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Tel Stroud (01453) 763462

Trade prices to club members on production of membership card.


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Welcome to Gloucestershire MG Owners Club

Its the cars that bring us together.

Its the friendship that keeps us together.

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Gloucestershire MG Owners Club is a small band of enthusiasts who love anything MG. We are a friendly club that enjoys its social events. We always have at least one evening run in the summer months as well as many other social events.

We meet every second Thursday of the month at the Gala Club in Gloucester with meetings starting at 8:00pm.

Presentation of the Cotswold Caper 2019 cheque for 5,200 to Richard Hastilow-Smith of Focus which is the charitable fund for the Gloucestershire Oncology Centre, based in Cheltenham.

What Sort of Social events do we have?

To check out the sort of things we have done in the past please check out our Past Events Page

This page will give you a good idea of what we do and what we are like!

Upcoming Events in this Month

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For details see our Diary Page

Our Latest Write ups

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Caption Competition

One more caption competition - Win a bottle of wine!!

Email me with your suggestions. Also, please email me with photos we can use for the competition

The Francis Drake memorial wasn't quite what Steve and Marion were expecting.
No, Steve, I said you should get some Duckhams oil !
The chap driving that old banger must be Quackers!
Looks like Steve's mascot has escaped
The Car Park Attendant at the SS Great Britain is certainly not ducking his duties
I's am barred from the MG Club for quacking about.
Any ideas????

Can anyone come up with any photos which we could use in a caption competition

Email me if you can come up with anything at my email

See previous Caption Competitions HERE

Should you like to contact us with any general question about the club please email


Our Latest Newsletter


August 2019 Newsletter No 126

Rob opened the meeting by welcoming the Ladies and Gentlemen which he said was a subtle way of saying 'please be quiet and listen to me'. He had been unsure of whether work (what is that word) would permit him to Chair the meeting as he had been sent North for the day, but luckily had made it back in time although very tired. Rob welcomed Linda, a new face in the audience, who has a modern MG TF and it had been noted by Dave that it was a Silver 160. According to our Chairman all the best ones are silver.

It was reiterated to Members that nominations for the 2020 Charity were required by the end of the evening.

Thanks were given to Trev and Sue for setting up the gazebo on Minchinhampton Common for the Teddy Bears Picnic on the 21st July. Unfortunately, the turnout was low compared to the interest shown, only a select few four Members cars plus one guestcar attended, but it was an enjoyable afternoon. It looks as though this was the last ever Teddy Bears picnic.

Liz and Dave were thanked for organising the July evening run which had lovely scenery, good weather and great food at the Thames Head Inn. Trev was also thanked for yet again organising the gazebo at the South Cerney Steam Fair on the 4th August which was a successful Gloucestershire MGOC day out.

Sue reported that Club Funds were still good.

The microphone was handed to Laurence for his events report which he promptly handed back to Rob as his and Myn run on the 20th August was the first on the list. Rob said that since last month the menu had been changed so would Members who had already booked check the updated menu which was being circulated. The start of the run would be from Westgate Street Car Park, which is near Gloucester Cathedral.

Back to Laurence who explained briefly about the social evenings and lunches for Linda's benefit.

On the 25th August Torbay MGOC are holding their Pasty run and Laurence asked for a show of hands to see how many of our Members were attending. There are eight+ cars, with some of our Members making a holiday of it. Details from Torbay are very scant, so it will be a 'mystery event' for all of us.

There is a Classic Car Show being held in Kingswood, Wotton-under-Edge on the 7th September and the car limit is 100. The charge is 2.00 but there is free cheese and wine! On the same day Whittington are holding their 50th Anniversary Show at Whittington Court.

Andy Jarrett's evening run on the 5th September will start from the car park at Tesco Extra, Brockworth, GL3 4AA. First car away at 6.15pm.

Severn Vale Rotary Club have a 77-mile charity car run on the 15th September starting from Eastington, near Stonehouse and the cost is 30.00 per car to include a coffee at the start and a hog roast lunch.

On the 29th September we have our social get-together at Keith and Wendy's home, commencing with a run of approximately 40 miles which will start at the Gala Club with first car away at 11am. There will be a nominal charge this year of 5.00 per person payable on the day with the Club picking up the tab for the balance. Members were asked to provide raffle prizes.

There are still two Sunday lunches to organise in November and March 2020.

Names will be taken at the September meeting in readiness for our return skittles match against the Wessex MGOC on the 24th October.

Due to the logistics of organising a Race Night during a Club meeting it has been decided to scrap the suggestion for the time being.

We have been invited back to the SS Great Britain on Sunday 21st June 2020 for a static show and Laurence has had a good response from Members who are interested in doing something different on Father's Day.

Rob caused amusement when he said that 'just before I pass on' with the immediate response from Members 'don't go yet'. He did mean before handing over to Trev for a Caper report but obviously Members had other thoughts in their minds. He's too young to pass on!!! He said that we had raised sufficient funds, 5,200.00, for Focus to purchase the bladder scanner which was very much needed.

Trev reported that the present Caper Committee had been running the show for several years and although the 2020 Committee was in place it might be beneficial for others to join and learn what is needed for a successful Caper. There is the possibility that some Members of the Committee may be packing it in at the end of next season which will mean that the Caper may cease to exist if new Members are not recruited. The roles are:- Caper route, catering, advertising, parking and the raffle.

It is important to keep it going and between the various Members, the Caper has been running for 14 years. Rob thanked the Caper Committee for all they have done in raising over 56,000 in this period.

We even have an article in the Magazine with Pete and his sister-in-law in his MG YT being flagged away at the start of the Caper from Thornbury Rugby Club.

Laurence mentioned that we have a new photograph on the website and our skilled judge will decide who is the winner of the Caption before the September meeting.

One last item from Laurence and that was he had been approached by his neighbour who is a member of EMCOS (Enthusiast Motor Club of Stonehouse) and they need marshals for one stage of the Three Shires Stages, which is a closed road rally being held early September. Apparently eighty-two in total are required! Dave mentioned that he was doing the Cirencester stage.

Asked if there was AOB Steve produced a professional book of photographs, which had been taken by Andrew and Mark on our weekend in Llanerchindda if anyone wished to have a look. The cost of the book if we wanted to buy our own was £30.00 Scenic & Continental Tours have reserved thirteen rooms for our trip to Holland in April 2020, eleven rooms are already booked so if anyone wanted to join the trip Steve had the contact details of S&CT. With tongue in cheek Trev asked if there would be a recovery truck available.

If anyone would like to take advantage of a professional Assessor to do a valuation on their car Steve has one booked for October.

Tim mentioned that there were several local car shows on, Tormarton, Lechlade Steam Railway and a couple at Newbury.

After a short break and the raffle Laurence called the meeting to order as Rob had left due to his long day. As there was only one nomination for next year's Caper Charity it was decided that Severn Freewheelers, who had given a very impressive presentation at the July meeting, would be the beneficiary.

We had a very interesting quiz given by Keith. There were thirty-five questions all about films with an animal/bird in the answer i.e. The Wild ............ (Geese) Dances with .......... (Wolves). I think it was a quiz where Members got more than twenty right for a change. Well done Keith, a great quiz. The winners were Tim, Kate, Elspeth, David and our new Member Linda, I believe they had twenty-seven correct.

The meeting closed at 9.30pm

E & OE


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