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Sudeley Castle Classic Car Show

20th September 2014


This was one of the last chances for this year of a social event in our hectic calendar. Because of this we were really pleased to have 15 cars and thirty people register for the event. As cars were coming from many directions we agreed to meet in the layby just before Winchcombe. The time was set for 9:15 and instructions were sent out.

The evening before show I realised that Trev was not coming and therefore there was no Gazebo. A quick check of the weather forecast and I was consoled by the fact that the forecast was good for the following day. With a bit of luck I could convince everyone that it was a conscious decision. I think I got away with it. Just hoped the rain clouds held off

On the day itself the weather looked good and we set off hoping to find lots of cars in the layby. Unfortunately I had told everyone the layby was on the right. Trust Gethin to be awkward - he came from the other direction! Still, soon we were ready and off we set with me leading the way. I had checked with the organisers the previous day and they told me to turn where the signs for the Car show were. Seeing the normal Castle signs we ignored these as there were no Car shows. Oh well, most of us enjoyed the unexpected parade through Winchcombe!


After navigating back to the castle we were eventually parked up. No one thanked me for having the foresight not to bring the gazebo even though it saved us the effort of putting it up. Lunchtime soon arrived and we waited for Pete to sit to see if he repeated his chair trick. He didnt. The conversation ranged from Religion to Physics and many other subjects. One amongst us mentioned that they had been by the haunted staircase in the castle and had felt a presence. that was we were off to see if it happened to us.


Despite being a sceptic I can truly say I was really made to jump. It was, however, no ghost - just Tim jumping out on me taking years off my life. I will get him back

Thanks to all those coming, it was another great day





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