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  Home > Past Events > 22nd May 2007

Evening Pub Run

Organised by John Child

22nd June 2007

Last year John organised a really good run that everyone in the club still talks about.  So, it was with great excitement that we all gathered at the Gala Club in the hope that John might be able to equal that event.  Surely he couldn't exceed that day in April last year.  Surely, it wouldn't be another run that was unforgettable.  Well, how wrong was I !  The following write up was done anonymously as Graham didn't want to be named. 

Report on Evening Run held on 22nd May 2007

This report is issued by Anonymous, who wishes to remain unknown and also did not leave their address.

The evening run started from the Gala Club, from where we were told, the first car would leave at 7.00pm SHARP.  The organiser turned up at 6.55pm saying they were caught up in traffic jams--now would you believe that, at this time of the day ??

The run started very well with no problems until Junction 11; here the Tulip Diagram had been printed upside down as compared with all the others----the navigators spotted this deliberate mistake or were corrected by their driver. This occurred several times and kept the entrants “on their toes”. Just what idiot organiser produced this Guide ?

Although these “mistakes” seemed to be deliberate, the real clanger was :- the mileage at Junction 27 was incorrect. The entrants all ended up in the village of  Daglingworth. The natives were very upset, having a horde of MGs descend on them unannounced, whilst in the middle of having their teas.

An investigation by The Club Committee has shown that the organiser cannot add or subtract without a calculator. The mileage, as printed was 1.7 miles between Junctions 26 and 27, this should have been 0.7 miles !!!!  The committee hope all future organisers will not repeat this mistake, very embarrassing for John, who had his leg pulled unmercifully at the final destination, The Highwayman pub. His penalty is to give each entrant, FOC, a photograph of their car taken in front of the highway carriage.

The run never-the less was enjoyable, even allowing for the fact that most of us were familiar with the roads.  The Highwayman meals were very enjoyable, though the wine was bit expensive.   

 Editors Note:  We all had a vote to see if we believed Johns excuse that it was Mo's fault.  The voting was 483 to nil that she was blameless and that it was Johns fault.  Not bad seeing only about thirty people were on the run.

Seriously, it was another good run.



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