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Llandudno Snowdon Run

17th August 2014

Following last weekend's Pendine Dash ( see Pendine Dash ) a group of us were looking forward to this year's Snowdon run. Personally, Rita and I were looking forward to seeing Snowdon itself as all the other times we went it was shrouded in cloud.

In Llandudno there are many hotels but few with car parking spaces enough for us. We discussed this with a member of Llandudno club and they recommended we looked at the Rhos on Sea Golf Club (see website ) as they had parking. I checked out the website and as it looked good with a recommendation the booking was made. Ten of us were to stay there and Brian was to be the pathfinder as he and Teresa wanted to stay one day extra.


The night before the rest of us were due to stay we had a phone call from Brian saying the hotel was "interesting". From his tone it was worrying and all that night and on the drive up I was concerned in case it wasnt up to our usual standard. Once in Llandudno we checked to see if we could find alternative accommodation if anything was wrong.




We then drove into the Golf club and went to book in. To say it was basic would be an understatement!. After Brian's comments we were concerned so when we were asked for the money up front we said "Are the rooms that bad we have to pay in advance?" We were allowed to see the room and it is fair to say the bed was clean. It stopped there. Floors un hoovered, shower was abysmal but the view of the Golf course was good.

Down to the bar and we met Brian who told us that they had been offered that room and had refused. They also stated that they were up until 4:30 last night as they could get no sleep as the bar was open until 5am. As all the group assembled stories of plugs hanging off walls, sheets too smal for the beds etc abounded and the general view was that it was one of the worst places we had ever stayed at. I could not apologise enough but everyone was understanding as it had been recommended and the website was checked out.



All that was left was to drown our sorrows and get ready for evening meal. Brian had already warned us of his experience the previous evening where menu choices were given and after 30 minutes the waitress came back and said that they didnt have their choice. The vegetables promised were only frozen peas and the sweet choices were jam roly-poly or ice cream.

Luckily, there was a special event of a Forties evening on that night. As we trooped into the dining room we were pleasantly surprised at the layout and decor, Just as we were about to sit we were told we had to eat in the bar as the room was needed for the "do". Back to the bar near the 15 northern golfers who were well acquainted with the Anglo Saxon language and obviously had no volume control!

The meal itself was adequate but in no way great. After an hour or so we discovered that only 4 people showed up for this Forties evening so we could have been in the dining room after all. The forties music was OK and there was even a quiz coming later on the World War 2. My subject. To cut a long story short after the quiz and another round of apologies from me, Rita and I won the prize - a bottle of Rioja. As we were all tired we went to bed at about 11 pm as we were the only ones in the bar. At 11:30 I went down as our room was over the bar and the music was still on. I asked if we could turn it off as the place was empty. It was turned down and then the staff took the floor. This went on till about 12:15 when the music was turned off.

Head down for good night sleep - until about 2:30 when the golfers came back and decided to see how many doors they could slam and what noises they could make. We even heard womens voices in their rooms and at about 4:30 Teresa heard a woman yelling "Get off me, I'm leaving". Geoff rang down at 3:30 and was told we should have been told the bar stays open until 5:00am

Next morning the golfers were down at breakfast and trying to get their orders in first but as we had ordered the night before it was "discussed" with the waitress and we were served first

Off to the promenade in convoy for the start of the run where we met another four cars from the club. The run goes from success to success and this year was no exception with them capping the run at 200 cars. Off down the Great Orme and on to Conwy Castle. Eventually we wended our merry way through Betws Y Coed and Llanberis onto Anglesea where we had a break at Plas Newydd. From there we spent quite a bit of time on Anglesea and eventually left over the iconic Menai Suspension bridge and onto Penrhyn Castle for the finish. Whilst in Anglesea Merryl reached her 100,000 miles on her clock so it was a major birthday for her. This was the best run, in our opinion, that the Llandudno club have done. we even saw Snowdon

Back to the hotel where luckily the golfers had gone and a quiet evening meal and sleep filled night was the order of the day (or night). Teresa had even got a birthday card for Merryl. Next morning we came home via Lake Vyrnwy and sampled the lovely sights and scenery on offer

One final apology. The hotel was recommended in the good faith and the website checked. I had not been to this hotel before (or else we would not had gone again). This was the nightmare of going some where new and not having experienced it before. Sometimes when you organise you get some individuals who hold you personally responsible and cant wait to criticise but those on the trip here were magnificent as they realised Rita and I were also suffering. In the end we took it in true Dunkirk spirit and just rolled with each punch with a new smile

Suffice it to say we wont be going there again!




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