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Adrian and Ritas Bournemouth Trip

27th March 2015

Having just moved to Bournemouth we thought it would be good to invite a few friends down. With that decision mde the hunt was on for a place to stay. Luckily Rita suggested a place near the dead centre of Bournemouth (the cemetary). A short inspection later, a bit of negotiation and we were on. The hotel had 7 double rooms, 2 twins and 2 singles. We provisionally booked them and sent out a message. Within a day we were sold out with Les and Carol having to be outsourced to another hotel. So, twenty people booked at the hotel and twenty two for meals




All that was needed now was to get the run ready - mere eighty miles of roads covering both the sea and the forest. We prepared the run covering places like Keyhaven, Lepe, Lymington and Lyndhurst and even organised a lunch stop at Beaulieu.






On the day before we were due to meet Rita and I had one last look at the route to ensure there were no snags. It was brilliant sunshine and the views to the Isle of Wight were stunning. Good job we did a route check as there was a road closure that forced a last minute reroute that had to be navigated. That done we waited for the fun to start




People started arriving at about eleven in the morning and by six we were all there. There is something good about taking over the whole hotel. When we came down for the evening meal we found the room had been reserved just for us and the noise soon started. The service was good and the meals were tasty. Add that to heady mixture of wine, beer and cider and the evening was a great success.


Saturday was the day of the run and on looking out of the window and we found the sun had deserted us. Breakfast cheered us up though as Sue ordered a boiled egg and got one with Trevs face drawn on it. We thought that was the highlight of the morning until Eddy leaned on the window only to find it was a fire door and it opened and he fell out. Good job it wasnt on the balcony.



We had suggested meeting at the half way stop at 1pm for lunch and then we were off. Even though the run was done in overcast conditions it was still pretty. Ninety minutes for the first half of the run which gave everyone time to stop and see the views. Rita and I arrived at the pub early in order to meet the others. Eddy and Tony were there already to our surprise and we found Eddy had been ill on the run. Within minutes virtually all the cars had arrived. The owner had sectioned off a part of the car park for us and he came out to meet welcome us as well. The food and welcome were excellent and after lunch we all set off. Rita drove Eddys car as I took him back to the hotel.


After the run the meal was really looked forward to. Everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves despite the overcast day.


The hotel had been really welcoming and its staff were freindly. We all had a great time. We will do this again next year as there are still plenty of places to see




Thanks fo everyone for making it such fun







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