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Isle of Wight Trip

13th September 2013



We had a very succesful trip to the Isle of Wight last year so we decided to repeat this year. Ten couples were booked but uinfortunately one had to drop out due to illness. This time the 9 cars (eighteen people) were advancing on the island from several directions. Tim led a convoy of 3 cars with a further 4 coming from different parts of the country. There were already 2 by the island as an advance party.





Last years trip was marred by the wind down of the Bestival Festival as the ferrys were overloaded. We slipped the date by a week to avoid this happening again. Ray from the Vectis club joined us before dinner to chat about the second tour of the island. Our first night was our usual load racous affair and many were seen on the dance floor after enjoying the three course meal.





The first full day free was the Saturday and there were various items on the agenda. Some went for walks, others went shopping and some enjoyed using their bus passes. One common theme was to see the car show in Ryde. Quite a few went to the show where there were about 300 cars on display and also a Bus museum was nearby. As part of Heritage day a 50 year old bus was offering free trips to the station. One couple accepted this only to find it was a different station about 10 miles away. They had to sit and ride back!




Once back at the hotel we lined up again for more food and were even treated to an extra slice of sugar as Tony shared a birthday cake he had brought to celebrate another year. Imagine our surprise when the singer announced it and the crowd all sang Happy Birthday to him. It appeared to be embarrassing so job done!


The Sunday dawned and we were met by members of the Vectis MG Club for a second tour of the Island. The tour was in two parts with a lunch stop half way around. It was the second time they had provided this for us and their kindness and hospitality was well appreciated. A special mention should be made of Ray and Angie who had done the work on the route.


We saw around the Island for a full days driving and finished at the cafe in Fort Victoria near Yarmouth where we even saw a dolphin. Ok, it was a statue but at least we saw one. This is opposite Hurst Castle which has guarded the Solents western approaches for close to 500 years.



Thanks must go to the staff at the hotel for all the food, our friends at the Vectis club for their hospitality and also all our members for making it another special time








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