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Kemble Air Show 2009



This years Kemble was going to be different on so many levels. Firstly half the MG contingent were off invading the Isle of Man. Secondly, it was Fathers Day yet again. Finally, it was the return of the Vulcan,

generalAs usual we all assembled at Greasey Joes at the crack of dawn - well 8:15 to be precise. What a surprise when we turned into the car park and they were all waiting except for one. Still he was getting fuel to save us all pushing the car so he was forgiven. We set off on that well worn track to the airfield. Seven MG's in a row all heading out from Ciren. This year was different as Kemble was trying a two day airshow for the first time. This made the travel in a little easier as there was less traffic.

Unfortunately we had organised the entry for six cars but we had seven. Although the organisers were aware they had not had time to send the tickets. They were ready and waiting at gate 12. Once all the formalities were complete we were allowed to pick our own site. Then it was the annual game of "Who can put up the Gazebo?" Luckily, we had forseen that problem and we had a secret weapon. Neil was there and he is a black belt at Gazebo putter uppering. Once up it was on to the first task of the day - find the bacon butties.

neilThis years display was as good as any of the previous times. There were the usual WW2 planes, spitfire and hurricane up to the modern jets. There was even a glider displaying aerobatics, a sight not often seen. The star of the show was going to be that veteran of the skies and the Falklands campaign - the Vulcan, the V bomber. She was due to leave Holland and fly to Kemble for her first display in many a year. At last the time came and she was majestic as she made several passes over the airfield, some with the bomb bay doors open. Although she was a noisy lady it was pretty obvious she wasnt on full power as there might have been one or two quivering windscreens. The overall display lasted from 10:30 until 5:30 so there were ample displays to see over the day as well as dozens of stalls.

Its over now so we have to wait for another year before it starts again.


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