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South Cerney Steam Fair

7th August 2016

As the snow flies, On a cold and gray Cirencester mornin' - Oh no sorry that was in the Ghetto by Elvis. Exactly the same except it wasnt too cold and there was no snow. But Cirencester did look gray with clouds as we gathered in the car park.


When we arrived from our local B&B there were several cars there all ready and waiting. As the clouds scudding over us seemed to indicate a dire day was in store the cars grew until we had reached 17. That was a really good number for this annual event. It was really nice to see at least 4 new members joining in with the old crowd.





Brian led the way from the car park and we followed in a stately procession admired by all towards the entrance. After a brief stop to reform we made our way in. Now, I am not saying who it was who forgot his pass as I dont want to embarrass Tim, but there was one who was refused entry

Our customary fun was had by all trying to get the Gazebo up. First off all we had had to ask the Minis for more room as they were seeming to encroach on our area, well - they are small any way so didnt need so much room. They were great about it and soon cries of "Back a bit", "Your way" etc were ringing around the arena in what was probably the first spectator sport of the day. Eventually the Gazebo was up and I was pleased to see more than just the normal "putter uppers" were involved. As usual Trev masterminded it with supreme nonchalance and aplomb



Many of us were for Brekky but Tim turned up after being refused entry asking if someone could vouch for him. This was the point where no one wanted do that but then we remembered we could vouch for Lou instead so a long walk to the start and soon we were all in



The event itself is full of shows and demonstrations as well as a myriad of stalls selling all kinds of everything. Teresa was in her element as she was SKIing (spending kids inheritance). I am sure we must have substantially increased the coffers of the traders.





It was a very blustery day but the Gazebo was a godsend and it provided shelter for us all and old stagers and new members were soon chatting away and mingling. Thats what makes this club so good.


All to soon we had to take down the Gazebo as the day was done. It is always easier to take down although not so much fun


Thanks to all those who took part and made it such a great day


Adrian and Rita


ps Carol 13 down was reticule





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