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Tel Stroud (01453) 763462

Trade prices to club members on production of membership card.


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Welcome to Gloucestershire MG Owners Club.


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Its the cars that bring us together.

Its the friendship that keeps us together.


Gloucestershire MG Owners Club is a small band of enthusiasts who love anything MG. We are a friendly club that enjoys its social events. We always have at least one evening run in the summer months as well as many other social events.

We meet every second Thursday of the month at the Gala Club in Gloucester with meetings starting at 8:00pm.


Presentation of Cheque to Willow Trust for £6,109



What Sort of Social events do we have?

To check out the sort of things we have done in the past please check out our Past Events Page

This page will give you a good idea of what we do and what we are like!


Upcoming Events in this Month

For details see our Diary Page

Our Latest Write ups

Coffee & Classics

Cotswold Airport Open Day


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Caption Competition

One more caption competition - Win a bottle of wine!!

Email me with your suggestions. Also, please email me with photos we can use for the competition

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No, I dont get it either, there are only three of us!

"The food was late once again"


With only 3 participants, the speed dating evening was not going well!


The 3 judges for the GMGOC's Got Talent Competition were struggling to decide if 1st prize should go to Laurence for his moving impersonation of a steam train or Trevor's sexy belly dance routine.

Have they really run out of beer?
MMMM, thats a tough one Keith, what is 3 plus 3?
Any ideas????


Can anyone come up with any photos which we could use in a caption competition


Email me if you can come up with anything at my email

Should you like to contact us with any general question about the club please email


Our Latest Newsletter

October 2017 Newsletter No 106

Brian welcomed Members to the October meeting saying that we were a bit thin on the ground this month as various Members were away.   It looked as though there were more Members of Friends Uke-Nited, our entertainment for the evening, than MG Owners but on counting we just had the edge 31-23. 

Peter who was leading the Group in the absence of Terry wondered where all the MGs were but it was explained that they were wrapped up for the winter.  He said that they would be playing their ukuleles for about an hour and would start off with 'City of New Orleans'.  They also performed a George Formby medley and did a different variation on Status Quos 'Down Down' running together with another well know song which was brilliant.  There was audience participation and our Chairman was asked to join in with 'Jambalaya' shaking  a tambourine which was handed to him  by Kate.  There are hidden talents in our Chairman.

A different evening for our Members who thoroughly enjoyed being entertained by such an enthusiastic and happy bunch of people.  I think this is one group we will be having back in the future.

Mo and Carol went around with the raffle whilst Friends Uke-nited packed up their instruments and although we were short on numbers they did manage to acquire £32.00.

The meeting was re-convened and Brian said it was difficult to get something each month and made reference to having a repeat performance from the 'belly dancer' who we had some years ago.  He said that although our Secretary was cruising the high seas he still had time to do the agenda and other items which were to be reported on.  A welcome was given to Chris and Rosemary who had been Members for a little while but this was the first meeting they had been free to attend.  We hope that we will see more of them

Thanks were given to Andy Jarrett in his absence for the very enjoyable last evening run of the year and also to Keith and Wendy for another great run finishing with superb food at their home.  Hopefully it will be an annual event.

The Cotswold Airport Open Day at Kemble, which was their very first,  was a success and we even signed up a new Member, Robert Porter.  The event is to be held again next year and  Laurence has made a note of the date.  Tim saved on petrol on the way home as unfortunately he had car troubles and had to be recovered by the AA. 

It was time to vote on the Charity for 2018 and although July sounds a long way off  there is a lot or organising to do with raffle tickets etc.   Five had been put forward and Teresa refreshed Members memories of the Butterfly Garden from last year and Keith and Richard gave a short precise of why we should support their nominated Charities, The Family Haven and the Great Western Ambulance Service,  with Brian reading a report from Paul on Dogs for Good and Rob on Severn Freewheelers.  All very worthwhile Charities.    Brian did mention that one was a National Charity and we do tend to keep it local. 

A show of hands was requested for each Charity and together with those already voted for by email, as Members could not be present, the Great Western Ambulance Service won by two votes over The Butterfly Garden.

Club funds are still very healthy.

Brian then ran through the list of forthcoming events.  Sunday lunch on the 22nd October which is being organised by Tim and Louise at Ye Olde Hobnails and John, who had kindly offered to organise the November lunch on the 19th.  Details of which are on the web site.

Dave, who we hope is going to dress up as Santa on the 9th December, said that we had thirty-seven Members signed up for the Xmas Bash but there was still room for more.  He would be collecting the money at the November meeting.

The route for the 2018 Caper is well under way and it should be completed before Christmas.

Members were asked to suggest amendments to the website which would only work if there is an input from them.  We require photographs and details of their cars.

Wessex MG Group had suggested we meet up for a friendly skittles match in the new year and there was an enthusiastic response from Members.   Laurence, on his return, will liaise with the Secretary of the Wessex MG Group.

Brian asked for volunteers for the first three months of 2018 for Sunday lunches and also for the  Tuesday evening runs from April.  Gethin had already volunteered for April and Richard said he would organise the June run.  There were no takers for the lunches.

Sue informed Members that she had booked ten rooms at the Westhill Country Hotel in Jersey for five nights at the beginning of June,  seven of which had already been filled and asked if there were any other couples who would be interested.  The ten rooms have needless to say been filled.

As there was no other business Brian closed the meeting at 10pm.





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