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The Second Annual Gloucestershire MG Owners Club Annual Bournemouth Run

1st April to 3rd April 2016

I thought that would be a catchy title to start the write up with. Last year was our inaugural run and it booked out the hotel fully. So, it was with trepidation that we suggested a follow up this year. Immediately all the rooms were taken again despite some poor souls opting to see Ken Dodd instead of us. There is no counting for taste!




Unfortunately Eddy could not make it this year but there were twenty who did. Janet and John were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary so they arrived a day early. The remainder drifted in from as early as 2pm. We were not the first. My excuse was that we had a very long way to travel.




After the obligatory beers where we all caught up we sat down to the first evening meal in our own dining room away from any non MGers. We all decided that if Eddy could not come to us we would go to him via Facetime on the Ipad. Perhaps we should hae warned him - still his Jim Jams did look cute.

Soon the wine, like the conversation, was flowing and it was time for bed. I am firmly of the opinion that we are so welcomed at the Dean Park because the takings soar when we are there.



Up at the crack of dawn - well 9am really but it felt like it after all that drinking the night before. Once breakfasted all the cars set out on a 90 mile run of the area. Poor Gethin and Tony didnt enjoy the run as Jan and Jane went shopping.

Tim had upset Lou as he had bought the hard top after last years weather so a trip to our garage was in order to store it for the weekend. That got him out of trouble



At the half way stop Gethin had to have a pint to steady his nerves. This time we were more centred on the general area rather than the coast. We did see some sea.

Les and Carol decided to park up and admire the view, well thats what I thought, but in truth their radiator exploded and they had to be towed back to the hotel. A little further on my warning light came on and with Trev assuring me "No, you wont explode the engine" I limped back home. (For those that know my technical prowess they will be surprised I diagnosed it as a fauly alternator, removed it, got it refurbished and refitted it all by myself. I am very proud of doing that)


Once at the hotel the beer started flowing again and another night passed so swiftly as only evenings with good friends can. The only thing I can remember about the night is that somehow we are organising a trip to Malta next year. Really looking forward to that

Sadly, the next morning, after being fortified with another great breakfast, we all split and wended our weary (or should it bleary) way home


Both Rita and I thank all those who came and those who wanted to but couldnt. Lets hope we have another full house next year







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