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Gloucester MG Club 2015 French Trip

17th to 23rd September 2016


When I said I might be interested in doing a trip to France this year I was surprised by the takeup. Before we knew it there were ten cars going. This despite my previous debacle at Llandudno

( see .

You can see the rooms we stayed in when in LLandudno on the left




All looked well and then the research started as we needed a nice place to stay and somewhere that would take all the cars.

After a good deal of looking around I settled on Les Villas d'Arromanches a short walk to the sea and in the centre of the invasion beaches right by the British Mulberry harbour. It looked a typical Normanday style building. All settled now just to wait for the day



Pretty soon two dropped out due to World Cup and other issues. A week before the set off date another had to drop out dor personal reasons (nothing bad) and soon after we were down one more couple from car issues. This meant we were down to eight cars - it should have been a warning!

On the day of departure my car wouldnt start and I was on the brink of calling Vrittania when she decided she did want to go to france. We got to the hotel and awaited the next arrivals. Eddy and Diana came next and said they had petrol fumes and had used lots of fuel on the way down. He would fill up later that night. Next to arrive was Brian and Teresa who told me they too had had some problems with their car but it was alright now. John C was next and he also had had problems and was overheating and was not sure if he would go. At least Liz and Terry made it OK.


Soon after there was a phone call from Tony and Jane who had broken down and they were having to go back to Cheltenham. Talk about dropping like flies. Eddy then decided to get his fuel and whn he came back said there was a leak in his fuel tank! We started the process of him getting a replacement hire car through his insurance at around 5pm. He finally got got his car after having to go to Yeovil to collect it by taxi. He got back at 4:30 that morning which was a coincidence as that was the time Tony and Jane set out in the second car

So at last all eight cars got on the ferry for a smoothe crossing. The hotel was ready for us and the welcome was warm.


Over the next few days we all went our own ways and we saw several great museums including the Overlord museum, the Airborne museum in St Mere Eglise and the Pegasus Bridge museum in Benouville. Most went to Pointe Du Hoc and also saw the recently rediscovered Maisy Battery. As well as the World War two sites other areas of interst were Reims and the cider tour of Normandy.

Most of discovered a really nice small town called Port au Bessin See left). Whereever we went in France that stay we heard the sound of MGs coming from everywhere and the number of times we bumped into each other kept increasing but it added to the fun



All in all a delightful break with pleasant company and most had sated their need for revisiting the invasion beaches

Thanks to all for their company


Adrian and Rita




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