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Mg Club invade Prague 2015

30th November to 4th December

As a club we have been to Prague twice before and after going with Rita and our son and prospective daughter in law last year we thought a return MG trip might be on. Before we knew it people were asking to see if they could join us and we were soon up to seven couples. These were ten "old hands" an four "new boys (and girls).


Rita and I Have been going to the same hotel for years as it is quite handy for the centre, good quality and great value for money. So, after doing a deal with the hotel and organising the transport all was set. Before we went it was decided that we would hire a coach and go back to Terezin again - the site of a Nazi transit camp. In Terezin we had in the pst had great local food and so that was fitnly on the agenda



Just before we were due to fly there was some bad news as Paul and Margaret had to call off due to medical reasons which was a dissappointment for them and also for us. Our thoughts were with them as we left Bristol airport behind us and headed east.


A brief moment of panic as our left wasnt waiting for us but it was only a few minutes before he appeared - apparently a call of nature. Off to the hotel as we drove through the rian glistened streets of Prague - everything in these sort of cities looks great at night. We ate in the hotel the first night and enjoyed the local beers and wines and especially the Becherovka!




Tuesday was the first full day and we had arranged a visit to Klando and on to Terezin. The driver was perplexed as to why we were going to Klando and suggested Lidice which was the village the Nazis razed to the ground when Heydrich was assasinated. Most had been before but we decided to revisit and after driving through Klando we knew it was a good choice. The coach was a twenty seater and there was plenty of room for everyone


Lidice was as haunting as ever and everyone felt the despair of that place but enjoyed the experience of the visit. We then drove through Kladno grateful we didnt have to stop. We drove further North and were able to see the Czeck mountains before the Sudetenland (quite popular in the thirties).




At last we arrived in Terezin and Brian and Laurence remembered where the cafe was. Our driver Radek also knew it and said it was good place to eat. Several local dishes full of dumplings (well more like sponge) later we were ready for the rigours of the Little Fort, scene of torture and killings in the Nazi period. John suggested we should see if we could get a deal and we were to procure the services of a guide. Most of us had been there before but we all agreed he added so much knowledge it was like a fresh visit



Back to Prague where I had organised a medievil meal in the evening although it was hard to find. The meal itself was great with good beer and superb surroundings. Our drivers last act was to drop the "youngsters" off in Old Town sqaure where the rest of us went back to the hotel





The following days were spent doing individual things such as strolling from Wenceslas Square though the markets, onto Old Town Square and from there over Charles Bridge so we could get our Goulash in a bun. After the meal we had all agreed to meet at the U Prince roof garden at 5pm if we could. It is supposed to be one of the best Roof gardens in the world and with the views we saw I dont doubt it. Everyone turned up and copious amounts of mulled wine and local beer were consumed


Thursday was another free day and the highlight of that day was going in the hot tub after lots of walking. Laurence and Jane joined us and Laurence proved the strength of his phone by dropping it when getting in the hot tub (you should have seen what he was like after drinking Becherovka)

After the hot tub we sampled an Italian meal not far from the hotel where the water was dearer than the beer but the food was good

Two final memories were the Becherovka lift parties and the obligatory games of Uno. (Rita suggests you dont sit near Carol)

Thanks to all who came to make this another great trip


Rita and Adrian



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