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Kemble Air Day

15th June 2008

kemble 2008 1This was our second time at the Airday as a club. Even before we met at the appointed rendezvous there was drama with Johns fuel pump playing up on the way. Still, as long as you have the MG equivalent to the "Magic Sponge", a hammer, all was well. There were eight of us down to arrive at the Greasey Joes cafe in Ciren at 8:30am. We all arrived there in time with only Tim and I taking it seriously. We were the only ones wearing Flying Helmets! Unfortunately one of our number was missing and we had to wait for him. We know know he was ill so l get well soon Brian. Off we all trundled and just managed to get in by 9:00am which was the cut off point, any later and we would have been sent to the public car park. People obviously thought we were special not just because we are MGs but because we were escorted into the site by 3 armoured cars. We were even saluted by the police.

kemble 2008 2We managed to get the Gazebo up in record time this year, just under 5 hours! We all settled down to a really nice day with all sorts of planes on show. The Spitfires and Hurricanes are like our old MGs. They may not be in the first flush of youth but they still show their class. The Chinooks were exceptional maneuverable for such large lumps of metal. As usual there were many stalls ready to take your money off you for all sorts of goods. Indeed, I won a penguin which was given to Mo for the great grandchildren - she had better remember to call it Pablo.

The star of the show had to be the Typhoon or Eurofighter. That was magnificently agile and fast. It was also a tad on the loud side as it rattled past us vibrating everything in sight. I felt like a pirate "Shiver me timbers"

We all spent a pleasant day in each others company around the cars in the sunshine. It didnt appear to be sunny but my legs say it was. At the end of the day at about 5:00pm we were ushered out off the site in remarkably quick time in an exercise of efficiency. Off home now to relax after a long day doing nothing.

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