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27th June 2017

After what for many was a hectic Caper weekend a gentle canter down through the Windrush Valley was on offer.


To help any working members the start was scheduled at 6.30pm from the lay-by at Seven Springs. Imagine our surprise when we arrived at 5.50pm to find 7 cars and crews already there, it seemed that traffic had been unusually light, hence the early arrivals. The weather forecast was not good but all 16 cars left in dry conditions.




Leaving Seven Springs towards the Kilkenny Arms, the route instruction was turn left to “Andover”, Gethin had left out the “ford” part to save ink (my excuse).  Crossing the A40 the route looped via Hampen to rejoin the A40 north of Compton Abdale, certain drivers managed to blow some cobwebs out on this short section of A road.


The preferred route to Northleach was closed and has been for over a year now, and so it was past Hangmans Stone to join the old Fosse Way and then drop down through Mile End to the centre of the town to turn left towards Farmington, a turn that a few crews missed first time as it was so close to the complicated town centre diagram.



It was then under the A40 to take in Farmington village and follow the Windrush Valley via Heycroft Ho, Sherbourne and Windrush before crossing the river into Great Barrington to keep North of the river to Taynton and Burford to cross the river once again and drive up Burford High Street to the finish at the Cotswold Gateway Hotel on the A40.



The car park was unusually full for a Tuesday night but we did manage to find room for all. It was a very scenic route, just a little damp towards the end but hoods remained down. There was initial confusion in the restaurant as the menu had changed and the crews who booked late had to modify their choices.




We had asked to eat at 8.15 and the food was on the table by 8.20 despite the confusion caused by a young employee who thought that all the menu choices had to be changed. The food was enjoyed by all including Trev once Jeff had taste tested his sausages for him. After the usual social banter most people were able to return to the wilds of Gloucestershire by 9.30 and for a change Jan and Gethin had the short journey home as did Martin and Adele who had successfully introduced young Adam and Liam to navigating WITHOUT the aid of an iPad or tablet and they enjoyed it.






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