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June 10th 2012

Back in the winter whilst chatting to fellow MG enthusiasts, I thought it might be a good idea if the Club was able to celebrate the 50 years of MGB.   This was immediately agreed, so began an adventure which took over a large part of my wife’s and my time. Firstly a suitable venue had to be sourced.  Fortunately a Friday night drinking partner of mine, who just happened to be a farmer, agreed to let the Club use one of his paddocks. Having settled on a Sunday in June all that was left was to put together a package which would entertain the Club members and I finally decided on a pig roast!



The next consideration was how to assemble all the participating members together in a short space of time and I hit on the idea of a short 15 mile tulip run keeping the destination secret. The planning moved smoothly ahead with visits to the venue to decide where the cars should be put making sure the MGBs would hold centre stage.  I also had to decide where to position the pig roast. 



28 cars were expected to take part including 15 Bs.

I turned my attention to the run starting from a local common and following a pleasant but uncomplicated route (I didn’t want to loose anyone).  The time for the run was approximately 35 minutes.

The weeks passed and the date for the celebration drew near, time to finalise the important details of how much food and drink would be required!  My wife and I made a trip to the cash and carry to buy what we thought would be required.. Club members had offered their help and so a few telephone calls were made to ask if they could provide some desserts and possibly a few savory items.

During all this planning, making direction signs, ordering posters, checking gazeboes etc, I had overlooked one important ingredient the WEATHER.   A week before the event it started to rain and just kept on and on, I started to worry.  A return visit to Ian, the farmer, was made as I feared cancellation was a real possibility, the thought of MGs up to their axles in mud was not an option (as I would risk being lynched).  However a rescue plan was offered by Ian, he would empty one of his barns and we could hold the event in there.  At last we could relax knowing the pig roast would go ahead. 

Saturday morning came and in warm sunshine we arrived at the venue to find that combine harvesters, various trailers and other artifacts had been removed to leave an empty barn. It seemed logical to erect the two gazeboes in the barn to create a comfortable environment, this was done and bunting and banners displayed with assistance from Mike and Amanda and also my son Rob.

Sunday arrived and still the weather was in our favour, 26 cars assembled on Minchinhampton Common and the event began.  Everyone turned up at the venue (no one got lost), the pig roast was duly started and the weather stayed fine and we all had a great time.




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