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Wroughton Classic Car Show 2008

After having been to two previous shows we were all looking forward to seeing all the cars again and browsing the Auto Jumble stores. As usual the overflow from the Science Museum was going to opened to the public. We all met at the usual place - Greasey Joes in Ciren. For once we were all there on time except for one. They had to stop and put the roof up as it was raining. At last they raced in engine revving. trev said they had been doing 100 mph to get here. Who does he think he was kidding - its an MGB! Full complement on board off we headed toward another fun day.

For once we got the Gazebo under in under 3 hours. We think it was because we had bought Neil with us. He was the man in charge and soon we were working like a team. What a miracle. It was nice to know that if we all worked together we did it in a quarter of the time. So, not much fun for the onlookers who had heard of our tent skills and were gathering for a floorshow. Once the Gazebo was up half the team disappeared only to reappear about 20 minutes later with Bacon rolls in their hands and Ketchup on their cheeks.

The show was very much like previous years but I am assured that there were ovder 2500 classic cars there and also 400 motorbikes. Trev was off to see if he could find a Magnette. We werent sure whether it was for spares or to how how bits fitted. When he had finished it was time to sort me out! I had been told off because my engine had a speck of oil on it. Before I knew it he was "de - greasing" me, at least that was what he said it was. One clean engine later we retired for lunch.

Ladies went shopping in the craft fair and cash was passed for many things. While all this was happening there was an impropmtu committee meeting as we had seen a Gazebo that l was easier to put up than ours. Apparently it can be put up in 20 minutes, That should save about two and a half hours for each time we use it!

Despite the weather it was again a pleasant social event and I believe we all had a good time. That is until it was time to go home. One of the penalties of having a popular event is that there is always a big queue on the way out, this meaqnt a twenty minute exit drive


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