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Midsummer Murders Tour

October 15th 2011

Nine cars and all their occupants met at "the source of the Thames" layby at Seven Springs. As we all started to pull away David and Janets car decided against the idea so it was "Super Trev" to the rescue again. Unfortunately the car still would not respond so Adrian, David, Janet and Sue all gave Trev a push to bump start the car. Once started David and Janet took the car back home to swap it. The rest of us eventually started on our merry way and made good time to the hotel - the Dinton Hermit. We were each allocated our rooms and immediately made our various ways back to the bar for some "light afternoon refreshment".









We had taken over the whole of the hotel so the noise emanating from the lounge was getting louder and louder as the rest of the cars arrived and more people gathered for their "light refreshment". Luckily there were no other guests to disturb.








We asked if we could have the dining room re arranged so that we could all sit together for dinner. This was very kindly done for us but as we began to assemble round the tables it soon became apparent that although we do enjoy each others company this was a little too close for comfort.. So we had to split into two groups. The meals were very nice and we enjoyed a very sociable and noisy evening. The owner of the hotel said she has never known such a large group of people where everyone gels, where everyone gets on so well with each other. I think it is a great complement and we are lucky thats its true.

Well we didnt see John Nettles but we did see some stunning little villages. We had got the details from our friends in the Norwich club. The route we had to follow proved to be rather confusing. Adrian and I had been unable to do a rehearsal run so we had to hope the instructions were accurate. Well it was obvious from the start that we would have to use a bit of common sense to be able to get round in reasonable order. Fortunately Brian had pinpointed places on a map and emailed it to Adrian who had run off enough copies for everyone. All in all the the run went very well and we passed some really beautiful places


Rita Mullins


ps we did see several Murders. They were, of course, Murders of Crows!








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