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MGB Spring Run

April 10th 2011



After a long winter of fiddling and fettling our cherished classics whilst longing for the chance to actually get behind the wheel, the MGB Register Spring Run is an eagerly anticipated event. As the first run of the season it means we can finally become reunited with our cars and shake off those winter blues. If the day dawns under a cloudless sky and with the promise of temperatures around 20ºC, then the icing is on the cake.



Five crews met up at Greasy Joe’s at 0800 prior to the run over to Millets Farm for the start. As cars arrived, various bonnets were lifted up and the men gathered around to take part in the traditional pointing and nodding of the head. Meanwhile the ladies held their own meeting and unanimously grumbled about having to be up at such a ridiculous hour on a Sunday. After the bonnets were closed, we all then had a gentle drive over to Millets Farm near Abingdon for the start.

On arrival we met up with several other members who had driven direct to the start and we all consumed varying amounts of caffeine and cholesterol. By my reckoning, the GMGOC contingent was made up of 10 cars, therefore making up an impressive one tenth of the total participants for the event. Once registered, it was then back to the cars for the off but only after some more squinting in engine bays with more pointing and nodding.

The run covered 80 miles with two stops at points of interest for us to have a look at. The first leg took us through some pretty Oxfordshire countryside to the Great Coxwell Tithe Barn which was magnificent, with an interior that resembled a Cathedral.



The next leg brought us back into Gloucestershire via the lanes around Cricklade. It was then through Ewen, Ashton Keynes, Culkerton and Cherington before we drove part of last year’s Caper route through Kingscote to the Coaley Peak viewing area. With over 80 cars trying to get parked, spaces were at a premium, but it was noted that Chris managed to get himself parked right alongside the ice cream van!

After much oooing and aaahing at the view, some members decided to have their picnic there whilst the others headed off to Dyrham Park via Owlpen, Wotton-under-Edge and Hillesley. The arrival at Dyrham Park was very special. The MG’s had permission to park in front of the house and so we were able to take full advantage of the spectacular view of the house from our cars as we approached down the drive.

The rest of the afternoon was spent picnicking and having a leisurely wander around the house and its grounds in the sun. Perfect. Some members were even seen to have their bonnets open and involving complete strangers in the pointing and nodding ritual.

This was a great first run and if our other outings prove to be as enjoyable and in such good weather, then we will have a very enjoyable season.

Steve Wood

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