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Visit to the Black Country Museum

July 18th, 2011

The Club is very privileged to have a competent organiser of Mystery Tours amongst their membership. He, it is a he, excelled himself on Sunday when against all odds we ended up at The Black Country Living Museum.    Seven cars at Longford, one at Coombe Hill and one at the museum all met up at the museum, on time.  Some had taken a diversion, even though John had issued each participant with a detailed route guide. Just goes to show, that Sat-nav is sometimes useful.


Who's doing a Teresa?

Our courier again excelled himself by arranging for the youngsters in the group to enter at a lower rate and for us all, a very cheap car park fee.

After a hot drink and snack in the Cafe,  we all circulated around the open air museum at our own speed.  I visited the steam engine house and marvelled at the fact it was built in 1712 and was still working, though the inlet valve to the single acting steam cylinder was manually operated. On to the shops, stopped at the Restaurant where we indulged in a plate of chips and onto the narrow boat.


This took us through some of the tunnels and caverns left after the limestone had been mined for the production of iron.  Most of the tunnels were brick lined with bricks hand-made locally; this was just mind boggling. For a short section of tunnel, volunteers “legged” the boat – there were none from our club !!!  

Witnessed  chain making in the old fashion black-smith  method  -- some skill and energy was required for this.  Onto some more oldy-worldy shops then onto a tram.  Who was taking up excess seating ?  – them from GMGOC, who were forced to slide up to make room for us four weary travellers.  A  look in the  small Transport Area, a drink in the Cafe and then on our way home.




Others in the Party were able to fit in a visit in the mine, school and silent cinema.   There was a lot to see and to be fair, you could spend a full day there.  Thoroughly recommend The Black Country Living Museum at Dudley.




John, your friendly courier

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