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Exeter Area MG Owners  Club
Moor  “n”  Moor  Devon  Classic  Run

Four Members of the Club attended the above run held on Sunday 29th June 2008.   Paul, Tony and I met up on the Saturday morning at the Longford Inn while Graham laid in bed at his Daughter’s residence at Chudleigh near to the start.

We made the run down as interesting as possible by limiting the use of the M5 Motorway to get round potential bottlenecks such as Bristol.   Getting off at the Gordano service station for our first break was our first clanger --- it was full and we drove straight through. The navigator at the time had a “senior moment”  and contrary to the agreed plan, returned to the Motorway.  At the earliest opportunity we returned to the A and B roads and found a very good Hostelry --- one worth remembering when we go on Trevor’s trip to the Helicopter Museum

After booking in at the Travelodge, a liquid refreshment was the order of the day : it lasted a long time, so long that we stayed  there, at the Harry Ramsdens,  for our evening meal --- I’ve had better.

On Sunday, after meeting up with Graham and his new navigator, the Run was one of the best we have been on, plenty of Marshalls, all cheerful and helpful, the weather good until a shower towards the end, the scenery excellent and variable although in a low car the hedge-rows were even taller than normal for Devon and Somerset.  Today we did not use Tulip diagrams but descriptive instructions --- these made me rely totally on the navigator since I could not quickly see where and the distances to travel.   Mixed reports were heard from other people.

Going through villages that are not on the map and criss-crossing Dartmoor we headed North, through South Molton, over Exmoor, onto Lynmouth and  DOWN  Porlock Hill, finishing at Wheddon Cross, where a Devon cream tea and scones awaited us. Some of us were able to control their lust for the naughties but one went overboard with the cream and a full report, with picture, is in the post to his better half !!!

For the evening meal, Graham’s daughter and son-in-law found us an excellent hostelry, where we all had a superb meal.  Tony’s was exceptionly large,  it came on the tray !!  Not wishing to upset the local constabulary, we used a taxi service which meant the wine flowed without restriction, only the wallet.
Next day, Monday, we all met up at the Travelodge and headed for home.  Excepting for one small hic-up, one of Paul’s wheels decided it wanted to go on it’s own,  and stopping at an excellent carvery recommended by Graham, we all arrived back OK.

A good weekend and fully recommended for next year.
John C


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