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Kemble Air Show 2011




When it comes to organising meeting at Greasey Joes before the airshow in previous years my performance shows I arrive in the nick of time (not late). Today was going to be different. Rita and I got up a few minutes after we went to bed and set of in time to meet the seven other cars at the appointed rendezvous. As we turned into the car park fifteen minutes early we knew we wouldnt be the first but we wouldnt be the last either. We can always count on Trev who works on Dursley time. We were really surprised there was no one there. As the minute hand swept toward 8am there was no evidence of any MGs. We started to wonder what was happening, Just as it hit 8am three MGs swept imperiously into sight. Thank God - we had the right place after all. Eventually all eight arrived despite one missing the turning because he was still asleep and the other having to go back home as he forgot the tickets.




The convoy was off and for once we all got past the first roundabout without anyone getting lost. Once in the airfield we were shepherded into a different area from last year, much more central and in the thick of things. Once the riutal setting up of the gazebo was complete it was off to the Bacon Baps.






From there it was the first display of the day - the Red Arrows. As usual an excellent display of highly orchestrated and controlled manouevres. The display made us feel proud to be British. So, we decided we would form a formation MG driving squad. Any volunteers please make yourself know at the next meeting. Unfortunately Brian, our Chairman, was so keen on the idea he purchased a new hat as you can see.


There were many more displays to come. Spitfires, Seafires, Dakotas, Tornados etc. Although the jets are modern sophisticated war planes they cant match the style of the planes from Second World war.




Another great day was had by all. The only downside was that Teresa took her camera and we are sure to get another of those quizzes she is famous for!






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