Richard Ward’s Evening Run Tuesday 28th May


Our latest evening run, organised by Richard took place on the evening of 28th May. The run started from the Gala club car park (thank you to them) with the weather looking sunny but with a large black cloud over us for a short while. Luckily the cloud moved away and we were able to enjoy the run in sunshine and on dry roads.

After leaving the Gala club we turned onto the A38 heading towards Tewkesbury and turned left at Norton and wriggled our way through the lanes to Wainlodes on the side of the river. We then turned towards Tirley and Tirley sandpits and then on to Forthampton. On this stretch of narrow lanes some cars met a large tractor cutting the verges. It was impossible to pass or reverse and consequently a local resident was surprised to find four M.G.s follow him up his drive. He was very understanding and quite amused at his unexpected visitors.

We continued on to Corse Lawn and Eldersfield and from there to Pendock, all with alternating views of the Malvern and Cotswolds as we twisted through the lanes.

At Pendock, the main road was blocked due to long term roadworks and our route thus turned right to Sledge Green and then on to Birtsmorton and London. From here the route took us across the main Upton road and on to Bushley, where the road runs through the cricket pitch between the pavilion and the outfield. Having turned towards Tewkesbury we drove through the town, towards Gloucester to finish at the Gupshill Manor on the site of the wars of the roses battlefield. At the Gupshill, 22 of us enjoyed excellent food with first class service. Altogether 26 of us and 2 dogs enjoyed a really good evening.