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Chris & Bet’s 2nd Signpost Rally

This years navigational scatter rally was exceptional, mainly due to the Indian summer weather conditions prevailing.  With wall to wall sunshine and temperatures hitting the high 20’s it was definitely a top down event. Half a dozen MG’s gathered at 10am in the car park at Morrisons supermarket in Tewkesbury (Derrick was sidelined with clutch cable problems but the AA got him to the pub on time).



With maps spread over bootlids & bonnets there was many a fevoured brow seen. The challenge (for those yet to sample the rally) was to identify the position of each signpost simply (or not so simply, someone said) from the information on each direction arrow. Then calculate your own route between signposts, and off you go. 
No tulip rally instructions to assist on this one! The first car was away at 10.30 and by 11.00 the last few were gone.




The run went through the centre of Tewkesbury to the village of Twyning for the first 3 signposts; there was a bonus point this year for naming the 1950’s film that featured a large white rabbit – congratulations to those James Stewart fans who correctly identified ‘Harvey’. Then over the river through picturesque Upton upon Severn and towards Longdon where some may have been tempted to stop and acquire some Bric-a-Brac or the odd antique.








No-one was fooled by the biblical quote ‘give us this day our daily bread’ and on to Castlemorton (who spotted the railway carriage that had a house built around it???).
At Hanley Swan the ducks were seen gracing the village pond and on up northwards to Madresfield outskirts. This triangle was carefully selected to ensure you had to get out of the car to count all the 16 oak trees.



Then through the Wyche cutting at Malvern and Colwall, following a quiet country lane with marvellous views and on past Ledbury to the lunch stop at the Royal Oak.


Rob & Julia were able to join us having ‘survived’ an early morning balloon flight from Newport to Gloucester. From the patio above the car park we could see across the vale to Marcle Ridge; it was with some regret we went inside to satisy our hunger and hear the results of the rally. This year’s winners were Steve and Marion with 13 out of the 16 points possible – well done.



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