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Tel Stroud (01453) 763462

Trade prices to club members on production of membership card.


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Welcome to Gloucestershire MG Owners Club.


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Its the cars that bring us together.

Its the friendship that keeps us together.



Gloucestershire MG Owners Club is a small band of enthusiasts who love anything MG. We are a friendly club that enjoys its social events. We always have ay least one evening run in the summer months as well as many other social events.

We meet every second Thursday of the month at the Gala Club in Gloucester with meetings starting at 8:00pm.



What Sort of Social events do we have?

To check out the sort of things we have done in the past please check out our Past Events Page

This page will give you a good idea of what we do and what we are like!


Upcoming Events in this Month

For details see our Diary Page

Our Latest Write ups

Gethins BMW trip 2014


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Caption Competition

One more caption competition - Win a bottle of wine!!

Email me with your suggestions. Also, please email me with photos we can use for the competition

Our Previous Caption competitions can been seen here


"You bought it off doctor who?"


"Look it's a JAN in the box"


" Should she not be in her bare skin?"

"As rumours of terrorist activity increase the Palace decides to step up security"

“When your classic breaks down so often they give you your own classic RAC telephone Box”

"EU directive ensures that all workers to have their own home with a roof over their heads"
"Sale of the sentry"


"Its always the same with a box of Roses, no one ever eats the last soft centered one!"
"I thought it was a con.No beach,no facilites,no space,but i like the colour!"
" The Lifeguards launch their new range of urban warfare uniforms


"After the recent floods Jan tries out the new DEFRA emergency shelter"

Any suggestions????





Can anyone come up with any photos which we could use in a caption competition


Email me if you can come up with anything at my email

Should you like to contact us with any general question about the club please email


Our Latest Newsletter



March 2014 Newsletter No 67


Unfortunately our Chairman had a relapse after the February meeting and was once again missing so Adrian took charge and after a short, sharp tussle with the microphone, from which he emerged semi-victorious, he apologised for Brian’s absence.  In his haste to get to the meeting to set up the sound system and projector for our Speaker Adrian had left the agenda on his printer so had to improvise, fortunately he did have the diary listings to which he could refer.

Adrian said that we would have the usual business followed by a short break for the raffle so that Tony Osborne would be able to give his presentation on Longbridge without restrictions on time.

Sunday lunch on the 23rd March organised by Tim and Louise will be in Hereford and it was suggested that as no one knew where the Harewood End Pub was situated, only Tim, then we should perhaps go in convoy. 

Although we are not supporting St Roses with the Caper run this year they will be giving us our usual ‘prime spot’ at their Wheelnuts Show on the 27th April.

Gethin said that there were 4 places left for the BMW Mini Factory trip on the 1st April, if he didn’t get the quota then the charge for the tour would be slightly increased.  He had also arranged a carvery meal on the return trip at the Evenlode Hotel.

On the 22nd June we are having a run out to the Bus and Morris Museum, where Gethin has obtained entry at a reduced fee.  We will have lunch at the Evenlode Hotel first, before going on to the Museum, Gethin has organised the run from Seven Springs with the help of John.

The Caption Contest was won by our Secretary’s wife, Rita and she was presented with the obligatory bottle of wine.

The April meeting will incorporate the AGM and Adrian asked if any Members were interested in standing for the Committee, the present Committee are willing to continue provided they are re-elected.   Members should email Adrian before the 8th April should they wish to be considered or if there are any questions they wished raised at the meeting.

The Club accounts will be put on the website before the AGM but not until the 7th April so that Members will have a chance to look at them in detail and raise any questions at the meeting.  The accounts will be audited during April but not before the AGM.

Geoff and Mandy will be organising the first run of the year on the 22nd April so let’s hope for a dry, warm night so we will be able to run with hoods down!

It was reported that we have 81 entries to date for the Caper, the route has been settled and all going according to plan, the long range forecast has even been checked!!!

Don’t forget to put a note in your diaries that the 27th April is ‘Drive it Day’.

We were very pleased to welcome Philip and Lionel back after several months of absence.

Diana ably assisted by Janet G as Mo was unwell, fleeced Members of their money for the raffle with the sum of £37.00 being collected.  It is very unusual for Mo to miss a meeting and we hope she will soon recover from her cold.

The meeting was re-convened and Tony Osborne gave a very interesting talk on the History of Longbridge and the connection with the MG.   The Austin Motor Company was formed in 1905 with the first car being completed in 1906.  In the first full year of production 120 cars were built with the first lorry being built in 1913.  The Company did their part in both world wars by building armoured cars, aeroplanes, and producing shells.  One Hermitage armoured car is on display in a museum in Germany.

Tony himself was an apprentice in 1972 being made redundant in July 2005, a very long service and he also drives an MGB.

Adrian thanked Tony for his very interesting talk especially as he had travelled from the Midlands to be with us.






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