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Bourton on the Water Museum Trip

25th August 2013

Bourton on the Water is always full of visitors on a Bank Holiday weekend and is busy. Usually it is quite hard to find a parking place near the centre of town. One way out of this is to visit the Motor Museum. Not only do we have a guaranteed place but it is free and right in the centre of things

We had done this a few years ago and had a great time so it was overdue for us to visit again. Eight cars had decided to visit and we all met up in the car park park just before the town. Pete had brought his grandchildren so we had three generations ready for the museum.

Once we arrived we noticed there was an interloper in our space. A stray Ford Cortina was parked up ready but was soon ousted so we could all park in neat little row. After the realignment we all went into the new revamped museum. Not only is it a car museum but there are myriads of other items of nostalgia spanning many years. It was amazing the number of "Ooh's" and "Aahs" that abounded. "I had one of those" was heard more than a few times. In fact the record collection looked like my current collection

There were brands of Oil, Soap, Chocolate and many other items long gone from shops.

Once we finished with the Museum it was off for coffee. In order to do that we had to pass our cars. We were surprised to see what a stir they had made. There were many visitors looking at the cars and being photographed by (and sometimes inside) them. It seemed there were quite a few foreign accents interested in seeing these cars from years ago. If only we had charged 50pence a time for pictures we would have made a fortune!


Lunch time came after visiting the usual tourist shops and we retired to eat by the river Windrush. It was overcast but the warmth of the company made up for it.


During the afternoon the crowds increased and there were many more admirers and hundreds more photos. We must have dragged many more visitors in as the crowds were walking by and came in to see the cars.

All in all, a good day and the cars were well appreciated and there were many questions about them and so many good comments. The day was worth it just for that reason alone





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