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  Home > Past Events > 4th November 2007

Report on the AUTUMN  LEAVES  SCENIC  TOUR car run

organised by the HRCR (Historic Rally Car Register)

on Sunday 4th November 2007 written by John Child.


Leaving  Gloucester at 8 o’clock, Graham and I wondered what we had let ourselves in for --- it was foggy; so much so we had to light our candles.   As we approached the start point at How Caple Grange near Ross on Wye, the fog lifted and we were bathed in brilliant sunshine --- Why did we worry !!!

At the Grange,  we met Tony and Jane who had stayed overnight locally, I think they must believe the weather forecasts.  With a roaring fire in the large fireplace with hot bacon /sausage butties and a hot cup of tea/coffee in our hands we soon forgot the journey from home.

This run is limited to any make of car older than 1985. Of the approximately 50 cars entered, I counted 12 MG’s , from a 1938 TA to a 1981 BGT.   Unfortunately I ran out of car stickers for our 2008 Cotswold Caper  but was given at least 4 promises  “we will be there” including  one couple from the Isle of Wight.

The organisers were certainly lucky this year --  as the title suggests – the run through the Forest of Dean was spectacular (even for some one like me who cannot fully appreciate all the colours).  Although a long run of 110 miles, it was split into 4 sections with interesting breaks, thus making it very enjoyable and not at all tiring. The Tulip book was very informative, if anything too much but will make good reading back at home.  

The first stop was at the Three Choirs Vineyard where free wine tasting was laid on. The  plastic glasses are small so we had no danger of not finding our cars afterwards !!  Onwards to our next stop,    the Birds of Prey Centre near Newent.  When we got there the sun had deserted us and the fog was back.  Free entrance and a free hot drink were available. The flying displayed was curtailed and limited to very restricted flying of a couple of owls, a kestrel and a secretary bird which strutted around stamping on an artificial snake.

Onwards again, when were directed to the Kymin, a tower overlooking Monmouth.  The view from here was magnificent, the sun had returned but the view was too wide for photos,

I never heard of it before but warrants another visit.    Now just a 20 mile run back to the Grange when, after sampling some 20/50 lubrication from the bar !!  a 3 course meal was laid on in the restaurant.

I kept my hood up all day, but the brave souls who had theirs down, gave in for the trip home in the darkness and fog. Graham, ably assisted by Joyce, led me home. It must be reported that Traffic Lights at RED mean nothing when you are in a MG – Graham told me !

A very well organised run and though costing £65 a car, I think we had value for money.  Whether it is laid on in aid of some charity, I am not sure but worth joining a run of this quality so close to home: plenty of sump cleaning lanes, some rough roads ,some main roads, some narrow lanes but superb scenery, when the fog was not around.



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