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Gethin and Jans Treasure Hunt

24th May 2011


In April 2010 Jan and I returned to the UK and settled in Cheltenham. We have always had classic cars with many MG's amongst them,all though in the early days, they were called Bangers.
One of our first tasks was to buy an MGB GT and join the Glouscestershire. MGOC.
For the previous 7 years we had organised our Spanish motor club's treasure hunts and volunteered to do the same for our new club.
By November we had changed to an MG TF and enjoyed the Indian summer driving though the lanes to find a route that was a nice run but also with enough interesting ways to provide clues.
By December our house was on the market and in January we had a buyer, suddenly it was March and we had to be out by the end of the month. THE TREASURE HUNT!!! we had a basic route and some clues but needed to tie it all up. Two more runs to find that some clues had disappeared and others altered but at least we could draw up the road book although by now we were in our new home in Witney and had very little to use as it was all in boxes somewhere.
Road book finished we took advantage of a hospital visit to Cheltenham to check the road book, more stickers required to alter the clues that had again disappeared hence the mottled appearance of the pages.
Last week it was time to print the books off and my printer ran out of magenta ink, YES i know it was printed in black but it needed magenta to print black!!!

It worked out cheaper to change the printer than to buy ink cartridges for the HP printer, what a con!
Road book printed and meals ordered we set off for the Gala club in high spirits. When we arrived we could have done with alcoholic spirits as the car park gate had been locked to keep out an influx of travellers,

Our 17 competitors were great and managed to sort them selves out and start the run in remarkably good weather conditions.
The route went out through Twigworth and Norton to follow along the banks of the Severn towards Deerhurst, it seems that the Red Lion was explored by many for treasure, liquid in most cases.
Skirting Tewkesbury to Ashchurch where Scrooge watches over new military vehicles and on to Kemerton and the beautiful pre motoring murals on the old livery establishment.
On to cross the A46 and up almost to the Prescott hill climb turning right to Gotherington where The Shutters was a clue and again attracted some of our runners still looking for treasure. The route then continued on to cross the main railway line with the final clue being a warning sign near Walton Hill Farm.
This was the last of 20 clues leaving just a gentle run back to The Aviator at Gloucestershire Airport for a meal and the results of the nights fun.
Most people had started collecting clues slowly but then seemed to get most of the correct answer after about 10 miles, only three crews handed in the treasure which was with them all the time in their wallets, pockets or handbags.


We gave a Gloucester MGOC plaque for the winners and a smaller plaque for the most amusing answer to a clue. Adrian and Rita set the tone with the answer  "now would you believe it now, sum silly  booger has stolen the oly water"   we just wanted the hydrant sign outside the church in Twigworth.

Worthy winners were new members Bob and Sally Wilkinson, this was Sally's first attempt at tulip diagrams and was meant as just a practice for The Caper, hopefully in a MG???

Gethin & Jan 




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