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Christmas Meal at the Old Crown

10th December 2011



Thirty five eager and hungry mouths were due to turn up for this meal at The Old Crown, Paganhill . We had previously had a Christmas meal there and it was most successful. So, we decided to give it another go. On entering the pub we heard seasonal music echoing from the conservatory which was designed in an Octogon shape (great for us MG owners) and it also had MG bunting around the room



Soon people were arriving and the carols were drowned out by waves of friendly banter. We were holding a "Baby Photo" competition so we advised everyone they could see the pictures any time and the results would be shown at the end of the meal. Chris and Betty were a little delayed but as their son had just passed his Karate Black belt no one had the nerve to tell them off. After due consideration we decided to start without them. I think they were waiting around the corner as we had no sooner started than they appeared.


The meal itself was typical Christmas fare but well cooked and it went down well. Once the turkey, Christmas pudding and mince pies had been suitably dispatched we decided to mark the results of the competition. All at once the room was quiet and the air was tense with expectation (yeh right!). To me most of the photos could easily be recognized - but then I had the answers. The competition proved to be a great success with lots of laughter ensuring. There were some notable highlights including where Rob failed to recognise his partner and Trev and Sue were transposed ( I think that the right word). Well the competition was so easy that Brian and Teresa eventually won with the high score of 8 out of 16.

For those of you who are desperate to see the pictures again you can download them here

Once that had been done it Brians turn doing the Heads and Tails competition. Everyone had put in a small amount of money and the winner took all. John Nind was the eventual beneficiary of the collective largesse of the club and pocketed over £30. He went home fairly soon after that. We think it was to put the money into some sort of investment account.




Eventually the evening had ran its course and it was time for everyone to wend their weary (and for some bleary) way home. Many thanks to Sian and her team at the Old Crown for providing the venue and atmosphere which contributed to a great evening out








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