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Our second trip to Prague

29th November to 4th December 2012

It was three years ago when we last went to Prague as a group. You can see the write up for that at Prague 2009 .That time we had four couples which was a good number to have. This time we had the same but two couples, Rita and I and Brian and Teresa were on the last trip.

We all met up at Bristol Airport ready for the flight. Our first task was to get some coffee in before the trip. We had to ensure that the area was Maple Syrup free! (An in joke and if you want to know what it is please ask Teresa).


As per usual we were met at the airport and whisked to the hotel in a flash. We were all by now ready for a meal but unfortunately there were 50 Dutch visitors who had got there before us. Never mind, we found a restaurant in staggering distance from the hotel





The next was the only organised tour of the trip and we went to Lidice (the village that was razed to the ground after the Heydrich assasination in WW2). One of the main sights there were the vast expanses of grass where once a thriving village stood. Within that area was a haunting memorial to the young of the village, some who died, others transported to Germany. The museum which was on the site was a really emotional experience as it told the sequence of events that led to that tragic day.




From there it was back on the mini bus and onto Terezin where the Theresienstadt concentration camp was. We were able to have a very nice authentic Czeck meal for a really reasonable price and then onto the holocaust museum. After that we moved on to the Little Fort - a place where many executions were held.

After careful consideration it was decided we would go to our usual pub with views over Prague at night. It was a tough job but someone had to do it. Sitting outside in the freezing temperatures but warm under the heaters and watching those classic winter scenes was magical

It is fair ro say the day was a solemn reminder of what had happened there and a reminder to us all to strive not to let things like this happen again.

The following day we all split up with John and Mo accompanying Rita and myself on the trams to see St Cyrils church where the Heydrich assasinators help out before being betrayed. The whole story is the subject of a film called Operation Daybreak. It was again emotional knowing what had happened here




Our last evening was spent on a dinner cruise going down the Vltava river under the historic Charles bridge and seeing Prague all layed above us as we floated by. Again a really worthwhile experience









Everyone split their different ways on Sunday but on Monday it was decided we would all go together on the trams to see the city. It was cheap, was heated, had seats and we got to see the views. So, we annexed the tram - is annexed the right word? Had someone done that before?











What was my best memory of Prague? probably the Becherovka parties by the lift. What a way to wind down after a long day

Thanks to those who joined us an their company made it another unforgettable trip


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