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BMH tour

17th September 2014

Today 14 GMGOC members visited the British Motor Heritage facility in Witney for a very enjoyable tour conducted by Sales Manager Martin.


Both Martin and the rest of the staff that we met were very friendly and quite happy to let us interrupt their work to talk to us and explain the various 60's processes and technology that is still in use today.
For me it was a blast from the past as I was apprenticed at Pressed Steel in Cowley in the late 50's and much of the machinery was in use then. The MGB bodyshells were then made at Pressed Steel Swindon now the factory where the BMW Mini panels are produced, but now the classic Mini and Clubman shells and subframes are made at Witney along with many of the other BMC/BL sports car products.





We also saw Jaguar E Type bonnets being produced and these apparently retail for about the same price as a mini bodyshell and when we saw the level of labour involved the price is quite understandable.

Apart from panels and bodyshells the company also produce Powerstop EBC brakes, Tex washers, wiper blades and a fantastic range of period mirrors of all types. Also Samco silicone hoses and Start Monkey are BMH products. One of the high tech tools in use was a thimble used by a lovely lady who assembles the wiper blades, like they say the old ones are the best.







A new to the UK product is VP Ethnol free fuel sold in 19 litre sealed cans, a little pricy but no heavy corrosion of your fuel system and only a fraction of the cost of fuels produced for racing and rallying, take a look at the website to see the full scope of this unique company.
Their catalogue also includes alloy MGB panels, must be just a coincidence that the MD John Yea races an MGB.




BMH also has its own selection of restored cars to showcase their products including a white MGB that cost around £35K to build and the staff are encouraged to use them and the rumour is that they get paid as well!!  We hope to see some of them out on next years Caper and they will be most welcome.
The photo's show the group in the conference room and various other shots of the factory and the superb white MGB.





A superb tour very well run with access to all areas and a glimpse of the past unlike the very impersonal but laboratory like BMW Mini factory.
Oh yes and the coffee was great too!






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