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Rita and Adrians 2011 Treasure Hunt

14th August 2011


It was with great trepidation that we took on this task after Gethin and Jans run earlier in the year. As usual, the most important thing is to get the route correct and then the rest will follow. Having chosen the route we needed to go round again to get the clues.

All was set and we had one final rehearsal on the Friday before the run which was on the Sunday. All went well until we got to the newsagent where we had picked a card as a clue. Unfortunately that day her advertising period came to an end. We had to have a rethink and talk to the shop to make sure that it would still be there on Sunday. A quick rewrite and we were ready.




We had decided that it would be good to have a little walk around Painswick before the run. That would help put spaces between people. It was a risk as we are a car club but I think it went down quite well. On our rehearsal the car parking spaces were aplenty. When we arrived ready to do battle there were only a few spaces. Luckily Trev was already there and being the true gentleman he was he said to Sue and her friend Lynn they should do the walk around Painswick while he stayed to help with the parking. I cant believe she fell for that!


We were lucky as spaces appeared as our cars arrived. All were sent round Painswick and we awaited their return for the driving part of the quiz. One clue that seemed to give problems was "Trojan 75" which was on a drain cover. Just goes to show that all MG Owners have their head in the clouds.



Ahead of the competitors were 37 miles of lovely countryside and searching questions. Rita and I decided that we needed a rest after launching the MGs on an unsuspecting public. We went to the Crown at Frampton Mansell and waited for those whose clutches held up to the strain. Soon we heard the straining sounds of a Magnette approaching. This was quickly followed by several other cars. Time for us to retire to the final watering hole. While on route (we knew a shortcut) we were soon surrounded by MGs. We held back and let them get out of sight before we headed for the pub.




We had organised a BBQ for 5:15 and all was ready. At last the MGs all arrived and answers were scrutinised and marked. We had put in a question which was designed to make people think "Who was the driver"? We thought everyone would get that but only 5 did. After the marking we tucked into the BBQ which was very good with nice salads. Then the moment of truth - the result. As usual there were various different questions all calling our marking into dispute. Still, we did have a clear winner and it was agreed that the main contributor was the navigator not the driver. So Julia was awarded a solid silver trophy provided at no small expense by ourselved.


I think all enjoyed the run and it did generate some discussions and got the grey cells working. As usual another great social event. Thanks to all those participating and also to Michael from the Tunnel house for supplying the food


Could this be an annual event? We will see


Rita and Adrian





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