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Bourton - on - the - Water Picnic

at the Cotswold Motoring Museum

20th July 2008

museumWe decided to start the day well by being on time to meet the other 6 cars who were displaying at the Cotswold Motor Museum , At first I thought everyone had forgotten that we had arranged to meet - I should have had more faith. It was like a scene from the Magnificent Seven. At first there was me played by Yul Brynner and the Steve McQueen arrived ( better known to us as Tony). Jeff then turned up and we think he was Charles Bronson. After that it got a bit vague, any way Rob would have been the one whose name no one can remember. With five cars at the rendezvous we started off to the museum but only after the first Japenese tourist of the day made a film of all. He waited so he could see us drive off. Just think of that, we might be the stars in some Japenese home movie show

Once we arrived we parked up, changed positions and parked again until we were all happy with where we were. the next problem was gaining entry into the Museum. Some of us CSMA members had had delivered a postcard which meant half price entry. Personally I think Jeff gloating that he had one was a bit over the top - still he dried nicely and I didnt realise the river Windrush was so deep - never mind.

insideThe Museum itself was a very pleasant experience with a great eclectic collection of items. It was not only the cars but a really good range of memorabilia which started the nostalgia going. There was something there for everyone, even the kids had something to do by playing Hopscotch and skittles. Neil was so grateful he had bought his son as that gave hime the excuse he needed.

Now one of our members who brought along his 1953 TD went into the Museum and his heart started racing as he saw the same car on show. "Hold on a minute," he said, "I've just got to pop back to my car for a screwdriver". We thing he was only joking but he was frisked at the exit and was clean.

The museum were very kind and let us have a room we could use if the day got wet (which it didnt), and they even provided coffee for us. My most memorable (and frightening) moment was when Brian said with no coaxing at all that he knew the French word for transvestite was transvestite. That was the signal for us all to depart to the shops rather than ask how he knew.

Please take our photo!

With the cars on show we pushed through the throngs of people who were admiring the range and went off to supplement the Bourton economy, not that it needed it judging by the hordes of tourists. We got some nice things that my wife said were essential for garden. I still dont know what they are but as she said it, it must be so.

picnicAfter the retail therapy we met on the green for a thoroughly pleasant picnic. We must have looked like royalty with all the chairs and tables. There was even the POP of a bottle of bubbly. Brian did let the side down though as the cork didnt quite make it to other side of the stream! The only things missing were the candelabra and the Petit Fours to finish the meal

During the day the cars were more photographed that I have seen in my years at the club. I think every Japenese tourist (and I think they were predominantly Japenese) that went by had a photo of us all and were posing by the cars. All in all it was great day but after a little more retail therapy for my wife it was time to go. A great day was had by all. Thanks again to the Museum.


Perhaps we could do this again next year! Thanks to those who turned up and made the day special.


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