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Kemble Air Show 2010

Another year at the show loomed as we all headed for Greasy Joes in Ciren, the assigned meeting point. There had been some confusion over the start time so we made sure the message was out - meet at 8:45am. As we were a little late we needed to make up time so we put the pedal to the metal along the A 419 (never over the legal limit though). We saw this black midget ahead of us and I didnt recognise the number plate. It couldnt be one of ours so we overtook and did the MG wave. Once we reached Greasy Joes there were two cars already waiting. Just then Ashley and Lorraine arrived in a black midget - oops!

Look carefully here. There are two planes!



As we waited for us all to assemble Brian and Teresa were met by their son and granddaughter. This was a pleasant start to the day. We waited past the deadline there was no Trevor. We knew Sue was away so we rang him. "Oh, I thought it meet at 10am". Poor excuse, obviously he is lost when Sue is away. So, at 9:15 we set off for another sunny Cotswold air show.





We managed to get in together and there was the first test of the day. How to set up the gazebo. Fortunately its a new one so even four year olds could put it up. Unfortunately we didnt have any so the dance was off again. It was up in 20 minutes, so off to get the bacon butties before the show started.





The morning started with another excellent routine from the Red Arrows. They are always excellent ambassadors for the RAF. The show was another stunning success with Hurricanes, a Dakota and a Spifire from WW2 as well as a Messerschmidt. There were so many familiar names to see and hear. Talking of hearing - the Typhoon was the last on show - and what a show. It showed its climbing ability from the start and its engines reverborated around the airfield.

Oh well, the end of another show and the 9 cars from the club went their seperate ways to wend their way home.

Only 364 days until the next one

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