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St Roses Wheelnuts

8th May 2011

We had fourteen cars appearing at St Roses this year and we were at our usual stand by the trees. The time had been set by the Secretary to arrive at 9:00am ( so they say). Every one was on time except you know who. When I arrived all was already set up and the cars were resplendent in the semi sunshine. As a late comer I was lucky to get a space. But the entertainment was about to begin - the Gazebo had not yet been set up. Tony had brought the instrument of torture. As usual all the men stepped to the fore to demonstrate their engineering acumen. The ladies stepped back to watch the show. Two hours later the gazebo was up.

The show itself was well attended by many cars of all makes, shapes, colours and designs. There were enough cars to allow all of us to revisit our youth and keep us entertained all day. As usual there were many clubs and countless individual car owners who were showing off their pride and joy.

After the mandatory bacon roll we all sat down and started the serious social side of the day. Tables were produced and feasts that would grace the most exclusive restaurants were produced ( some people even had napkins!)





The club has in the past helped raise money for St Roses as we believe it is a good cause. For this reason we were invited to see the now newly completed hydrotherapy pool. Off we all trooped toward the pool and there were happy faces until we realised we had to take our shoes off. Wish I had put on clean socks this morning. John Child heard the word pool and priding himself on keeping up with the latest developments decided to go into the pool with his Speedos. I didn't have the heart to tell him he got it wrong. Just see the photo your self





The pool itself is fantastic and is far from the normal pool as hoists are required for certain pupils, coloured lights enhance the pleasure for the younsters. Within this pool the pupils can achieve feats not possible on dry land. With this brings problems for the staff as detailed training is needed.




We had decided that as a club we would invest a further £1000 from out charities chest in the future of these pupils and John Child was delegated to present the sum to the school. I do believe it was a surprise to them but it felt good as the money was the result of a combined club effort. Thanks must go all those who have helped in fundraising for the Caper past and present.





Once back on site we were to learn that we did not win the club stand but Pete did get a third place accolade for his car and he was justifiably proud - well done to him. He celebrated with a double ice cream




The weather held out and the sun peeked through for the final part of the day. It continued to be sunny until the end of the show. It was another great club day but with the added benefit of raising some club funds by way of Trevs "surplus to needs" sale.

Many thanks to all those who participated today.




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