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Gethins Museum Trip

22nd June 2014


Sunday 22nd June dawned bright, so I am told.


I did not have to get up early because John Child had volunteered to run the start from Seven Springs and save me the journey to the start when I only lived a few miles away from the museum.
Seven crews including John and Mo left the start and took the road to Hilcot, Eddy and Dianna, Laurence and Jane were going to meet us at The Evenlode at Eynsham, the run across the Cotswolds was great for blowing out the cobwebs from a very late night/early morning party for Laurence and Jane.




After Hilcot the road was badly pot holed for a short distance, as noted in the road book but improved on the run into Withington. It was then on to Northleach where we turned right towards Aldsworth.
From Aldsworth a short run down the B4425 before turning right to pass through Westwell a delightful Cotswold village and here we thought that we had lost Brian and Carrie but they had just stopped to explore the Church, well it was Sunday!



They were so impressed that Tony and Jane decided to visit it on the way back to Cheltenham.

The route then took us to Carterton, it was here when we planned the route in February that we were caught in a small blizzard the deposited almost an inch(remember those) of snow on the road, something that made the drive quite exciting for a while but it had all disappeared by the time we reached Carterton.


No apologies for the convoluted route through Carteton but we just had to take you past the Memorial Bell that most of you may have seen on TV during repatriation ceremonies.
On through Brize Norton Village with its enraging "traffic calming humps" and on past the end of the main runway, Rita was disappointed that no planes were on the circuit, the C17 coming in to land just a few feet from you is a very impressive sight.


It was then a 10 mile run on remarkably smooth lanes to Eynsham and the Evenlode for lunch. Most people enjoyed the carvery, except Adrian who I lumbered with sorting out the bill whilst I went on to the museum to sort the parking. All arrived safely at the museum and parked up normally with the exception of Adrian who parked nose out (the cars nose that is)



It was very warm and many opted for an ice cream to cool down before visiting the exhibits. Great fun was had when Dave discovered the ex police Morris Minor Panda Car and eventually posed with it and a toy dog, as he had spent most of his career in the police force as a dog handler we bought him a Morris Minor van in police livery that matched the Panda car.


Whilst visiting the bus exhibits Dave regaled us with a story about reversing his dog van into a wall (is that why Liz drives?) and filling in the accident form, claiming that he had asked the dog to see him back and she had bot barked.


The dog did not bark bur apparently the Assistant Chief Constable did, quite loudly at Dave!

We adjourned to the museum café for coffee before we left and one of the museum directors approached us and asked if we could turn our cars to face out for a photo session, was Adrian SMUG or what when his car was correctly parked!!


At 3.30 we said our goodbyes and made our way home, I enjoyed the day and hope that every one else did.





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