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Teddy Bear’s Picnic

17th July 2011

This event was our first Teddy Bear’s Picnic and the idea behind this was to have a social event combined with a run that was to be available for everyone to do if they so wished. Families of members were encouraged to come along so that we could get as many people (and generations!) involved as possible. As it happened, we had a good turnout of members with four of them bringing along family groups. Of these, there were two families (the Mullins and the Roses) who had three generations present which was exactly what the event was about.

The weather forecast throughout the week prior to the event was terrible and so we were lucky anyone turned up at all. However, 13 cars arrived on Minchinhampton Common to do the run. Of these 13, two of the cars included crews who had never done a run before and so a sense of adventure prevailed.

The run consisted of a 39 mile route heading out into Wiltshire and which passed 6 pubs providing suitable coffee/alcohol stops for a number of crews. The cars encountered one heavy shower which meant there was some scrambling to put up roofs by those optimistic souls who started out topless (the cars, not the occupants!).

The returning cars from the run were joined by a further 6 more who arrived to take part in the picnic and so we had a gathering of about 40 people clustered around their tables. I am delighted to say that the number of Teddies easily outnumbered the people by almost 2 to 1 and so I hope they enjoyed themselves as well.

The prize winners were....
1. Lou for the oldest Teddy that did the run. (Bruno at 45 years old)
2. Mike for the youngest Teddy and for linking its name his car’s number plate.
3. Jack & Katie. The grandchildren of Janet & John who created their own
     fantastic Teddy Bears Picnic in the boot of their parent’s car.
4. Josie for the best named children’s Teddy.

Although a bit breezy, we only had one brief shower to contend with and so, considering the forecast, I think we were very lucky.

Some families starting drifting away at around 15:30 and then 14 members then adjourned to The Lodge for some liquid refreshment. Despite our best efforts, Adrian still managed to find us, but it was still a pleasant finish to the day’s events.

Pictures of the picnic can be seen at the following link...

Teddy Bears Picnic






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