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Abbey Cwm Hir

Weekend Trip 15th to 17th November 2013

Having been to Abbey Cwm Hir with the club twice already we were not sure that there would be enough support for a third trip. We did have a secret weapon though. We were going to stay at the Llanarch Inn again. This is what I call a real pub with CAMRA style beer and enough cider to make Tim, Liz, Terry and myself at home. So it was decided that another trip was worth doing and we would go to see the decorations again as they vary each Christmas.



We booked the Llanarch for the two nights of Friday and Saturday which meant we could visit Abbey Cwm Hir on the Sunday. In a moment of complete stupidity I said I would try to get a run organized for the Saturday as I am sure that we could get a short run from a local MG club. Off I went searching and the only run I could get was one of 110 miles starting 30 miles away and finishing 50 miles away. I knew that would be too far and keep the men away from the beer to long. We were offered some ideas of where to drive but no fixed route. Still, I would have time after our return from Australia wouldn't I?



Once I looked at the route suggested that was also not quite what we wanted so I was resigned to being derided as a bad organizer. I could live with that. Until my superhero clocks in ...Welcome Gethin!

I am not sure how he did it but he said "Leave it to me Mullins. Us Welsh are used to pulling the English out of the fire! How many cars are coming? " and with that he was gone. I waited with bated breath




On the Friday there were three cars setting off in convoy from the Longford Inn. Laurence and Jane and their attending pushers for when his car wouldn't start Tim and Lou and Rita and I.





Tim led the way and before we could say "Abbey Cwm Hir" we were in Leominster. Laurence flipped between calling it Lemster and Ledbury. Apparently he thought Leominster was pronounced Lemster. As I said "Just look at the spelling". After a satisfying lunch it was time for Laurence to push off. Well, technically it was us pushing him off as his intermittent fault reappeared



Once arrived at the pub it was a race to deplete the stores of real ales and ciders as we started congregating in the bar with the log fire. It was time for silly games as we played "Guess what your middle initial stands for". It provided some laughs fueled by the copious amounts of liquid fun we were imbibing. As I don't have a middle name it was decided that one would be created for me - Tarquin. Not sure its me, I feel more like a Marmaduke






Into the meal and the revelry continued with that well known game of "design a hat from your serviette". Again, hilarious fun ensued. The peak came where Teresa created a rabbit






It was at this point during the fun Gethin realised he had to hand out the run tomorrow. Thats why he looks overjoyed at the prospect
Gethin poised for the run


Saturday dawned and we were woken from our slumbers be a knocking on the door. Who set the alarm wrong - no prizes. A longer than wanted wait occurred for breakfast but it was worth waiting for. After that it was Gethins run to look forward to. Unfortunately Tim's car was the next casualty as it wouldn't start which meant a wait for the breakdown truck. The run was a really good about 50 miles in two parts, It was mostly around the Elan valley and its dams and was really picturesque. Gethin, a born Welshman, had saved the day after all. A pity he couldn't spell Llandrindod






Saturday night was where the pub played host to a rock band which made quite a bit of noise. It also provided a laugh when Diana came down and asked the waitress " Room six, can we have milk and tea bags please". Off they went and after quite a time came back with a plate of Sea Bass. She had heard "Room six a Sea Bass please". Still, she didn't have to pay for it

Sunday was the day of the visit to Abbey Cwm Hir and the house was wearing it Christmas garb and each room was again resplendent boasting its own Christmas tree. For those who hadn't seen it before it was well worth the visit.


Back to the pub for Sunday lunch and finally off home. Liz and Terry, fellow cider enthusiasts, found out there was still cider in the pub so they stayed an extra day to see what they could do

Thanks to everyone who attended and made the event so successful





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