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Rita and Adrians Sixth Run

22 Jun 2010

Well, its that time of the year again when our thoughts turn to where we should go for our run. The area to the North East of Cheltenham doesnt seem to have been covered much. We had done a rerun on the day before and that was worth it as they had closed a road from that day. If we hadnt checked at that late stage there would have been a few MGs piled up waiting for new instructions just like Daglinworth high street a few years ago. We had decided to mark the run with Tankards for the Boys. That way they could find where the pubs were. unfortunately we could only find three so we decided not to advertise that as there could have been rebellion on our hands.

On the night the weather was perfect and we were really happy that 17 cars were going on the trip. Unfortunately we were all lined up in the car park when the lorries that use the car park wanted to park in our space. Lets think - 18 wheeler or an MG Midget. Yup, we decided discretion was the better part of valour. We all moved to the side of the car park as we figured the lorries could run over us all .

On to the next problem, we had three "Tulip virgins" on the run. My thanks to John Rose who taught two of these while I dealt with James and Jane. All three couples decided they would risk it as they had the phone number for help and of course there were the other 16 cars to help.

We had timed the run to be around 80 minutes so off they went at 6:30. Ahead of them lay a trip through some lovely Cotswold country. There would be views, sump cleaning and bumpy roads. There would be the lovely picturesque Bibury with its Arlingham Row - a fantastic set of cottages which are world famous. Lets hope the hoarde of tourists are away before we come through. There would be the remote villages of Turkdean and Notgrove as well as Brockhampton.

So Rita and I headed for the pub - the Kilkenny Inn in Andoversford. We had arranged a deal with with the pub - two courses for a tenner! We waited with bated breathe to see if the cars could negotiate the course. We need not have worried as Steve who was first off did it in about 70 minutes. Who said MGs cant move.

The meal was really good and we were seated in the Conservatory which added to the ambiance. Kevin and Michelle did us proud. And to cap it all there was Tribute real ale there

Oh, and by the way all three of Tulip virgins came through to the end and enjoyed the run.



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