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A Jersey MG surprise.

Author: Hywel Griffiths.

Liz and I embarked on a five night break to Jersey on Thursday 28th April 2005, to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary.

What we didn’t know was that the Jersey MG Owners Club was holding their annual spring meeting that very weekend. We stumbled right across their advertisement at the Jersey Tourist Information Centre in St. Helier!

On Saturday morning we duly went along to The Peoples Park in St.Helier to take in this spectacle. There must have been 150+  MGs of all models there before the 11am start, and more kept arriving.


All the cars were arranged by model, with the MGB being the most prominent. I was naturally interested in the MGB Roadster display but I came away with the feeling that my poor 29 year old Bernard would only win the wreck of the show award if I entered. The standard of these displayed cars was unbelievable, quite unnatural in  my mind. I’m not sure whether some of the cars were only brought out for shows like this.


In the concourse section we were treated to the sight of owners giving, what only can be described as, a manicure to their MGs. One owner had his MGB up on very clean axle stands and he was actually cleaning the tyre treads with a toothbrush. Now, I don’t want to offend any concourse standard owners who are part of our G.M.G.O.C but please!, there’s clean and surgically clean.  This was really bordering on the obsessive behavior. Maybe that’s why Bernard would never win a concourse competition, but hey, he’s used and enjoyed just like he was meant to be. To make matters worse a 2005 ZT was being entered into the concourse competition, all mats taken out of the car and displayed as new, which of course they were. I didn’t stay to find out who won this particular competition.


A quick rummage through the stalls I came away with a pair of chrome windscreen wipers and a Jersey Owners Club mug. We left the show at this point to continue with our holiday.


The next  day we drove along Five Mile Road, beside St.Ouen bay and again we came across the J.M.G.O.C. This time they had taken over a public car park right beside the beach. A time trial was being held. Budding Sterling Moss’s gave their all on a short course around some bollards. Some competitors really did fly around the course, with wheels spinning and rubber burning. Others, well, a few stalls here and a bollard knocked over there was met with joking jeers from hundreds in the crowd,  but always ended with a cheer from the crowd when the course was completed.


For the rest of weekend it seemed that every other car on the island was an MG. If only life was really like that.


Plenty of pictures have been taken of these events, so if you want to see them please let me know.


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