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Bletchley Park Classic Car Picnic Run

1st August 2010

The idea was to meet en route. So, half the fun was navigating to the meeting point at the Little Chef in Burford. Not an easy task as we had planned to be away by 8:45 am - yup, in the morning!. All cars arrived and fortified by a cup of coffee which half opened our eyelids we set of on the second part of the trip to Bletchley itself. Luckily the AA website had provided instructions for the route. These were passed out and the convoy set off. They were all major roads so no upheavals to traffic flow were caused except those eyeing up the cars when they cruised past on the dual carriage ways.



On arrival at Bletchley we were shepherded into our space and before you knew it we had reorganised the plans totally. At least this way we would all be shown off together. It seemed to us that this was more an MG picnic rather than a Classic Car picnic as there were cars from local MG clubs such as Runnymede etc.




Of we all went to view the delights of Bletchley and paid our homage to its awe inspiring history. The main house was first closely followed by the huts where alot of the code breaking was done. A few of us took advantgae of a talk showing how the codes were broken whereas others centered on the tour of the site. Both were really interesting.




1:00pm and it was time for lunch. Back to the cars for the nosebag and the social togetherness. Out came the tables, the napkins and the candelabra. Well, not the latter but I sure its only a matter of time before someone gets a set for picnics. Joyce supplied us with Meringue and cake and we settled down to eat.


After the picnic we had more free time to explore before wending our weary way home. TIm and Louise told us of this magic Fish and Chip shop in Chipping Norton so we had to call in on the way home. We sat in the car park in the middle of the town for our second picnic of the day. A perfect end to a perfect day!



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