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Rita and Adrians Fifth Run

30th June 2009

We were really looking forward to this run as we thought it would be quite a nice one with a few twists in it. We had let everyone know that we would be going by the Thames so the more knowledgeable suggested we were off to Lechlade, We knew different but it was fun to people guess where the route was.

It was an uncertain time as we headed off for the rendezvous. Would the weather hold out? Would the Isle of Man of crew have got back safely? I had sent them a text wishing them well on their break and asking for a stick of rock. I never thought I would get one.

When we turned the corner we were surprised to see the MGs waiting. I was greatly surprised when Teresa gave me a small pressy from the island. When I opened it, it turned out to be a real rock with I O M written on it. There must be something wrong with her phone, I wanted the edible sort. Still, the thought was great and it now holds pride of place on our mantlepiece. I also got a chocolate coin from my Minx. Not a bad return for two text messages.

Overall 14 cars were ready for the off. We had a few surprises which we hoped would test their resolve. The first was the usual crossroad trick seeing MGs coming from all sides. After that we them repeat about a miles run so two sets of cars might meet and confuse each other. People did notice the other cars but some thought they were just stray cars!

So, at 6:30 the first car was sent away and within a short time all were despatched apart from Tim and Lou who were running late and they would meet us there. I think that was a ploy to get more drinking time. It was time for us to head to the watering hole as we needed to relax. Just as we hit the big roundabout we saw a green MGF coming round the roundabout on two wheels with passenger and driving waving frantically. Not being slow on the uptake we thought "Hello, I wonder if they want to go on the run". We were right it was Mike Hall who had rang to say he was coming. That was silly as I had put my mobile in the boot - surely thats the place to keep it.

The run itself was through South Cerney, the water park, Ashton Keynes and Minety. The river Thames runs through the village of Ashton Keynes although it is a little smaller than it is at Lunnun. Two extra surprises I had planned were getting some of the stage mileages wrong and also confusing right from left at the end. This was a result of changing venues. Some had the temerity to suggest it was a mistake. I still remember someone gridlocking Daglingworth.





The chosen watering hole was the Horse and Jockey at Ashton Keynes and a great choice it was too, Ady had cleared a special area for the cars to park in the own mini classic car show. Some of the locals were interested in the cars ranging from MGBs, MGAs and Y types with an age span of almost 60 years.

The food was good and the beer went down well in the heat. Everyone had a good time and yet another good social event had ended. Our thanks go to Ady and Nikki for their hospitality. I am sure we will go back there soon.


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