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Tel Stroud (01453) 763462

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Welcome to Gloucestershire MG Owners Club.


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Its the cars that bring us together.


Its the friendship that keeps us together.

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Gloucestershire MG Owners Club is a small band of enthusiasts who love anything MG. We are a friendly club that enjoys its social events. We always have at least one evening run in the summer months as well as many other social events.

We meet every second Thursday of the month at the Gala Club in Gloucester with meetings starting at 8:00pm.

Presentation of the Cotswold Caper 2018 cheque for 5,000 by our Chairman, Brian Clarke, to Steve Mould of the Great Western Air Ambulance

What Sort of Social events do we have?

To check out the sort of things we have done in the past please check out our Past Events Page

This page will give you a good idea of what we do and what we are like!

Upcoming Events in this Month

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For details see our Diary Page

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Caption Competition

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Email me with your suggestions. Also, please email me with photos we can use for the competition

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No, when I said my Cat needed replacement, thats not what I meant

"| know you said your MGF purred along but!!!!!!!"


They are going nowhere without me it would be a catastrophe!!!

Any ideas????

Can anyone come up with any photos which we could use in a caption competition

Email me if you can come up with anything at my email

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Our Latest Newsletter


May 2019 Newsletter No 123

Rob said if anyone had not been at the previous meeting and wondered what had happened to Brian, he had decided to sit elsewhere as Rob was taking the meeting as Chairman of the Club. It was his first time of welcoming Members to the meeting after having his arm twisted at the April AGM by Gethin to take on the position vacated by Brian.

Rob introduced our Speaker, Commander Philip Unwin RN, who had spent thirty-five years in the Royal Navy and ten years in another role of looking after a very special ship.

Philip thanked the Club for inviting him and said that he had had three MGBs and a J2 which was an absolute pig on which he learnt to drive.

The talk was on the 'SS Great Britain' which Philip said was the Concorde of her day. In July 1843 she was dressed overall and flying the white ensign ready to be launched by Prince Albert. The admission to witness the launch was five shillings. Her first Atlantic Crossing was in 1845 carrying forty-three passengers and after her fifth voyage to New York in 1846 she ran aground in Dundrum Bay where she was left for eleven months. She was used as an immigrant ship in 1852 and between 1856-57 she took troops to the Crimean War and to the Indian Mutiny. She also took our first cricket team to Australia in 1861 and was then turned into a Windjammer in 1882. On her third journey to San Francisco in 1886 she had to return to the Falklands for repairs which proved too expensive and was abandoned in Stanley Harbour in 1933. The Barge Mulus 3 returned her to her place of 'birth', Bristol, in 1970. Philip gave a brilliant insight into the history of the 'SS Great Britain' with great enthusiasm and you could tell that he was really fond of the old girl.

After questions and answers Rob thanked Philip for an amazing talk saying that he had learnt a lot more about the great ship since his visit twenty-five years ago. Members showed their appreciation by giving Philip a hearty round of applause.

There was a short comfort and raffle break.

Members were asked to take their seats for the exciting part of the evening, the business, with Rob thanking Gethin and Jan for organising the first evening run of the year in April which finished at the Fostons Ash Pub and for once the weather was good. Gethin mentioned that 56.00 had been sent to Focus, our Charity for this year, by the Manager of the Fostons Ash. Fourteen Members cars were on the Club stand at St Roses Wheelnuts Show and Trev was thanked for taking the trailer full of equipment, mainly the gazebo. There was lots of interest from the public in the Club and also in the Caper.

Club funds were still strong and to date we had forty-eight paid up Members.

Rob then handed the microphone over to Laurence for his report on future events, the first being Sunday 12th May, the Bridgend MGOC Cwm to Coast which was being attended by a few of our Members. Our trip to Llanerchindda Farm on the next May bank holiday, organised by Steve was all done and dusted all we needed would be good weather.

Richard had ten cars signed up for his evening run on the 28th May but there would be a change of start venue due to road works with trailers and equipment being left in the lay-by where we were to meet. It was decided that we should now start from the Gala Club with the first car away at 6.15pm.

Members who wished to go to the South Cerney Steam Fair would have to let Laurence have their names at the very latest by the June meeting so that the passes could be applied for. There are the possibly fourteen cars attending.

Steve had suggested and taken names of those who were interested in going to the Super Scramble at Bicester on the 23rd June, but this had proved slightly difficult in view of the fact that the organisers wanted Club entries to be over 5 cars. As Philip's talk on the SS Great Britain was so fascinating Laurence asked if Members would like to visit the ship and museum on this date instead. As there was a lot of interest Laurence said he would look at the possibility of going there as a Club.

Four Members cars would be going to the MGs in the Park at the Cotswold Wildlife Park on the 9th June.

Chris is working hard to get to grips with the website and to take over ownership, once this has been established we may see a few changes!

Paul was thanked for his efforts in setting up our Facebook page and Members were asked if they had had a look at it.

Trev mentioned that the Caper was now getting very close and the entries to date were one hundred. The helpers on the day were in place and we are fairly well covered marshal wise. Raffle tickets were still available for Members to take away on a sale or return basis and June would be the last opportunity to bring in any prizes for the raffle.

Members were asked if they could give some thoughts for a Caper start venue for 2020. We have traditionally gone South and North of the Cotswold on alternate years and in 2020 we would be looking to go North. Trev asked if he could have some feedback on a venue as after deciding on the date this was the next important item to arrange.

Keith was the winner of the Caption Contest with 'Hoodwinked again'. The picture was supplied by Jackie and Chris whose cat was elegantly posed on the hood of their MGF.

Jane said that there was a possibility of new colours in the clothing range.

Rob explained that the Committee had had some thoughts on how to select the Caper Charity for future years which we hoped Members would be happy with. The timescale would be:

At the August meeting nominations would be sent to the Committee which must include information about the Charity. It must be local, willing to work with the Club and need to have some idea of how the money raised would be used. The Committee would then review each nomination against the above criteria and if more than three charities were proposed then the selection would be reduced down to three.

The three Charities would be presented by the Committee to the Membership at the September meeting and also published on the website.

Voting would take place at the October meeting using ballot papers, with the counting carried out by Members who were not on the Committee and who had not nominated a Charity. The winning Charity would then be announced.

Rob thanked the Members for bearing with the Committee on the business of the day and hoped that the talk was enjoyed by all.

It was time for AOB and Jane C congratulated Rob on the way he had conducted his first meeting.



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