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Valley Sports and Classic Car Club

Valleys Heritage Tour 2008


This was the third Valleys run that they have done. Unfortunately we missed the first run. Last years run was exceptional and we eagerly anticipated this years run. So, off to Wales we went - what a surprise, we had to pay to get in!! We followed the route to Blackwood and there was some very pleasant scenery on the way. Unfortunately, we chose to navigate there by Sat Nav. It all worked well until we got to Oakdale. It then sent us off down a dead end - I couldnt even blame the wife.

We spent a happy quarter of an hour looking for the start and after asking directions we eventually saw a couple of MGs heading somewhere. Well, it was obvious, we should follow them. It all worked well and we eventually found the start point. John, Tony and Paul had stolen a march. They were already there having sampled some Welsh hostelry hospitality the previous night.

Once we got started it was a great surprise as there were pople lining the streets to wave at us as we went by. At first we were looking to see what was behind us. After a while we realised that they were all waving at us. It was really heartwarming to see the see those friendly faces waving and enjoying the cavalcade of classic cars. At first the route was urban but, as already stated, it was more than made up for by the crowds welcoming us. I am sure I heard "Theres a welcome in the hills" break out.

We all wended our merry way onward and passed some really good scenery. We passed Castle Coch and went through some pretty woods. My highlight was the first sight of Caerphilly Castle , a fantastic example of a Welsh castle.

After that there were those whose highlight was the roadside cafe at the brow of the hill. The bacon rolls were exceptional both in taste and size. Paul managed to eat a large size one and apparently added some Mushrooms as well. It was a pleasant stop and opposite the cafe the views were magnificant. Entertainment was provided by watching a Bond Bug being jump started. After this the scenery really started to become magnificent and was impressive for miles.

A mandatory stop was made at the Whisky distillery but after seeing the prices no one purchased. Onward, ever onward and we arrived at the Brecon Mountain Railway and had our late lunch. After that was a short hop to the final stop at Llancaiach Fawr Manor House where the final buffet awaited us all, and very nice it was too. Tony won a bottle of wine but didnt share with us all, well we were driving after all!!

IL Divo watch out!!!!



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