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Another Skittles Evening at the Stirrup Cup

This was our third BBQ at the Stirrup Cup. We had about 26 people turn up which was just about right for the competition ahead. The pub itself has a hidden treasure in the beer garden and skittles alley. As usual the BBQ was excellent with everyone getting a piece of chicken, a gorgeous home made sausage and burger. We needed fortification ready for the games ahead.

In an effort to help I was deputised to be the "Black Bin Bag" man. An honour, as it was a great promotion for me. All went well until I reached Trev. There had to be one!! All I did was take his plate away when he hadnt finished. How was I to know. Talk about fuss. Still, the good thing about Trev is he is easily bought. Once I got him another sausage he was fine. What I didnt know was that he tried the same trick with my wife in order to get another piece of chicken. I must add the "Trev manouvre" to my reportoire when I want extra food.

On to the main business of the night - the Skittles. Again, I was volunteered to be score keeper. Something about being trusted with figures. Three rounds and the highest score wins. Someone then yelled out "How about putting some money on the game" so we all forked up our fifty pences being the big gamblers we all are. After the first round who was in the lead - Neill. What a coincidence, he suggested the wager!

Some remarkable scores were posted with John C, Lynn S, Brian S and Tim D all managing somehow to miss all those skittles with three balls. Admittedly the balls werent perfectly round but "A workman....". I managed to get all the skittles down with the three balls and was so impressive John R had to copy. And then, Laurence had to go one better and get a spare.

At the end of the evening a tie was had with Laurence G and John R tying. The next problem was who was to bowl first. Eventually after a best of 35 coin tosses it was decided. Laurence went on to win. Brian S also one a prize - the lowest score of the night.

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