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Pendine Splash (Ooops Dash)

10th August 2014


The Pendine Dash has proven to be a big draw to our club many times before and this year was no exception. Seven cars from the club were booked into the tour. Unfortunately a few days before Bertha wanted to come as well. Hurricane Bertha to be exact. In fact she travelled from the USA to be with us.





Six couples were destined to stay at our accomodation which was on the banks of the Cleddau estuary. The only problem was that to half the party our satnavs did recognise it. First to reach the pub was Geoff who had one of those valuable satnavs. It cam as a surprise to him to find the pub deserted. After a little investigation the landlord was tracked dowm. He was shopping and would be back in an hour!






Eventually he turned up and the weekend could begin. A few drinks in the bar and the meal was ready. The meal itself was really good and topped off by a few libations before bed time. One final check was to see what the weather had in store for the following day.




Sunday dawned, well we think it did as we couldnt see through the heavy rain. Bertha had arrived and she was making herself felt! Apparently only around half the entrants turned up due to the incessant rain. The run itself was in three parts and as each part finished Bertha got less and less. The sun even made several appearances.

From Haverford we visited many Pembroke sights and climbed into the Preslli mountains (Mynyddoedd Y Preseli for Gethin) and even went to Fishguard. After ninety miles it back to where it all started from to see if we won anything in the raffle.




After the run we all retreated to the Jolly Sailor, a pub on the banks of the estuary. The views were as good as the plentiful food. The food was so plentiful that no one had any puddings. That must be a first!






Back to the hotel and a final libation before we hit the sack. The moon at this time was very special as it was at its closest to the Earth for some time and the reflection over the estuary was impressive. Teresa managed to capture its essence as can be seen from the photo



Monday dawned and all we had left was the four hour drive home along the A40. This is a pretty road and it finished off the break in style. Nothing to look forward to now - well except next weekend when we are off to Llandudno





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