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Abbey Cwm Hir Visit

5/6th November 2011

It was back in August that we first went to see Abbey Cwm Hir. Details of the Welsh trip can be seen here at Wales Trip 2011. We had seen the house in its normal garb and were advised that it was a completely new experience seeing all its 52 rooms in Xmas garb. So the ladies (and gents ) wanted a rematch. We knew the house was in its winter dress from November on so the trip was on.



We had decided to try the local pub in Llandrindod. the Llanarch Inn. Most of us had visited before but we had no idea how many rooms were hidden in its depths. In all there were 15 rooms which could accommodate our club. Eventually, despite late illnesses, we were able to field 22 MG club members.





We all started arriving from 3 until about 5:30 and if any one wanted to know where to go all they had to do was to follow the noise. The pub itself is a fantastic "real" pub not a plastic one. It also sported an array of quality beers and ciders as well as some good wines. Soon we were all huddled round and chatting as per usual.



The pub had laid on its dining room for us and did us proud. After a good nights sleep (and a few beers) we were ready for the visit to Abbey Cwm Hir. I say a good nights sleep as some had problems getting in their door. They had to drink the special Alice in Wonderland Cider juice to reduce size!!






As we arrived Paul was waiting and soon we were all shoeless and admiring all the Christmassy rooms.


Even the stuffed animals had joined in the festivities. Some of us were on a second visit but it still held attractions as there was something new in each room. So many decorations it must have been a task to put them all up. As we went into each room there were usually a few "Ooohs" and "Aaaahs". Suffice it to say I am sure most of us would have happily swapped houses




All in all everyone enjoyed the visit and a great time was had by all. Thanks to all those who made the trip a success




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