not to get up at that time of the day,  the others amongst them weren't even convinced that such a time existed.  I convinced them by appealing to their better nature - well actually I said its free entry for exhibitors.With them all now appeased all was set for the 8am rendezvous.  Now fate conspired against me.  We had a problem which caused me to be two minutes late.  I hadn't seen such leg pulling since John did the Duntisbourne run.  After an uneventful trip to Kemble we all arrived ready for the day.  First things first.  We needed to get the Gazebo up.  Have you ever seen 12 people trying to put up a simple piece of material.  As fast as one side was going up the other side going down.  Was it just a coincidence that in the stand next door it only took two people to do theirs?  To me that was the highlight of the day.  That reminds me, I dont think I will go on any brewery trips if we try to organize any.kem1

The event was exceptionally well attended and I am sure a good time was had by all.  The displays themselves varied from great to breathtaking.  The Tornados won the prize for noise, especially during the battle sequence.  We thought it could not be beaten until the Eurofighter.  In both these planes we FELT rather than heard them pass by.  It was a great experience.  With so many other acts it was hard to remember them all.  I think the Wing Walkers made an indellible impression on all the men ( and they were doing wing walking things as well).  Just like the old MGs that have style rather than speed, there were some WW11 planes strutting their stuff.   One blot on the day was waiting for the fly over by the Falklands anniversary flight.  It did not appear.  Still, the exit from the site was surprisingly fast and well organised.


I would like to thank every one who made the day really great and also Graham.  He was so upset for nothing.  All we did was try to sell his roadster for £400 ono.  I think we might have have had a few offers if he bought the price down.








Jersey Trip

June 2007

Organised by Sue and Trevor 

This year’s overseas run was organised by Trevor and Sue and an excellent job they made of it too.  Several 6of us decided to have an overnight stay in Weymouth or near by, thus saving us getting up early to catch the 10 o’clock ferry.  I heard leaving times of 4.30am quoted !! ----I saved battery power and stayed overnight at Portland.  Graham thought his luck was in when he found he had 4 beds in his room—Joyce had different ideas !!  During the afternoon, we drove down to the lighthouse on Portland Bill and sampled the fresh sea air.  Visited the cafe there and ordered scones, cream, jam  and tea --- very disappointed:  we had to wait 10 minutes for the scones to be baked but boy were they worth waiting for.

Already to go out for our evening meal, we received a phone call from Paul saying he had found a good pub round the corner from the hotel, where the food and wine was excellent. Twenty minutes later we joined him --- “just around the corner”  I ordered a small rack of ribs---- a large one must take up the whole of the table !! Yes,  the food was good and we can all recommend The Clifton Inn. Not content with upsetting the locals with our banter, Graham buys a Jester Hat, complete with flashing lights. Together,  Pat and I helped Paul back to the hotel; he complained the walk back was too long !!! believe that you’ll believe anything.

7 All 10 cars were at the Ferry Terminal, on time, with no mishaps reported. The journey took just over 4 hours and was uneventful------ those who drove down that morning – slept – those that went out the evening before – slept. I completed the crossword !!

We stayed at the Westhill Country Hotel, in St. Helier,  where Sue and Trevor negotiated a special evening meal rate --- 4 courses with 4 or 5 selections available for each course: with the quality also very good we could not expect to find better.

First day on the Island,  Sue and Trevor had organised a 50 mile tour round the island – this without a Tulip Diagram – a good job too, otherwise some of us with suspect navigators  might have ended up in the sea. Not I of course.   This trip really gave us a flavour of the island;  1989 was the last time I was here and it has changed a lot – not always for the better.     In the evening, Sandra, Secretary  of the Jersey MG Owners Club and organiser of the  annual Jersey Rally, welcomed us to the Island and presented each of us with a memento of our visit.  Thank you Sandra.  Later on, some of us joined in the dancing and singing laid on by the hotel entertainment. Not a pretty sight.


Next day was a free day.  Graham took this literally and tried to get his car moving economically with wind assistance – he had left his boot wide open.  Brian had starting problems but the expertise of the included mechanics sorted this.  Graham and I visited the German Underground Hospital (now called Jersey War Tunnels) followed by a visit to the Zoo. I think this was a bit ambitious and we arrived back at the hotel; very tired.  The visit to the Tunnels was an eye-opener,  we were very lucky we were not invaded.    22


Sunday was not a good weather day, but never-the-less, Trevor and I visited the local Go –Kart club meeting and very well organised it was too; public road closed, plenty of marshals, electric starting lights and lap counter. They catered for all classes from six year olds, boys and girls, to gearbox karts.  With the bad weather keeping us inside; don’t want to take the cars out in the wet they said !!  we  decided  we would like to sample, in the evening,  one of the pubs we stopped at on the “round the island tour”. Once again our couriers came up trumps and managed to get us a room to ourselves at Les Fontains Tavern. Two cars followed me but I didn’t know the way !!!!  Thinking the others would be waiting for us, we were very surprised to find we were first. Graham had an electrical breakdown on his car which Trevor was able to quickly diagnose and remedy, under three umbrellas in the pouring run. Well done Trev.   Les Fontains Tavern is an oldie worldie pub with slab floor, low ceiling and lots of nick-naks AND the food was good.  There must be something about Jersey because we only experienced good food, where-ever we ate.


Monday, our visit to France – St. Malo. Never been there before. A  walled city full of      shops and cafeterias not Woollies, Tesco or Boots but individual shops, each with their own character. Oh and clothes shops, which some of our feminine colleagues could not pass. Paul and I bought a hat each: only because we left ours at the hotel.         The ferry journey back was something else. The weather was very windy, possibly gale force strength,  the ferry captain apologised for the late departure because he could not make up his mind whether to go or not. Having made arrangements for a tug to be available at St. Helier, he decided to go.  This ferry is a catamaran with jet units at the rear and no stabilsers. We must have left the water a couple of times and flew in the air until we hit the water again. Many passengers were bad but us hardy MG owners withstood all, although afterwards one or two of us looked green around the gills !!

          Tuesday: we returned home. We had a couple of hours in67 St. Helier, for last minute shopping at        Marks and Spencers !!!!!   I suppose the girls saved on VAT.  


      Due to a boiler failure, some of us only had tepid or cold water most of the time in our rooms but the hotel management very generously discounted meals taken at the hotel. It shows that the couriers were very wise in their choice of hotel.             Some of us got lost going to the port but with the island being so small, we still managed to catch the ferry.  The ferry ride was smooth compared to the previous one and we made good time.    Most drove straight home but one or two did stay overnight in Weymouth.  Graham and I came back through the outskirts of Glastonbury and saw many caravans and motor homes abandoned on the roadside. It must be terrible for the locals when this festival is on.

                   A  BIG Thank You to Sue and Trevor for organising this trip; I do appreciate the work involved.     We thoroughly enjoyed it.       Thank you


                                                    John Child



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