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Steve and Marions Second Teddy Bears Picnic

I hadn’t planned to organise a Teddy Bear’s Picnic this year as I was a little uncertain how last year’s event was received. However, our very persuasive Secretary talked me into holding another one this year and so it turned out to be more popular and with better weather!

Mid morning on the day saw 13 cars assembled on Minchinhampton Common to do the 45 mile run before the picnic. This was a little longer than our usual Club runs but I was keen to include some parts of the County we seldom get to. These included Inglestone Common and the areas around Tortworth and Hillesley with some far reaching views across the River Severn into Wales.

Whilst cars were out on the run, other members with their families and friends, started arriving and picnic tables and chairs were soon set up. After a while the returning crews from the run all reported a satisfactory route with Pete and Sara as well as Derek and Jo getting predictably delayed in the Royal Oak at Leighterton.

With the returning cars swelling the numbers and all Teddies made comfortable and given pride of place, the picnic got under way. There were 18 MGs present with an additional 11 “family” cars and I estimated we had 70 people, one very well behaved dog and over 100 Teddies enjoying themselves.

The object of the Teddy Bear’s Picnic is to involve the families of Club members in a social event. I am therefore very pleased to report that amongst those taking part were 2 families of two generations, 4 families with three generations (4½ if you include my pregnant daughter in law) with Eddie and Diana’s party consisting of an impressive 4 generations.

Against all odds, the weather was very kind to us. Not only did it stay dry all day, but the sun shone briefly for short periods. A stiff breeze blowing across the Common made us grateful for our fleeces, but considering the dismal weather we have experienced this summer, I think we were blessed.

Rob and Brian decided to take some of the glory away from the Teddies by wearing amusing headgear and Rob went even further by wearing his “court jester” hat all the way around the run. Luckily there were no low bridges on the route.

Can I finish by saying a big thank you to all those who took part and made the event such an enjoyable one. I would like to especially thank the families of members for taking the trouble to make space in their busy diaries to attend….and, of course, not forgetting all those Teddies who gave up their normal important duties in warm bedrooms to be dragged around the Cotswolds in draughty old cars and then having to sit in the wind for an afternoon.



You can see Steves Photos here

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