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Isle of Wight Trip

7th to 12th September 2012

After all our recent "overseas trips" to France, Ireland, Isle of Man where was there left? The Isle of Wight was suggested and that was it - all in favour. We just needed to settle a date. The date we picked was just a week before the "Official" MG Owners Club weekend. Still, as no one from our club had intended to go on that trip and we werent the same week we decided on the 7th to 12th September. It was perfect, the main holiday season was over but there was still a chance of fair weather. Little did we know at the time that the Bestival Festival, a festival of music, was being held that weekend. That was a piece of jknowledge that would come back and haunt us.

In order to be prepared we sent Eddy and Diana on a scouting mission aahead of the main pack to check the accomodation. His report succinct - food good, room good, hotel position great. It was a thimbs up so we were all prepared for the great day

For Rita and I it was a great rush as we had only 12 hours to get back from Granddaughter duty, uppack, repack and be at the rendezvous. On the Friday morning we had arranged to meet at Greasey Joes and we were going in for breakfast. They must have done a great trade that day as several of us fortified themselves with mandatory bacon rolls and full englishes.

All that was needed now was to put the plaques on. Wait a moment some idiot (me) had forgot to bring them. I asked if I should go back but they all said no. That way I could get ribbed later


We all set off in a line of 8 stunning MGs and all went well for the first 4 miles. We had lost two cars from the convoy. We waited. After a while we decided that those of us with cars still running had the collective technical knowledge of a schhol child so we decided we would proceed. Tony and Jane volunteered to wait for Pete and Dereck. That meant we were down to 5 cars. Just then someone goes by and peeps their horn. We thought it was someone admiring the cars. No, it was Trev saying "I am surprised you all got that far!"



So, off we went and we managed to get to a nice pub in the New Forest to stop for coffee before we Lymington for the ferry. Surely nothing could go wrong from there. Off we started, all five of us, for the last few miles. Lyndhurst was pleasant as we spent 45minutes in a traffic jam but then we hit the highway with tousled locks tumbling in the air as we hit 30mph. Wait a minutes - we had lost two more. Brian and Keith had been lost. We waited but to no avail so off to Lymington.


We found a parking spot and were joined by Paul and John. So, net result - lost 5 gained 2. Close enough.

Off to the ferry and registered in. A quick crossing and we were there. Just as came off the ferry we saw a lady that looked like Lou. We stopped, it was her. "I got lost on the ferry so came off with the footpassengers. Tim missed his chance , she saw him.

The hotel was all ready amd waiting with an allotted area for the cars which made us feel great. After check in it was the first of the evening meals and it set a standard that it was to keep up . After the meal we had arranged for Ray from the Vectis MG club to pop in and see us as they had kindly volunteered to do a run on the Saturday for us. They had also offered us a run on the Sunday as well.


Ray arrived and we immediately felt welcomed to the island. He was great and sat with us for an hour making us feel at home. He would pick us up tomorrow at 10 for the run and we were promised to see bits of the island not usually seen by visitors.

The following morning we met and Ray and Angie, his wife who he said had done all the work. We presented a pennant as a small thanks and we were off together with several members of their club. We saw many places on the island including Godshill, Culver Down where there was a world war 2 ack ack battery. We also drove through the Espanade in Ventnow which turned a few heads as all those MGs cruised by. After our lunchtime stop we went onto the Military road, another world wart 2 reminder and we finished up at the Calbourne Water mill which contains one of the oldest working water mills in the country, dating back to the Domesday Book. The cars were let in for free and we bacame part of the attraction for the remainder of the afternoon. We all extend our grateful thanks to the Vectis MG club and to Ray and Angie in particular.

For the rest of the holiday various places were visited with Osborne House, Queen Victorias house, and Carisbrooke Castle seeming to be the favourite

Most people went back on the Monday and were hit with the traffic from the Bestival festival after a weekend of musical fun. This meant they had a long wait for the ferry - in some cases about 2 hours. When we went on Wednesday we just drove up and straight on to the first ferry we saw. An hour ealier than booked.

We would like to thank the Shanklin Hotel and also the Vectis MG club for making our time enjoyable. It was so good we intend to book again for next, This time, however, we know about the Bestival festival






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