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IRELAND  TRIP  --  2010



Twas on a mid-September day that eight cars, seven MG’s and a Jaguar, were scheduled to depart from Gloucester to Ireland.   Paul and Pat on their way down from Birmingham to Gloucester decided to drive closer to the road and chose to have a puncture on the Motorway. a bit more than just a puncture eh !  Spare was fitted and puncture repaired, in Gloucester,  with only  30 minutes delay.

Five cars met up at the pub at Skenfrith: John & Mo, John & Janet, Brian & Lynn, Adrian & Rita and Paul & Pat.; Brian & Teresa planned to meet us at St. Clears and Trevor & Sue and Jim at Fishguard  Ferry-port. The weather on the journey to St. Clears was showery but not too bad. The six cars of us stayed at The Forge Motel for DB&B, getting to be a regular stopping place for us  Gloucesterites and we again enjoyed a very nice dinner.  It must be reported that diabetes does not stop one having an enormous  Peach Melba for a desert !!

Next day, all met up at the Ferry-port on time but the boat departed 30 minutes late. The crossing was a bit rough but not too severe, with only two of us feeling a bit whoopsy.  The first hotel was in Rosslare, where we were welcomed by a very pleasant couple to their 5* house. However, we had decided to dine at the local pub  ½ mile away, where our Courier had negotiated the pub re-opening in spite of the “winter season”. An excellent choice with the Landlord being a trained chef. It did not take long for some to sample the Black Stuff with it being included in the Special of the Day.

Early next morning, in the sunshine our Courier had ordered, we all departed at 10 o’clock for our stay at Kinsale, just south of Cork, Most of us used the suggested route of 140 miles which include the possible visit to the newly opened Waterford Crystal showroom at, guess where – Waterford. To my knowledge the only pieces purchased were one by a  rich couple and one by a  lonely man as a  “present”.

The hotel was about 2 miles from the centre of Kinsale, out in the country. Again, a very splendid place but this time only 4* with the dinner even more pricey.

For two nights, we used their mini-bus into Kinsale and found a good quality pub that was prepared to suffer 15 foreigners at one sitting. After dinner, live music was sought, which was not difficult since virtually every pub had some of one sort or another and every other place was a pub.


During the day, sunny weather again, we wandered around Clonakilty where ----years ago, Paul & Pat holidayed with their family.  We ended up at Inchydoney Island for lunch at a hotel overlooking the sandy beach.  Others went to Cork and the neighbouring towns. There were also plenty of historic sights around Kinsale. Dinner at night was highlighted by one member having  the butter from several tables to accompany her (or was it a his) cheese and biscuits.

Onto Killarney, next day --- another sunshine day --- our Courier suggested different routes, so again we were not all together. We took Options 2 and A and  stopped for lunch at Bantry where a street market was held and I bought “my beloved” an expensive watch for E- (only one number mind).  After negotiating Moll’s Gap we arrived  at Killarney early, enabling the Courier to arrange an evening at Danny Manns for dinner, live Irish music and a mini-bus. The hotel was 3* and very family orientated.  John & Mo were a bit upset that at the last minute Trevor & Sue didn’t want to share their room !! a mix up on key allocation. The evening at Danny Manns was absolutely magic and the trio Molly Mcquire with their music, jokes and songs had us all enthralled when we weren’t doubled up with laughter. The final icing on the cake was the announcement by the trio of John and Janet’s  44th wedding anniversary.

Some of us went on the Ring of Kerry for the first time. The route was about 100 miles long and was best approached in an anticlockwise direxction. It was well worth the trip with stunning views of the coast. At the halfway mark was a superb restaurant called the Smugglers Inn where really fresh fish was sold. It was a great meal. Enroute we passed historic ring forts and Ogham stones.

Next day, who has a puncture at the filling station ?   yours truly. Unfortunately the garage could not repair it immediately and therefore we had to be back at Killarney before closing time at 5 o’clock. This restricted how far we could go round our choice of the Dingle Peninsular. Never the less, in the sunshine, we saw a lot of splendid scenery.   And who had a puncture on the Dingle run ?   Trevor      Three punctures on one trip – so much for these spoked wheels although it must be said that some of the roads here are worse than ours if that is possible. 

A evening in the hotel for dinner, what a novelty, with afterwards some having an early night, some having a tot and one sampling night-life in Killarney.

In the morning, off back to Rosslare to our first hotel and pub for dinner. An uneventful run with the weather a little overcast.
The Ferry next day was really smooth with no-one suffering. However the run back home was different. Paul, who caught a cold drinking out of wet glasses, didn’t feel too well and the last thing he needed was a problem – the brake on the near-side front wheel jammed on, got very hot and he lost all braking.  After “fiddling”, some semblance of braking returned which improved with use and Paul safely returned to Birmingham all OK.

A very enjoyable trip,  I completed 960 miles and had  only one puncture. Well worth the effort in arranging everything and a big thank you to all who signed the Thank You card and contributed to the bottle of Scottish wine.

Thank you

John Child


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